The Sacred Rage of the Feminine

Last night, I revisited a channeling of my HS from two months ago, and it struck me that it contained valuable information that is now more relevant than back when I channeled it. And the two points that caught my attention I see now relating in a way I wasn't able to understand back then.

In reference to the upcoming times, the HS urged us Lightworkers and Starseeds to keep a low profile until Sept/Oct of 2021. They said that there will be chaos from people waking up through soul catharsis and likely even waking up in a psychotic state. Despite the revelations taking place, many will choose not to believe them and dismiss them as conspiracy, which will elevate their fear levels even more and have them volunteer for the primary vaccines and the subsequent shots. The biggest challenge we will face, the HS said, will be to navigate the obvious rift between the awakened and the unawakened.

That rift is here.

And indeed it is very present for many of us right now. Many awakened people I know are now directly confronted with this rift, and quite often in ways that make me speechless to say the least. As some of these people are my clients, I am at times left feeling helpless, as the topic at hand can be very personal and intimate. What do you tell an awakened young mother of three when her husband is planning to get vaccinated, while she is fully aware of both, the repercussions of the shots and the effects of shedding? What do you tell a young health practitioner, whose sole income in times of crisis is a part-time job at a clinic where now 90% of the patients she sees are vaccinated and the effects of shedding are a daily concern?

Is it my place to say anything at all? I am Petra, which means "the rock" in its Greek origin, and I am fully aware that in these times there are people who look for my guidance. I'm not sure I can give it though—at least not in the form some might expect. In recent months, I have often spoken about the importance of being authentic and true to ourselves as we move into the New 5D Earth. So, perhaps it is time for me to walk the talk. So, let me be honest and very frank about what I see and how I feel here.

I worry.
I'm concerned for the welfare of people I care deeply about, family, friends, clients alike.
I don't want anyone hurt, least of all those I have worked with for years now and have had the pleasure of witnessing transform, even to the point of metamorphosizing.

And, I'm pissed.

If you ever want to see a roaring lioness on two legs, come visit me these days. I am angrier than I've ever been in my life, because I've had it with this dark perverted satanic shit going on here. For those, who haven't caught it yet, let me spell it out very clearly for you: this is about the Feminine.

It was always about the Feminine, and never, ever about anything else! The true targets in this agenda were always women. How do you take a society out? You suppress women and you separate men of their masculine power, so the women are robbed of their protection. How this is done? If that needs explanation to you, move over to Fox News or CNN and come back when you're ready for more. It is called sociocultural conditioning, and you just have to look around yourself and cognize the trend of presenting "alpha males" in Hollywood, major sports and on social media. 

The true target was always the Feminine because it is the most powerful archetypical force in the universe. Women carry the power of creation in their cells and wombs, and the very fact that the vaccines affect women in their reproductive area is an attempt to get rid of the Feminine energy on this planet once and for all. It's been the agenda since the Annunaki mated with the human race and gave it the reptilian brain. Everything that came afterwards was geared toward the current moment. Believe it or not, this current end time scenario was thousands of years in the making, a brilliantly constructed plan that has always had one goal only: to destroy the Feminine.

So, let me make a brief decree here before moving on to those, who I truly want to address:


And those sisters are the ones that must step up to the plate now. Since my client base predominantly consists of women, and I see them struggle in similar ways as my friends and colleagues, I will address them all at once:

It is time to say NO.

Every single woman I know is currently conflicted about the same things: How do I position myself in the daily context of gathering with vaccinated people? And I watch them make choices that leave me gasping for air. If you know that someone carries a deadly weapon in their pocket that can potentially cause you harm, do you freely invite them into your home? Then why would you allow people into your space, who carry the deadly weapon in their very cells and tissue? Because they are your parents or friends? Really? So, you have gone through hell yourself to cause your own awakening and now you would throw it all away because of a few, who have chosen to move to another timeline where they have the chance to ascend.

Reminder: Nobody dies here! They will all just move to another dimension where they rock their own, collective ascension. But you could die, and that would mean the absolute tragedy for your soul, who has worked so hard to get you to listen, to adjust to higher frequencies and brought you this far in the LBP.

And they are not your parents either! That is just a role these souls took on in this holographic show room called planet Earth where the social and familial structures happen to be one of family, unlike in most other civilizations. It's all a play here and the so-called values and morals are artificial constructs used to condition us a certain way that allows for control, while in fact beyond the realm of this planet, the concept of family or even parenting differs greatly from what we know. So, let it go. Say NO to your conditioned responses, kick the good girl out the window, because there are much more important things going on here that need our attention. There is no point in sacrificing your health and well-being at this crucial point in time.

You are not here to serve those, who have chosen to leave. Because it is so important, I will say it again. YOU are not here to serve those, who have chosen to leave.

