my work

My mission is to serve the Divine plan by supporting others in their quest to become the Lighthouses they were born to be. But how do we become lighthouses, you may ask?


By facing our own inner darkness to illuminate our shadows and create space for the Light (consciousness) to move in. The more darkness or blindspots we transmute, the better we can see the path ahead of us leading us to gracefully walk our Soul path with our gaze firmly set on the One. It's not a walk in the park. It requires dedication, courage and persistance and - most of all - trust.  Trust in Life.


The more shadows we transform, the more we foster the Light Body Process (LBP) - the physical transmuation we are undergoing on our journey Home. Hence, the LBP is one of the corner stones of my work, as it is intrinsically linked to our search for meaning and purpose and the evolution of consciousness.

Walking our Soul path means to follow the guidance of the Soul. Doing so, we experience deep fulfillment and enjoy true empowerment because we are aligned with who we truly are and were born to be. Once we enter that space where we are fully aligned with the frequency of our essence, Life begins to communicate with us in more direct and even deeper ways.

So, we must learn to hear the whispers of our Soul again and find the courage to follow them. This has less to do with blind faith and all to do with trusting life and ourselves. Things get shaky or begin to get jerky when we resist what is meant to be. In such a moment, it can be very helpful to have someone lend us a hand, and perhaps walk a few steps with us until we are steady and back on track again.

I can be that "someone" for you. Lean on me for one moment, and I can steady you until you find your balance again. My job is to hold you for a moment and help you re-calibrate your compass, set you on the right track, and give you a little push, so you can float down the hill and … in the best-case scenario, spread your wings and fly.


All my work aims to support others in their search for their soul path.

It warms my heart to think that you've come here with a thirsty mind and hungry heart and that you may find nourishment here… either in a session with me or through my writing. May your encounter with Soultalks be transformative, enrich your being, and soothe your soul.