Light Body Process (LBP)

The LBP was first mentioned to me in the QHHT session I had on the evening before visiting Stonehenge in August of 2019. Both, the session and the time spent at Stonehenge, turned out to be life altering experiences for me.

In said QHHT session and a subsequent session one week later in Munich, my Higher Self (HS) mentioned my "future work with the light body process" … and frankly, at the time, I had no idea what my HS was talking about!

I had heard my teacher mention the "Creation of a Body of Light" in several of his talks from many years back, but in the true fashion of a mystic, the information was related in a vague, rather philosophical manner. He also referenced a small book of Chinese origin, written in similar style. There was nothing to gain for me, no matter how intensely I was trying to read between the lines of his discourse.

So, I dove into research and consulted my guides. In the following, I offer a description of the LBP as I am able to understand it as of now (April 2021). I firmly believe that one cannot claim full knowledge of this complicated energetic process without having undergone it in its entirety themselves. And the only two people I'm aware of, who have largely completed the LBP are my Sufi teacher and Dr. Georgi A. Stankov, the latter being the only one to share his knowledge with the public in detail. Prior to being guided to Stankov's website, I had found a book channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren. These three resources plus my personal experience build the foundation for the description I offer in the following.

Of the three sources mentioned, the little Chinese book provides a rather philosophical explanation. Tachi-ren's book is a comprehensive read, providing a great general picture while Stankov's report is certainly much more precise and scientific if not metaphysical in nature. His writing is underpinned with his own experience and enhanced by the broader context of the process in respect to the planetary ascension and the Divine or cosmic play as a whole.  

Dr. Georgi Stankov -
Tashira Tachi-ren "What is Lightbody?"
"The Secret of the Golden Flower" transl. by Richard Wilhelm

While I encourage everyone to do their own guided research, I hope my offering in the following is helpful. It aims to give an overview of the LBP, reflective of my current understanding of it. I will update and add to this text as I grow and find out more about it myself.

What is the Light Body?

The LB is the multidimensional container or vehicle that holds our soul and is used by the soul to travel. Like our physical body holds our organs, our light body holds our energetic structures. As the name suggests, it is made of light, meaning of a much higher vibrational frequency than our physical body. In most of us, the light body has been dormant until now, as it needed the higher frequencies we now have on this planet to awaken.

Existing in a higher vibrational light body means to feel and be closer to the Divine. An activated LB allows for better connection to the higher realms. It opens the gates for new, higher states of consciousness, multidimensional awareness, telepathy, astral projection, teleportation, and much more. Generally speaking, we will be more in tune and in love with ourselves and Life, and exist in a state of harmony, contentment and even bliss. An activated LB brings with it a state of awareness in which we are able to remain detached from your thoughts. Self-reflection, mind hygiene, consciously choosing our mood and controlling our state of being are all made possible by an activated LB.
This is why sometimes spiritual coaches and healers have little success when asking their clients to train in these practices. Unless their LB is activated, they simply are not capable of these practices no matter how often they are told. At a certain stage in the LBP, however, a person will automatically and very naturally incorporate these things into their very being.

Why do we need a Light Body, and why is it important now?

The rising frequencies on the planet push drive our ascension into high gear, forcing our consciousness and soul to evolve. For them to align to higher frequencies, they need a container that is in alignment with the new, higher state. To ascend to the New 5D Earth, we need a crystalline light body; hence, our light bodies transmute from a carbon based to a crystalline structure.

What is ascension?


Let's spend a moment on this one, just to clarify. We ascend, yes. The entire human species ascends as a collective. Mother Earth, as a living soulful being, ascends as well. It is for the first time in the history of this planet, that the planet itself and all the living beings on it ascend at the same time. This is what makes this event we are currently experiencing first-hand so very special.

Ascension means we go up. In consciousness. In dimensions, if you will. But the term is also somewhat misleading, as ascension actually also means descension. Let me explain.

For us to move into higher states of consciousness, we are continually given additional fragments of our Soul. When we first incarnate on this plane, only a fraction of our Soul actually enters into our etheric structure. In most people, the size of this fraction lies between 5 to 15 percent. As we evolve in consciousness, more and more fragments descend into us to raise our frequency. See, the Soul could not enter in all its size and glory into us right away, because our bodies (LB and physical vehicle) could not hold those high frequencies. It would fry us! 

In the current ascension to 5D, the ultimate goal is for our entire Soul to descend into our crystalline Light Body.

So, what is the Light Body Process (LBP)?

The LBP describes the journey in which our carbon based light body transforms to become a crystalline light body. In this process, our entire being transforms alongside our light body and we morph into a Divine Human.

