The Spiritual Warfare hidden behind Vaxxes & Shedding

For obvious reasons, I feel it is time to share some information here and position myself with a topic that has been gaining a tremendous amount of momentum lately. When I released the "Health Protocol for the Healy Resonance to counter effects of vaccinations and shedding" on May 20, I couldn't have possibly fathomed the response I would receive.  

The protocol made the rounds like wildfire and set an enormous dynamic in motion, clearly illustrating a need. Since I use the Healy quite creatively in my work with clients, it was the natural and most logical thing for me to also use it as a tool to help my clients diminish, counter or perhaps even eliminate the symptoms they were experiencing after being in contact with people, who had chosen to get vaccinated.

There's a lot to say about this topic and my objective with this article is to bring those, who are new in my network, up to speed, so please allow me to walk you through my own timeline and relate how it all began.

But first, you may want to read my somewhat feisty blog post from March 18 where I describe how I channeled "the virus" and was shown the effects of the vaxxes on the energy bodies of the person in question. At the end of the post, I share my sense that the jabs also do something to the Higher Self or Soul, but at the time I wasn't sure exactly what it was. A channeling on March 30, 2021 shed light on this, but more about that later (see transcript at end of this post).

On May 15, I had my friend Liv in the Initiation Chamber. The Initiation Chamber is a sacred place of healing on the inner planes for which I hold the frequency. Normally, the chamber is dedicated to the ascension process of each client with respect to the state of their energy bodies and the progression of the LightBodyProcess (LBP), but that changed on said day.

I wouldn't call myself an energy worker per se, as I am only shown whatever is important in the person's energy bodies at the time when I work in the chamber. In Liv's case, it was a strange looking brown mass that covered her reproductive area and abdomen. I was puzzled by the texture of the brown/blackish layer I saw and said to Liv, "that stuff looks like it's not from this world." It looked like a layer of peat, only denser, and it quickly became apparent that it could not be removed with a "normal energetic cleanse."

So I intuitively invoked Metatron and watched as a purple/pink/crystalline energy field began to penetrate the energetic structures and very slowly and very gently lifted the strange brown layer in one piece off Liv's energy bodies. It took quite a long time and after everything was removed and we had finished the session, we were both completely exhausted. And, most of all, I was confused and deeply troubled.

Two days later, I heard about "Shedding" for the first time when a friend forwarded me a podcast by a German woman, who was talking about "the black goo" energy workers had begun to see in the energy fields of people, who had either been vaccinated or been in contact with people who had the jab.

It was then that I remembered a channeling via my HS from March 30 in which I had asked questions about the vaccines and their impact on the energy bodies of people—and hence my work. My HS offered a lengthy and detailed explanation as to what the RNA/DNA altering shots would do to the energy bodies of a person and suggested that Metatron could be called upon to clear them. For the other levels (physical, mental / emotional), other methods would be found to help people, but all in all the matter was not one to be dismissed lightly. Since neither I nor the person, who was guiding me through hypnosis had any idea about Shedding at the time, we never asked any questions related to it.

In the days following the session with Liv, synchronicities began to pile up, and a lot of information came flowing my way; hence, I knew that I was asked to do something with it. I was stunned at first, since I saw myself as an Awakening Mentor to assist people in the LBP throughout this ascension scenario and not like someone putting their focus on a lower timeline, such as vaccines and shedding. But, alas … more clients came with symptoms, and within a few days the Healy protocol, as it is known right now, was born with the wise support of two friends.

Since then, I have seen an increasing number of people affected by shedding in the chamber whenever the Healy protocol reached its limits. Much feedback has reached me since then. Women report of strange pains in their uterus, changes in menstruation cycle, mysterious bruises, headaches, dizziness and muscular pains. Many of the above symptoms I have experienced also myself. Symptoms in men seem to concentrate in the muscles around the lumbar spine accompanied by headaches and dizziness.

Liv, who works with clients osteopathically, says she perceives the bodies of vaccinated people differently. The uterus appears enlarged and, on touch, feels as thought it is covered by a membrane. She confirms my perceptions when saying she can no longer read people energetically. The cells no longer communicate like before and everything in the body feels "mechanically blocked," and treating a freshly vaccinated person had her feel icy cold and experience pain in both hands and arms, reaching all the way up to the shoulders during treatment.

