My Story

My first spiritual awakening came at 17, the second at the age of 29. I woke up from the Matrix in my forties, and I thought that’s it.

As a seeker of Truth, I had always thought there were two types of awakenings for us: 1. Waking up from the matrix system that rules this planet, realizing its holoraphic nature and the decay to a system of human enslavement, and 2. Waking up „spiritually“ to recognize there’s a force greater than me that governs all of Life, hence realizing my own Divine essence.

I certainly didn’t expect a third kind of awakening to hit me. But it came and it cared very little about my expectations.

At 55, I woke to and from Functional Freeze.

Or that’s at least what it felt to me. Like waking up. It was actually two-fold, as I first woke up to the presence of Functional Freeze in my system and then gradually began to wake up from that state of complete frozenness to enter the flow of life again.

When you’ve had a series of awakenings, as I’m sure you did as well, you get used to changing viewpoints and shifting awareness about your existence on this planet and life in general. After all, an awakening doesn’t come with an invitation to RSVP.

The way it usually happens is it hits you out of the blue, and before you can turn your head you stand bewildered looking back at what happened and feeling profoundly changed. You are no longer the same person you were yesterday, and soon find that it takes a bit of time to integrate the new you and getting used to your transformed relationship to life.  

Post-awakening the world looks different. Sometimes we might ask what in the world we were thinking when looking back at the old - now outdates version - of us. It might have been only two weeks ago when we were fully immersed in being that former self but today it feels as though all of the past is immersed in some strange fog, and it’s hard to even recall certain memories.

Awakening from decades in a state of Functional Freeze felt a little bit like that, the difference being that memories of the past didn’t fade. On the contrary, the process of healing from trauma can actually revive memories of the past we never thought we had. At least that’s how it was for me.

At first, it was a bit of a shocker, but before too long I realized that within this experience resides the greatest chance for our individual and collective liberation (and ascension) at this point in human history.

I’m a practitioner of several different quantum healing modalities with ample experience in hypnosis work and a very pronounced mediumship. I have created my own form of deep theta state work called „Sacred Journeys“ and I’ve worked with clients from my own community individually and through workshops for years.

Trained in Akash work, I have been a natural channel all my life without knowing it. I’m not clairvoyant, I only see on what I call the inner planes. I don’t get physical sensations as many healers or energy workers do. Mostly, I just know, which has been the hardest challenge for me over the years. Being claircognizant means I have thoughts in my head that I don’t know where they come from, which means they can easily be dismissed.

As life goes, my narcissistic mother made sure in the first seven years of my life that’s what I would do later on and consider most of my creative ideas to be „silly brain farts.“

My Soul called for help, thus I met my spiritual teacher in my thirties and have been on a journey of uncovering my true Self ever since. The work and purpose I was assigned by the spiritual tradition I belong to was in the waiting for years and with the current topic at hand is now beginning to take shape.

As I embark on my own healing journey from trauma and free myself of the detrimental effects of a complex post traumatic stress response, I simultaneously uncover what might well become my life work and will hopefully be of service to women currently incarnate on this planet - and all of life.

For it is us women who must do this work. We have come to heal the planet and birth the Golden Age.


Nothing less.

That’s the purpose of this blog. To encourage, inspire, motivate, support, but also to crack illusions and clear the fog around that, which has kept us from stepping into the true power we are.

It is time to put an end to WooWoo and get real.

There’s work to do - inside and out.

Nobody is going to do it for us.


Time to Release, Reset and Rise!