To become a Divine Human requires that we shed everything that is not in alignment with the very high frequency of the plane we then exist on. We must let go of all the old, outdated energies, patterns, programmings and beliefs that formed our old identity, because our new 5D identity will be vastly different, as it will be equipped with attributes we cannot even imagine right now. 

This shedding of the old often happens without our conscious knowledge, as much of it takes place in the unseen. The process itself alters our DNA and genetic structure from a two-strand to a three- or more strand DNA. Now, for a moment, think about how our genetic make-up has been epigenetically informed for decades — all of that must go now! This also entails the release and transformation of our Reptilian Hybrid encoding, which runs deep even in our brain. Hence, it comes as no surprise that with the massive energy waves coming at us from Source this release process very often feels forced and more like a purging than a gentle letting go! So, as part of the ascension process, we begin to clear emotions and imbalances that no longer serve us, whereas the latter can be particularly straining on us as they are the reasons for all dis-eases in our bodies. In short, we are literally in a cosmic washing cycle right now, and no matter how much you enjoy rollercoasters it can be quite a challenge.

Energetically, in the LBP our chakras unify into one single great chakra, and probably the most important prerequisite for this is the full and complete activation and expansion of the heart chakra, the very center that connects our lower three and upper three chakras. You can easily see why Love is the single force that drives existence in the fifth dimension!

Why do the chakras unify? Because that way, the body is able to handle greater amounts of energy running through.

Full ascension is possible when one has reached Stage 11 of the LBP.

Physical implications of the LBP

The progress of the LBP is measured by the amount of Light the cells are able to metabolize in the mitochondria. In an activated light body, the cells begin to recognize Light as a source of energy and the mitochondria start to produce bounds of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) whose chemical (process of breaking down) speeds up cellular metabolism. Naturally, as our body switches to metabolizing Light, it will undergo great changes. During the LBP, eating habits change, often drastically. The body literally transforms at the level of the cells, and depending on the stage of the LBP, this can bring about a great variety of physical symptoms that can easily be misinterpreted and, even worse, mis-diagnosed.

Because the heart chakra plays a central role in the LBP, many people experience massive problems with the physical heart during one phase of the process. The reason being the enormous expansive process the heart chakra has to go through in order to fulfil its role as the key connector in our energy bodies. This can cause discontent and fear in people, but like all others, this phase too shall pass.

The LBP is a rather complex process that also varies from person to person, soul to soul depending on the evolutionary stage. In the following, I will list the stages of the process and their respective physical implications. If you desire to know more, I encourage you to read the works of Dr. Georgi A. Stankov if you want more detailed explanations.



Ways to support the LBP


In my research I came across only a few measures we can take to support the physical / energetic part of the LBP. It seems logical that anything that would help the cells transform to where they recognize Light as nutrition and begin to metabolize it as such could be helpful. Thus, it makes sense to me that Tachi-ren suggests to supplement with Omega 3 fish oil. I have personally experienced a very prominent shift in my body since I began to take a high quality Omega 3 oil that is enriched with very potent polyphenols. The latter have a very strong antioxidative effect and help the Omega 3 molecules reach the core of the cell where the combination of these two components practically enforces a reset of the cells, thus speeding up cell division and metabolism.

Leading anthroposophical thinker Rudolf Steiner said Silicea brought the Light down into the body. It can be taken in biochemical form via Schuessler Cell salt #11, as a homeopathic remedy in high potency or in colloidal form. I have yet to try it out myself, so I cannot possibly give any recommendation here.

Stankov recommends Nystatin, originally an antifungal medication. Please navigate to his website (linke above) where you can find detailed information on this in his article on the LBP.

Drinking plenty of pure, good quality water supports the cellular absorption of higher frequencies. I have personally found relief in the usage of a little Tesla-like device that transmits frequencies via micro currents into the body or remotely into the information field of a person.


More background

The Universe we exist in is made up of twelve dimensions, each one determined by its own vibrational level. The lower dimensions are rather dense, meaning the frequency at which everything vibrates is much slower than let's say in the ninth dimension. To explain each dimension would exceed the scope of this article, but let's just say the higher dimensional, the closer to the Divine you get (although in essence the Divine, the One, the All That Is, God, Allah, Spirit … whatever you call it, is in everything).

We, as human beings, are multidimensional, which means we exist of multiple bodies. Since we vibrate mostly on the frequency level of the third dimension, most of us are only able to perceive the body whose frequency mirrors that: the physical body. The physical body, however, is contained by several energy bodies that vibrate at a higher frequency.

Everything is energy in this Multiverse and levels of consciousness are determined by speed of frequency, hence to achieve higher states of consciousness, to move to the next level so to speak, our frequency has to increase. This, in turn means, that our physical vehicle (body), which is the densest one of all our bodies, must be prepared to handle these higher frequencies.