I am generally big on the "mind over matter" principle, as I know we create our reality with our thoughts and energy follows attention, which is exactly why this topic alerts me big time and causes me some inner conflict. It would not be wise to stir fear in people, who have either been vaxxed or experienced effects from shedding, hence feeding the scenario as a "big problem" in the Quantum Field.

At the same time, however, there are many people who suffer from symptoms, vaxxed ones and victims of shedding alike. It's their reality, so what do we do with it? We just tell them to practice better mind hygiene and leave them alone with it?

The thought alone doesn't feel right and to give in to the separation that was so brilliantly and purposefully orchestrated by the dark cabal cannot stand the test of the New Earth. In my view, it is high time we take responsibility for the whole and take as many as possibly with us to the New Earth by making an effort to pick up everyone exactly where they stand. Doing so, we must not judge because judgement has no place whatsoever in this current phase of the ascension process, to paraphrase my dear friend Uta.  

For me personally, this would also mean to mistrust my own inner guidance and to completely dismiss the one given by my guides, and that's a no-go. Therefore, I am here to shed light on this unpleasant issue and offer support wherever it is needed.

It is no easy scenario for sure. The biggest challenge I personally see is to discern the symptoms caused by the effects of vaxxes and shedding from the symptoms of the LightBodyProcess (LBP), which now enters the crucial phase in many of those making their planetary ascension. Those thinking that this is purely a coincidence might want to take their rose colored glasses off and read my blog post on the "Sacred Rage of the Feminine." 

As a Sufi mystic, I'm trained to respond to the need of the moment, and this need is very evident here, which is why the next version of the Healy Protocol is already in the making. The urgency of the need was evident two weeks ago when a wonderful colleague from the Healy business posted a poll on Facebook to which more than 200 women responded, we quickly responded with a Zoom meeting two days later and now have a Telegram group that has grown to more than 100 members.

Looking at the current situation from a spiritual perspective with the ascension process in mind, the vaxxes play a decisive role. Not a negative role, but an important one. There are several layers to what is happening here, many of which I will ignore for the purpose of keeping this article somewhat focused on "facts." Just this much … while there is no doubt whatsoever that one of the objectives of the vaxxes is to destroy the LightBody in people to prevent them from ascending, the first and foremost thing to remember is that all decisions made here are in full alignment with the each soul's blueprint. Nothing of this proportion can happen to a person without their Soul's consent. Insofar the only thing that truly matters is how we respond to what lies before us.

I view the situation we are facing as an initiatory experience, especially for women. The fact that the spike proteins target the reproductive area in both men and women alike but seem to have a stronger effect on the latter is by design. Again, rose colored glasses off! The battle between darkness and Light on this planet always revolved around the Divine Feminine … and there is much, much more to the agenda of the dark cabal than depopulation. But let's not energize that too much for now, and get back on track with the facts about the issue at hand.

The facts before us are that the vaccines people receive are anything but a vaccine in the classic sense and have already caused injury and death to more people than the fake deaths attributed to corona. And these are facts as in numbers, not even including what people like myself perceive to happen to the vaccinated on an energetic level. Two of the vaxxes carry RNA/DNA altering substances and each vaxx tricks the body into producing the SaRs-CoV-2 spike protein attacking the cell in myriad of different ways. By causing the body to produce anti-bodies against the spike protein, mistaking some the body's own proteins for the spikes, hence leading the immune system to attack its own proteins in a fight for life which is documented as the onset of ITP in vaccinated people.

Dr. Judy Mikovits, who has been fighting the vaxx agenda since the beginning of the shit show, as I call it, contents that the spike protein IS the disease. In a study conducted by the CA-based Salk Institute published on April 30, 2021, researchers confirmed Mikovits's statements and found Covid-19 to be a "primarily vascular disease" rather than a respiratory disease as was previously assumed. The study also verifies the damaging effects of the spike proteins on the mitochondria.

