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I'm a writer and content creator. I'm also a spiritual mentor and mystic here to support others on their journey Home. I am a BQH, QC and Level 2 QHHT practitioner after Dolores Cannon, and I am the creator of the Sacred Journeys, a modality I have developed and use to help people navigate their soul path.

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What's important right now

The Light Body is the vehicle that enables the incarnated soul fragments to travel between dimensions and different planes of existence; hence, it was THE key objective for spiritual discipleship in the old mystical traditions... all happening at a time, when spiritual teachers were true Masters of the Light and not Instagram influencers with landing pages and funnels or Youtubers, making money of running 4 completely unrelated ads durin a ten-minute video.


Back in the days, the disciple would move through the LBP at the instruction of the teacher without even knowing what was happening to them, while the teacher kept watch on the person and manipulated the energies in their system to continually activate the shadows in the lower psyche. Probably the most significant testament to this is a statement made by Irina Tweedie in her book "Daughter of Fire" when she wrote about meeting her teacher: "I expected fine teachings in yoga from him, but instead he made me face the darkness within myself. And it almost killed me."

When our energy bodies begin to vibrate higher, all of our unresolved issues and traumas wash to the surface in order to be cleared and released. Physically, this process takes place at the cellular level, because that's where all those old, painful emotions have been locked up for long, even across generations - until someone cranks up the energies impacting those cells!

That's exactly what is happening on this planet right now with the increased influx of solar flares and the rising geomagnetic energies called the Schumann Resonance. There are several ways to support our bodies in this time of transformation, one of which I was shown in a vision in January of 2022 where I was shown the necessity of clearing out our cells, so they can begin to metabolize and store increasing amounts of Light. 

You can read about the LBP here or in some of my blog posts. Most of us have not yet entered the higher stages of the LBP, so it is all the more important to start the process now. It will make it easier later on!


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