In the old spiritual traditions of the East, the true masters took their disciples through the LBP without them knowing anything about it. While the master influenced the energies of the disciple, the latter were doing their part in supporting the LBP through a life style of high ethics and deep devotion. Irina Tweedie's biographical account of her time with her Sufi master , which she penned in "Daughter of Fire" is a powerful example of this. Heavily conditioned by the teachings of the Theosophical Society, Tweedie certainly had no prior knowledge of the LBP, yet her detailed account of her time with her master reveals that he deliberately took her through stages of what is normally a process that takes more than a decade in a shortened period of time.

We now live in different times, however, and the rising frequencies on the planet have taken on the role to awaken individuals from the matrix and activate the LBP within them. Granted the LBP is a very individual process, which takes place in correspondence with the soul's blue print and the age of the soul in question.

Essentially, the LBP is what takes us from being a 3D human being, enslaved in the matrix, to a free 5D Divine Human. In a sense it means, we die before we die. Meaning, we don't have to experience a physical death in order to experience the complete connection to our Soul, which in turn directly links us to Source.

Whether you remember signing up for this or not, you have come here to this planet for this very experience, and many, many souls have fought you to get your spot. The ascension into 5D will end the enslavement of the human race through dark Reptilian forces, who have interfered with evolution for the purpose of preventing the planet and all that lives on her from ascending only to harvest negative energies (which is what Reptilians feed on). Due to that interference, Earth had become a Loosh energy planet, which means that is was designed with purpose to produce energies of fear paired with shame and guilt, to be harvested by Reptilian forces for their own nourishment. This will all come to an end, as the human race will collectively ascend to a higher dimensional existence, shed all negative energies in the process and liberate itself from the dark, satanic scenario it was enslaved by for thousands of years.

The rise to the New 5D Earth will bring about the birthing of Christ Consciousness in all souls and the anchoring of SophiaChrist Consciousness in many advanced, old souls, whose work will be to support the collective in the creation of the New Earth.

The planet, our Mother Earth, has ascended in the second week of March 2021. Now it's on us to follow her!

Stages of the LightBodyProcess (LBP)

Essentially the LBP takes place in twelve stages. In my understanding and own, somewhat limited experience, as I haven't completed the LBP at the time of this writing, these twelve stages are never a linear process, and a person can experience characteristics and symptoms of several stages at the same time. The following is a rough overview excerpted from the book "What is LightBody" by Tashira Tachi-ren.

Stage 1

  • Initial activation in which the metabolic process in the cells is initiated. Increased cellular metabolism causes the body to release toxic thoughts, old traumas and outdated emotions, as well as flush out toxins on the physical level.
  • Change in brain function, as neurons begin to fire and wire differently.
  • Physical symptoms: flu-like symptoms accompanied by fever.

Stage 2

  • The soul blue print begins to release the karmic record, changing the geometrical structure of your energy bodies. You begin to ask questions about your purpose and where you come from. Most changes experienced are mainly physical.

Physical symptoms: fatigue and insomnia.


Stage 3

  • Heightened sense perceptions, which are an indicator that your body is now taking over its role as a "bio-transducer."
  • Mitochondria start recognizing Light as food and produce more ATP.
  • This stage was collectively reached by all souls incarnated on Earth by 1989, according to Tachi-ren.

Stage 4

  • Massive changes in electromagnetics of the brain
  • Mental shift toward realizing "I am not in charge here"
  • Empathy sets in

Physical symptoms: headaches, chest pain, blurry vision, loss of hearing


Stage 5

  • Beginning of non-linear thinking
  • Purging of survival fears
  • Increasing self-reflection and awareness of conditionings

Symptoms: depression


Stage 6
You begin to meet people, who work with the LBP

  • Flashes of multidimensionality
  • Mental body begins to process differently
  • Perceptions change; matter appears not solid
  • Reevaluation "Do I want to be here?"
  • Many souls take the exit at this stage
  • Descent of Oversoul / spirit into LB leading to 1/3 of LB formation
  • Polarization becomes very intense: some live in heaven, some in hell

Stage 7

  • Purging of emotional blockages
  • Emotional body clears out; many people will leave your life
  • In the 7th, 8th and 9th stage, personal relationships change
  • Further activation of pineal and pituitary
  • Opening of the 4th eye on top of head
  • Multidimensional awareness
  • Becoming aware of parallel lives
  • Operating from 4th dimensional consciousness
  • Attitude of a healer, awakener, saviour
  • Feeling of "I'm going to ascend tomorrow. I'll be out of here soon."
  • Spiritual ambition / significance are ego defenses running rampant here as a result of the mental body trying desperately to hold on to old structures and forms
  • Bouncing back and forth between states of higher awareness of one's divinity and feelings of worthlessness (from blissed out to manic depressive)

Physical symptoms: extreme chest pain, pressure on forehead and base of skull from pineal growth, sharp pain on top of head

Stage 8

  • Realization: "I'm in it for the long run."
  • Pineal and pituitary grow in size, causing headaches
  • Brain expansion
  • Audio dyslexia
  • Activation of seed crystals
  • Downloads into receiver crystal activate eight, ninth and tenth chakra
  • Axial system activation
  • Formation of the chasm of fire / Arc of the Covenant / Anthekarana
  • You're going home now. Congratulations!