The latter in particular, I took as proof that my channeling from March 30 was indeed more valid than I had initially understood, as one of the key elements of the LBP is the increased ATP production in the mitochondria as the cells switch to metabolizing Light as a source of energy.

Many, many alternative practitioners have now begun to research what can be done to support vaccinated and shedding victims alike, and more and more medical doctors jump on board as well. One of them is Dr. Alina Lessenich, who runs a Telegram channel with 8k subscribers, offering Detox protocols mostly based on natural supplements. Lessenich refers to countless cases in which non vaccinated women, who had come into contact with vaccinated people, report of irregular bleeding, unusual pain and cramps, bleeding after years of menopause and even abortions.

Like Dr. Robert Young, who has given a very enlightening view on the matter in a recent interview featured on Dr. Charlie Ward's website, Lessenich builds her case of physically detoxifying the effects of the vaxxes on the environment. According to her, even the spike proteins cannot remain for long in a milieu that is alkaline, hence nutrition, natural supplements and a healthy life style are key to countering the effects of the vaxxes and shedding.  

From my own experience, however, this is not enough. While all these measures are very important, there is more to be taken into account. On the purely physical side, I found an electrolysis foot bath to be effective as I firmly believe that it draws nano buds out of the body. They enter our system through the scalp when showered on us via chem trails, so they can leave through the skin as well.

My primary work is to assist people in their ascension. Thus, even though it may not appear like it, that is where my focus is firmy anchored. I perceive and process what is taking place on the outer planes, but my awareness is more on the inner planes, hence I will continue to say that for the old souls on this planet, it is imperative to keep our attention on the ascension process and not get too distracted by the show that's playing out in this hologram. There is no denying that we are dealing with spiritual and biological warfare here, motivated and underpinned with a very dark, satanic agenda. However, it's been like this on this planet  for aeons, so it's neither new nor unknown to many of the old souls. We watch, we consciously witness, we do what must be done, and at the same time we focus on what's REAL. The plandemic plays a key role in the ascension scneario on this planet, and each of those being here at this time have come here for a very specific reason that is to serve the planet, the whole and the One. We must honor that.

Thus, it is high time to incarnate our co-creative powers as an essential component in protecting ourselves and remaining in a positive inner attitude toward all that is happening around us. Reminding ourselves of our true nature is one important aspect, raising our energy levels is yet another. And let's face it, staying in a cheerful, joyful, positive place at all times while the world around us is seemingly going mad is not the easiest of tasks. Hence, we can be eternally grateful to be given a tool like the Healy. I've said it all along: The Healy is THE ascension tool in my book. And now the little magician is revealing even more of its capacity by helping us deal with the effects of the vaxxes and shedding … and, on top of it, supports the LBP to secure our ascension!

Namaste. May you be blessed.

While there are many good sources available on the web, I will leave you with these additional few:


A few more facts from my own experience:


- You are more susceptible to effects / symptoms of shedding when you are Blood type 0.

- Blood types A0 and B0 might experience symptoms, although less pronounded

- Not experiencing any symptoms does NOT mean you are not affected

- The effects of Shedding are strongest in the first 2 weeks after receiving the second jab

- Be aware that shedding also ends up in the water, essentially contaminating our drinking water

- Energetic protection alone does not cut it

- But ... our inner state of being plays a big role in how much we are affected

- Intercourse with a vaccinated person ... well, think for yourself!!



Below please find part of the transcript of the session from March 30, 2021 in which I channeled my HS



What does the vaccination do to people and their energy bodies?

The vaccines people are receiving right now have a completely different purpose than what is being said. Their effects are two-fold. On the physical level, the vaccines are designed to force the body into an auto-immune response in such a way that the antibodies produced as a result will attack the body and destroy the organs of the upper body mostly.

This, however, is a process that doesn't occur purely on the biological, medical or chemical level, but is also triggered by the nano particles which are administered with the vaccines. These will be activated by trigger frequencies sent out by satellites. Additionally, they interact with micro particles streamed into the atmosphere via air streams (much like chem trails, except they are largely invisible, except you can see them as glitter in the air in the sunlight) which emanate electromagnetic signals to activate the nano buds.

