Sacred Journeys

SACRED JOURNEYS is the modality I developed to foster a stable connection with our Higher Self and to help us achieve clarity about life questions when we hit a phase in our life journey where our communication with our Soul seems blurred. There are several different session formats, most of which take place in a light trance state. All of these sessions are designed to help you take your Higher Self online while bypassing the ego.

Sacred Journey - Playdate with the Soul

Our Soul and the Higher Self communicate with us through imagery and archetypical symbolism. Oftentimes, we are not very good at either reading the hints we are given and/or we dismiss them altogether. This session format aims to change that!

Sacred Journey "Playdate with the Soul" is a fun and easy way to connect you with your Higher Self for guidance and support. You could view it as a training for you to learn how your Higher Self speaks to you all the time. The format is based on what I learned from the amazing Candace Craw-Goldman, slightly altered and expanded by myself to suit my style and purpose. Unlike the deep trance states in hypnosis, this is an open-eye discourse in which I purposefully guide you to places or situations. The session relies on speed for success, and I will time it to 45 minutes - for a good reason.

Overall these sessions have been full of surprises for clients, in a good way of course. Please bring one single question/intent/focus to this session. We will address it briefly beforehand and jump right into the journey. There is no need for in-depth sharing, as this is all about you. Debriefing, we will talk about some of the symbols, hints or other content and then allow your unconscious to work out the rest.

Duration: 45 min.

Sacred Journey - Home

The main purpose of this session is the preparation of your soul structure and support of your energy bodies with the goal to stabilize the frequency of your light body at a higher vibrational level and lend support to the ascension process.

  • Purify energy bodies
  • Prepare Soul structure / light body
  • Release blockages & soul fragments
  • Receive soul fragments by your Oversoul, spirit guides or other sentient beings
  • Remove lower frequencies (darkness)
  • Unhook from matrix conditionings
  • and much, much more

Chamber sessions are always different and suprisingly wonderful. The one thing that is steady is that tears usually flow freely, because what happens is so profoundly touching for the client and myself that we leave the initiation chamber with wide open hearts and minds, feeling changed forever.


This deeply sacred process is overseen by the ascended masters Thoth and Serapis Bey and takes place on the inner planes in the initiation chamber in the Halls of Amenti.

This session is done via Zoom - you will receive an audio recording of it if you wish.

Duration: 1,5 hrs.