Soultalks • 2020
pn media • 2012


Master of Arts, Saint Cloud State University, MN
Bachelor of Arts, (Linguistics, Creative Writing), Saint Cloud State University, MN
Chemical Lab Technician


Quantum Connect by Candace Craw-Goldman
Beyond Quantum Healing by Candace Craw-Goldman
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Level 2, by Dolores Cannon
Spirit Release Technique
Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon


Head of Content, Grant Writer, Translator, Media Writer, published Author of poetry and short stories, Blogger, Chief Editor, Writing Center Assistant Director, Academic Writing Tutor, Instructor of Composition, Workshop Host



Web & Media Design, content creation, email marketing, newsletter authoring, curriculum development, web content creation, eBook publishing



Areas of Expertise & Interest

Mysticism, psychology, consciousness evolution, epigentics, health & wellness, functional medicine/holistic health, herbology, sustainable living, regenerative life, gardening, back to basics lifestyle, education, horse racing and thoroughbred breeding, energy work



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