This is what effects the physical vehicle mostly. There are, of course, other toxic compounds contained in these vaccines that cause immune reactions and foster chronic inflammatory conditions at the cellular level in the body. They, as many know already, attack the cell membrane and alter the DNA via the genetic structure of the body.

At the energetic level, the body is forced off balance and thrown into such turmoil that it will enter into a state of energetic chaos. Basically what happens is that the energy in the energy bodies is internally restacked, if you will, because the organs will be burdened in different ways now due to the extreme stimulation of the immune system. This again, causes a regrouping of the energies in the body's chakras.

The worst vaccines to cause this is the Biontech, as this vaccine carries satanic ritualistic energies brought about by the blood particles of small children, who have been ritually sacrificed for this very purpose. Hence, this way satanic energies enter the blood stream of the vaccinated and cause massive energetic chaos in the energy bodies of that person.

What we see happening is that the energy bodies, which are layered upon one another as you know, begin to detach from each other. Because the emotional body is closest to the etheric and the physical body, it will be destroyed first, which is very important for the agenda of the dark forces as this cuts a person off from their emotions so that they lose connection with their heart. This is a process that extends from the inner to the outer energy bodies, so that the next energy layer is destroyed, until a point is reached in which the Higher Self will leave the light body because the latter is simply too fractured or pitted.


So, this means, these people are going to die then?

Uhm, no. The light body will not be completely destroyed, which means a certain "amount" of consciousness will remain in the person but the Higher Self as the driving force in the incarnation process must detach because it cannot exist in these chaotic, low frequencies.

Visualize a person as a construct of several layers of energy construing an energetic container that holds both consciousness and the Higher Self. It is possible for the Higher Self to leave and a portion of consciousness to remain, which actually turns a person into a sort of zombie. The person will be like AI and will be controlled by external stimuli, especially since the foundation for this has been laid in the past year through nano buds received (through chem tr

ails) that have entered the human brain via the scalp. The vaccines are basically the next level of attack on the Higher Self to force it to detach from the person, whereby - of course - we will always try to come back and find a way to contact the person or opening to wake up the human being! In the long run, however, there will be a point where that is no longer possible.

Naturally, a pitted light body without the presence of the Higher Self means the person cannot ascend. This is generally the goal of the dark forces - to prevent humanity from ascending and keep it enslaved.

We would like to point out that very few vaccinations will cause instant death in people. It was never meant to be this way, as this would be way too obvious. The plan is much more brilliant. With the first immune reaction of the body, a process is initiated which weakens a person more and more over time, and in the end, they will literally waste away—at different speeds. Thus, expect for many, many people to die in the coming years. In the least of cases, the connection to the vaccines will be obvious. Because of this new "kinds of diseases" will surface, simply because the reactions of the body cannot be classified in known ways.

What does this mean for our work? Can we do something for people, especially for those who have received the vaccines? See, it is very difficult to keep people from getting vaccinated. They are all so deeply in fear that they'll do anything to get their life back, which of course we all know will not happen.

We don't like seeing you wanting to prevent people from getting the vaccine. If someone decides to get the shot, they have decided this prior to incarnation and it is written in their blue print that they want to have this experience. For many, this experience might give them a chance to qualify for ascension in another dimension.

You have to know that the Earth, with the 300 million people living on it (!?) could not ascend with the entirety of all those people living on it. It is not possible and was never the plan. It is energetically impossible. Not all can come. The frequencies would not be sufficient for that. The effects of the vaccines are literally the weeding process of those who are supposed to ascend. Hence, many people will die from the vaccines, because they are meant to. Some can be helped energetically (consciousness work will not do here). These people can be helped in that they receive support in releasing the toxins, and also the nano buds can be energetically neutralized with the energy of love. There are not many light workers on the planet right now that will be able to do this kind of work, and after the second shot this will be even harder.