Physical symptoms: bad pressure headaches, hearing different tones, seeing colors, motion in head, brain scrambles

Stage 9

  • Activation of the Threefold Flame of Life
  • Realization of I AM presence
  • Light language
  • Connection to Source is now constant and solid
  • People no longer find hooks to manipulate you
  • Anchoring multidimensional mastery onto the planet
  • Disconnect from consensus reality
  • Connecting to Christ Oversoul through 12th chakra
  • Final surrender to Spirit
  • You realize who's boss
  • At the end of this stage, you experience massive descension

Physical symptoms: lower back pain, hip problems, women experience hormonal imbalances leading to exhaustion, depression and irregular bleeding


Stage 10

  • Avatar abilities
  • Teleportation, apportation, instant manifestation are activated
  • You are the Multiverse
  • Formation of the Merkabah vehicle

"In our viewpoint, there is nothing more beautiful or magnificent than the Divine expressions that you will bring forth on your return. For some of you, that return is to this Source-system. For others, it is a return to a different Source-system and you're here to set up the connections for when they all merge. Some of you are just here to move the planet to Lightbody. Others of you will take over from there, shifting the planet to its next realm, and its next, and its next."
Tachi-ren, Tachira "What Is Lightbody" (p. 71). World Tree Press. Kindle Edition.


Stage 11

  • Time is no longer linear
  • You are one with Spirit
  • Payoff for all the pain, suffering and heartache
  • You find your true calling and soul purpose now
  • You are manifesting your vision of Heaven on Earth
  • You are ecstatic Spirit in motion

Stage 12

  • You act on your decision how to assist Life, as you are playing an active part in the final activation of the Divine Plan for planet Earth.

Welcome Home, Soul


A little story ...
It wasn't until I began to heed my guides' calling in earnest and started the research on the LBP that I realized how much the past ten years of my life had been dominated by this process. There was one specific moment when I was sitting over those three books, trying to assimilate all the wisdom offered and put it into my own words while listening to the "Freedom Songs" playlist I had created on the evening of March 12, 2021 as a result of perceiving the full and complete arrival of the New 5D Earth on this planet.

So, here I was … pen and paper and I was reading in Stankov when the shuffle function on my iPhone jumped to "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas, and I heard him sing: 

Let it go
Let it roll right off your shoulder
Don't you know
The hardest part is over
Let it in
Let your clarity define you
In the end
We will only just remember how it feels.


Instantly, I broke into tears and couldn't stop crying. In that moment, the full weight of the past ten years of my crazy and extremely painful journey on this planet truly rolled off my shoulder. It hit me like a ton of bricks, how "far I've come" in the process and that—indeed—the hardest part was over. Ten years of loss, pain, psychic, psychological and emotional challenges that seemed to tear me apart over and over again … all in the name of the LBP.  And, of course, in true mystic fashion, I had no clue what was really happening to me while I went through it. It just happened, and after three years in the Dark Night of the Soul and seven subsequent years of struggle on literally all levels, I had now reached a point where the Light came on. I knew in every cell of my body that in the end, what will remain are the moments of purest bliss and love. A love so powerful, so deep, so neutral, so unconditional … I had been given glimpses of it on my journey, always in moments when I thought I could no longer go on and wished for the exit. So, I kept going, and going…

In the moment of this realization, I was hit by a wave of emotions that knocked me off my feet. Minutes later, I found myself on the floor sobbing … in pain, in wonder, in relief, in joy, in pain again. The heavy, heavy energies, all the challenges, psychic and physical, and still … suddenly, I felt such deep compassion for myself, for the super sensitive, empathic and battered starseed soul for whom this incarnation was so incredibly painful, who had struggled with the harshness of this plane for as long as she could remember, and still … she was so courageous in pushing on, not giving up, always striving for the Light in herself and others. This was in no way an ego-centered look at myself, rather it was the deepest, most pure and genuine expression of self-love coming from deep within my Divine heart.

I sincerely wish for every one reading this to receive the Grace of this kind of experience. Never before had I come so close to myself as in that moment, felt such deep love for my own Soul, for the me, the I AM presence in me. Heart wide open, fully connected. I cannot help but think what it will do to Life on this planet when everyone has had this experience!


With all my heart, I wish you a blessed journey Home!