We are here to serve LIFE. We are here to honor what is sacred in Life (you!) and serve the Goddess, the planet, Mother Earth, and those who are to ascend. And because that is what we have chosen to incarnate for, it is our SACRED DUTY to feed our primal Feminine energy into the crystalline grid to support the Great Shift, the grandest spiritual spectacle this universe has ever seen! As women, we carry the most sacred energy in the Universe within us. Yes, you carry a substance within your womb space that is sooo precious, it is not even from this world. It is the most sacred of the sacred, and it is your duty to honor and protect it. To do so, we must be HEALTHY and WELL, and we must remember who and what we are.

And who and what are we, and how are we going to do this?

We love. Because we are Love. We are not only made of Love, we ARE LOVE. And don't even think for a moment that being LOVE and saying NO are contradicting "concepts," because they are not. The lioness taking her cub out into the wild to drop it in a field surrounded by hyena is not doing so because she is a bad mother. She does it in full awareness that, while it might scare the shit out of her little one in this moment, it is the kind of training that will save its life. Would the lioness listen to the whining of her cub, it would significantly diminish the chance for her offspring's survival. Hence, she does what likely is hard for her to do, but she does it nevertheless. She acts with wisdom and applies the fiery Love of the mother that knows exactly what to do to accomplish what she feels is her sacred duty. THAT is the energy we must now incarnate.

The fiery Love of the Feminine, the warrior Priestess for whom Love stands above all else, and who doesn't mistake it for the fuzzy, glamoured soup we were brainwashed into accepting as love in this matrix conditioning that enslaved us. We know, you know, much better than this! Because, let's get real here for a moment. ALL of the awakened women incarnate right now are priestesses. If you are here now, your soul has a link to Atlantis and Lemuria. Deep down in your cellular structure you carry the memory of what it means to walk in the power of a priestess, and it is time to call up that energy and apply it.

It is time. Time to stop messing around.

The Divine Feminine energy is stirring right now. It is knocking on our door. Have you noticed? If you haven't, here is your briefing: if you have been deeply depressed or fucking angry lately, you have gotten a personal call from the Goddess. The energy knocking at our door right now is the Divine Dark Feminine in its purest form. GASP! Whut? Yup, that one. And you are angry because you ARE that energy, and you have suppressed its true power for so long now that it knows no other way but to call for your attention through this depression or anger. When you suppress something for too long, you evoke its shadow, and this shadow is now rising to the surface, as all shadows are being pulverized in this cosmic washing cycle of high frequencies. 


The Divine Dark Feminine is the most powerful creative force in the galaxy. It is the very energy we must and will use to build the New Earth. It wants to be heard, seen, felt. It is stirring in you, for it wants to guide you toward your life work and new 5D life. And it might, at times, be pissed because you are still allowing too many distractions to get in the way of what is important and most sacred right now: Love for Life. If you still worry about any of the nonsense playing out in 3D, if you still allow yourself to get distracted by stuff going on around you … if you are busy paying attention to your vaccinated friends, your landlords and co-workers, complaining clients, friends who don't act like you want them to or what have you, you are falling victim to the negative aspects of the Dark Feminine, who has held us captive with this gameplay for way too long.

These petty games are the subversive attempts of the negative Dark Feminine, fed and amplified by a patriarchal culture rooted deep in a matrix mindfuck system that is geared toward keeping women in a cycle of shame and self-defeat. The core goal is to distract women with conditioned nonsense reaching from external appearances to the completely distorted image of Love itself. Here, the word distraction is key, and believe me I know what I'm talking about because I have had my fair share of it lately.

It is high time to disallow those distractions that are meant to keep us so busy that we cannot do our work. Do not allow them to highjack your awareness, your focus and your life. Part of the anger you feel is also the rage of the Feminine, for she's had it with all this bullshit on this plane and she wants us to rise. This rage is Sacred, and it must be honored. It is the roar of the Divine Lioness who knows it is time to incarnate her full power for the sake of the Feminine and the benefit of the whole.

And this is where the second piece of information from said channeling enters the picture. The HS said that, while for us the real work will begin in fall, it will last for two years. For the coming two years, we will walk the path of being half in this world and half in the New Earth. Thus, the coming two years bear the potential to become the most challenging for us yet. And it is important that by fall this year, we'll all be in the place where we must be to complete our mission here. Knowing this, the Divine Feminine's call is not without urgency, for there are far more important things at stake than vaccinated family members or conflicts with old friends. Her call beckons us to pay attention to the signs, to the thoughts that rise from deep within, to engage with Life so we don't miss the synchronicities that are our true Divine guidance.

It is, of course, up to you to decide whether you are ready and willing to step on this path, a path that leads you to a place where the great Unknown is waiting behind the darkness. This darkness connects you to the Truth in your heart, and it's beckoning you Home. Whether you trust enough to surrender to it, so you can fulfil your mission here is the very question only you can answer.  

And that's between the Goddess and you.