Also, there will be a new vaccines entering the market in the next two months. This one will be more aggressive but also more subversive. They will praise it as a "soft vaccine" because it will have less obvious side effects, but essentially what it is, is a time bomb as it will release its effects on a time delay. This vaccine will prolong the mass extinction of the human race on this planet. For your work, this means that you will not be able to work with people who have had the vaccine.  Simply speaking, you cannot call forth the HS when it is no longer present.

However, when you catch a person in the initial phase after their first shot, it is possible to help them with hypnosis by calling in higher beings who can work on the person. This way, the effects of the shot can be softened but of course the person should not get the second shot! We believe if you could involve very high frequency support, such as Metatron, the person could be helped through a body scan performed by him. There is a good chance for help.

Naturally, you would have to catch a person in this exact moment. It will be hard to advertise this, but you certainly put the intention in the Field and see if a person, whose blueprint does not contain leaving this planet during this time, can find you. The blueprint and the decision the soul has made stands above else.

What is the current situation in the great shift on this planet?

The shift has commenced in the second week of March with the planet fully ascending into 5D. Everything happening on the planet right now is a process of adjusting to the new, higher frequencies, which includes the crystalline structures and electromagnetic grid. The entire process is much more advanced than one might think. Much has happened already albeit invisible for you. In the coming weeks, the great revelations will begin, starting mainly on the American continent. European media will try to filter and block this for some time, but this will not be successful for long. The actual "pandemic" will soon come to an end, within the next few months. The end will come abruptly.

However, we would like to point out that the actual work to be done will only start then. We understand, of course, that your sitting through this period of lockdowns and resistance has tested your patience, your energy bodies and nervous systems. But please keep in mind that the phase you are entering after this time period of restraints will be even more difficult, albeit in a very different way. In this moment, most lightworkers and high frequency bearers are still a bit in the waiting game. Until now, you have been given the chance to fly under the radar mostly and most of you were not directly confronted with the happenings in the outer. This will change.

You will all be moved into positions where you will not only have to position yourself but also actively support the awakening people around you with your frequency and your wisdom. You will also need to help those around you, who have chosen to get the vaccine, until they are ready to move to another dimension beyond this planet. There will, of course, also be those waking up in a psychosis, as we have told this channel already a year ago. And the latter will not be an easy task.  The field of tension awaiting you will be the awakened ones versus the unawakened ones, and you will continue to work like this for the coming two years - with one leg in the old time and the other in the New Earth.

Systems will change, but it will take about two years to transition to the New Earth.

If corona is gone suddenly, will the vaccinations stop as well?

No. The vaccinations will not stop because many people will not be ready to let go of their fear. People have free will and many will choose not to believe the revelations. The indoctrination has been very thorough, so much so that many people will believe the truth told to them to be a lie or conspiracy, and they will volunteer to have the vaccination. Even when main stream media and some politicians, as will be the case, will present the truth, they will not believe it. Even if they admit to lying due to being threatened and pressured, they will not be believed. Many people will have to disbelief as this will be their mechanism to prevent themselves from slipping into a psychosis.

But vaccinations will not become mandatory, will they?

We currently do not see any scenario that contains vaccinations be made mandatory anywhere on this planet, not even in Germany. There will still be possibilities to stay away from it, but it might be that some hard decisions have to be made for this individually. We do not suggest to anyone to  get a vaccination, regardless of the type of vaccine or the level of consciousness of the person. The repercussions that come with it are not worth it.

Again, could you confirm to us the timeline please?

Within the next weeks, the so-called pandemic will be resolved. We see end of June as a possible timeline for an end to the entire agenda and the start of the revelations. This can be delayed by a few weeks, but not much more than that. After that, a time period of several weeks will begin where a lot of chaos and turmoil will erupt. In this time, we urge you to stay in hiding during that time. Please do not allow your urge to tell your fellow humans "I told you so" to get the better of you. Said time period is meant for you to keep a low profile, and we urge you to take this seriously. Make yourselves invisible, detach from everything until the waves have calmed down. The mass of people waking up will have to work through this chaos by itself. When things calm down—we see this happening toward the end of the year—then is the time to start your real work!

In the two years to come, your wisdom, your light, your work will support humanity on the path to the New Earth with many, many souls ascending to 5D. This is what you have come here for!