Do you hear the call? Perhaps you are not aware of it, because you were never taught how to read the signs either Life or your Soul use to communicate with you, but I bet you that on some level you know what I'm refering to. You feel this longing that seems to arise from somewhere so deep within, that at times you manage to talk yourself out of it. That's how faint it is. Yet, at other times it is bold and fierce and even makes you gasp for air. It takes hold of your chest and floods your entire being, yet you have no idea what it is that you feel and where it's coming from. All you know is that it's real, and most people in your life won't understand when you share with them what's happening to you.
If this sounds familiar to you, then you are one of the many Souls who have come here during this time to play a role in what's been foreseen by the Great Masters as the most pivotal time in the shared history of humanity and planet Earth.
It goes hand in hand with the ascension of the planet to 5th density, which has commenced on March 12–13, 2021. More and more people will now wake up from the matrix and ask themselves questions like "who or what am I?" and "why am I here?"  Suddenly, they inquire about the deeper sense of life or their purpose for being here, and they experience an increased longing for meaning, depth and a loving connection to Life itself. These are the people I am here to serve.

who I am

I AM an old-fashioned mystic and alchemist, a New Earth guide and earthly voice for the Sophia Collective. I'm also a Grail Code Keeper.

I'm also a BQH & QHHT Level 2 practitioner and next to many other things I am a published author and poet in both English and German, which I owe to earning an M.A. in English.


However, the true source of what makes my work with others powerful and transformative is my mediumship and my ability to hold space.

Most of the skills and knowledge I apply to support others comes from remembrance. It bears a certain irony that I am a certified past life regressionist, yet all my own memories of "past lives" - except for one - have come to me naturally while performing ordinary daily tasks during what I call "Divine contemplation."

I currently live in Southwest Germany with my cat, Magnus, The Great.



what I do

In all I do, my goal is always to serve the Divine plan behind the soul and not the human ego, although the ultimate success is when the latter submits to the guidance of the Higher Self in order to fulfill the former. Hence, the overarching purpose of my work is to help us all form a lasting connection with our highest guidance, leading to true empowerment. The tools I use are rather simplistic:

∞  I travel on the inner planes, which in modern terms means that I work shamanically & energetically. I lead my clients on voyages I call Sacred Journeys. Here you receive answers to your pressing questions and guidance from your Higher Self for your life path.

∞  Sacred Journeys take place in "The Initiation Chamber" which is the sacred space I hold, where you are given a clearing and energy upgrade in a ritual.

∞  A session in "The Chamber" is designed to push you a bit further along on your path Home ... if you allow me to be your guide for a moment.



what's important

One of the focal points of my work and also the sessions I host is the LightBodyProcess (LBP), an aspect of our ascension journey that has been misunderstood and often misrepresentended by New Age spirituality in recent years. The old mystics understood the LBP as a necessity to attain higher states of consciousness. They knew how to purposely trigger, steer and even control (to some extent) the formation of the LB in their disciple, thus bypassing the ego, so they would have nothing to hold on and identify with. However, we live in different times now and the number of evolving souls far exceed the few true spiritual masters and initiates left on Earth.

Today, we individually experience the LBP as part of the ascension scenario taking place on the planet. Pushed by solar energies and shifting geomagnetic energy fields, our vehicles are hard at work to absorb a greater amount of Light at the cellular level. For that purpose, it is helpful to have an agent that helps us clean house, allow for more Light in and also brings additional Silica to the body while we transmute from a carbon-based to a silica-based structure.