My channelings through this Shit Show

Very early on in this shit show, I decided that I would not waste my energies on trying to convince anyone of anything. Living in Germany for this pivotal time in the history of this planet, I quickly learned to resort to an onlooker position and employ a general "fuck it" attitude. It was my way of handling the unbelievable degree of ignorance the majority of Germans employ and defend with their typical aggressive aloofness and unfathomable arrogance.

This was the main reason why I never went public with what I'm going to say here, not even with my clients in my Telegram channels.  Another reason is that I never intended to channel for the general public to begin with, and I'm generally quite critical when it comes to the act of channeling, and my attitude is best described in Tom Kenyon's book "The Magdalene Manuscript" where he admits to avoiding any channeled material, even his own—which is predominantly channeled. 

That said, I was pushed by my guides to offer the information I have received since this massively corrupt shit show began to unfold in January of last year. I do not intend to comment much on any of it. I simply offer it here, and I ask everyone to employ their own sense of discernment and intuition to arrive at their own Truth.

The following is my diary entry from February 2020

I met with a friend for a channeling about the ominous virus ... just for fun 

So, standing in my friend's kitchen, I asked my guides to be given permission to access said "thing" thinking that I must be able to tune in, since a viruz was a living organism, right?

Well, I tuned in. Of course, we didn't record the channeling. After all, it was "just for fun" 
 ... but I recall the following. Channeling the "viruz," I said:
"I was made by humans in a laboratory, and I'm completely non-organic. My job is to destroy the organs of a person from within, mostly the organs in the upper body. Lungs, pancreas, gallbladder, liver."

Asked why I would do this, I responded: 
 "Because it's my job. That's what I was made for."

And who made you and who is telling you to do this?
"I'm activated and controlled by satellites. Once activated, I go to work. I don't know who is in
control of the satellites and giving the commands."

At this point, my friend went into an argument with me, hoping that he could reverse the commands I was given by convincing me that if the body of the person I inhabited died, I would die as well, hence destroy my own habitat. This sent me into one of the strangest experiences my brain and I have ever had.

My brain could not process the logic of that argument. I could literally feel how a part of my brain was desperately trying to get a hold of the information, but it failed. It was a terrible, icky feeling. Probably the scene where in the "fiction movie" the robot implodes and all the wires sizzle through. It was in that moment when—in the back of my mind, watching the entire scenario—I realized that I was channeling Artificial Intelligence and that the "virus" was to be controled by 5G.

April 2020
The Sophia Collective tells me that the show will end abruptly. They said, "it ends faster than you can turn your head." When, they cannot say. That timeline can vary, they say, and will be determined by the degree of resistance people have toward their Awakening.

August 2020
During the waking up phase in the morning, I am given a vision. I get up and walk toward the patio door where I become aware that I cannot see anything outside. The world out there is dipped in an incredibly radiant, strong white light. It takes a moment for me to realize that this is a solar flash. Then inwardly I ask the question: "how long," meaning how long will it last, so that we cannot go outside. The response: "three days."

Toward the end of the month, I suddenly sense that the battle between Light and darkness has been decided. It is done and over with. For good. Everything to come now is humanity deciding how much it wants to suffer before awakening

January 2021
I wake up in the morning to a "dream" … John F. Kennedy, Jr. (now senior) is on "World TV," broadcasted worldwide and translated into every language possible. He explains slowly and eloquently what has happened. Revelation over revelation. He is dressed in a dark blue suit wearing a white/red tie. As I watch him with a great sense of relief, I become aware that many people will choose not to believe him. They will exercise their free will and try to get the vaccine nevertheless, and they will believe that he is not the real Junior but a clone.

February 2021
I am being shown what the vaccine will do to people. In recent months, it has been confirmed many times over that my channeling from last year was indeed correct. Now, I'm beginning to understand that the nanoparticles in the vaccine will be activated either via 5G or the immune system of the carrier. Once the person falls ill and the immune system jumps into action for the first time since receiving the shot, the bacteria begin to attack the antibodies, thus mimicking a deadly auto immune response. 

That's the 3D shit. On an energetic level, the vaccine is designed to destroy the energetic and etheric bodies of a person. Yes, it is first and foremost designed to kill, but in survivors, it seeks to detach the LightBody from the physical vehicle to inhibit the personality's connection to their soul, thus preventing ascension. It is a bio weapon functioning at a level of evil we may not be able to comprehend, even if we were told in detail.

My personal sentiments: An awake and aware person shouldn't even so much as entertain the idea of taking the vaccine. Aside from the fact that the New Age Lightworker community is steeped in glamour and self-deception, I think the more important part of the story is this: the moment you consent to be given the vaccine, you consciously invite satanic energies into your system and you willingly hand yourself over to them. You may want to fire up a few brain cells before you do so. 

Besides … while I don't have the full picture yet, I'm certain that the vaccines have a negative effect on the souls affected, beyond 3D incarnation. I'm just not sure yet what it is.