Soultalks Media Creation

This is the place where I'm supposed to pitch myself as a writer, content creator and translator. The Truth is: I am all of that and more but to me personally, it is much more important to identify as an educator - an educator whose core values rest on honesty,  integrity and the power of the heart.


I never "just write." I always write with a greater purpose in mind, aiming to stir the reader's awareness in such a way that their horizon expands and their hearts open to allow for a greater wisdom and possibly even truth to enter. I believe that, in the time we are in, human beings increasingly absorb information through the heart portals and less so via the mental plane. With humanity approaching a phase of massive collective change, the way information is related will undergo a paradigm shift, leaving behind dry and liveless rhetorical strategies and turning to a language that is more heart-centered, warm and compassionate.


The energy of the Golden Age we're about to enter is rooted in feminine qualities such as receptiveness, nurturing, emotional expressiveness, feeling, purity in spirit and authenticity. Accordingly, the language used to convey meaning will change and seek to create a sense of comfort in the reader and foster a deeper connection. Most of these qualities are transported to the audience by the energy and intention that sits between the lines of a piece of writing, something I see AI falling short in despite the hyped attention it is currently receiving. 


I see the rhetoric of the New Earth embodying the living, breathing rhythms of Life, achieved through the use of what I call "living words."


When I allow my heart to take the lead in my writing, I write from the place of my Sacred Feminine nature. While naturally I'm able to create "more main stream" copy, this is where I feel most at home and my true strength resides. Like many of my colleagues in this industry, I am currently with one foot in the New Earth with the other foot still more or less firmly planted in the old paradigm. As I write this, I'm still freelancing as a news writer for the horse racing industry, e.g. though I'm much more eager to jump on projects that are New Earth-bound!


Resulting from this in-between place is my personal approach to marketing which I call "Truth & Heart Marketing."




Truth & Heart Marketing