ROOT products and the Light Body Process (LBP)

Almost exactly two months after the meditation experience in which I was first shown the importance of cellular detoxification in the ascension process I'm sitting to reflect on all that has happened since then. In said meditation, I was shown vivid pictures of a cell, the toxins that have accumulated inside of it and what happens when these toxins are released … how this process makes space for the Light to penetrate to the core of the cell, which in turn triggers the cell to metabolize Light as a nutrient—sparking the transmutation of the light body to a crystalline structure. In more down-to-Earth terms, this describes the transformation of the human structure from carbon-based to silica-based.

When my dear friend and soul sister Christiane introduced me to ROOT only one day later, I immediately saw the significance of the small product range and the magnificent role Clean Slate in particular could play in the time we are approaching now on this planet. Very important guidance always comes to me without time delay, and this one came so quickly its significance could not be dismissed. Since then, much has happened.

For one, there is not a single person around me, who hasn't experienced very palpable, very positive effects since taking Clean Slate, ZeroIn and/or Restore. The ROOT products take you on a journey, but more about that in another context. For now, I would like to address something I was eager to find out since the moment I experienced a fever spell six hours after taking my first drop of Clean Slate.

Since the Light Body Process (LBP) is one of the focus points of my work, I was eager from the beginning to welcome someone in the Initiation Chamber, who has been taking the products for a while. In the chamber, I'm given x-ray vision to see the light body of a person—if the Higher Self in question allows it. Naturally, I was sooo eager to see if there are any difference in the light bodies I had seen so far and someone, who has been on the products for a bit longer.

My prayers were answered (or my guides did a good job, however we want to put this) last week, and I was privileged to have that experience—in three-fold expression. I welcomed three people in a 30 min session in the chamber, and let's just say I was not disappointed. Actually, there were four sarcophagi occupied but the fourth person was my dear Christiane, who has taken the products as long as I have. Still, the session was incredibly powerful in many respects.

Probably the most significant results were experienced for the two women. For one, the short session sparked a massive transformative process, while the other started to make major life changes the next day, changes she had been putting off for months. Even for me the session was of great importance, not only because of the link between the ROOT products and my work but also because of a personal encounter with an "old friend" who came to visit and announce the next level of my work. Normally, visitors show up for the clients but not for me. This time was different … thus, even more sacred.

Sacredness was the theme of the session to begin with. I was blown away by how I perceived the light bodies of the three ROOT users. From all I know and have witnessed over the years, the LBP is never a gradual one. It takes place in non-gradual stages, comes in waves, if you will. Taking myself as an example, there are more intense phases of the LBP and less intense ones. This unsteady process shows visually (if that can be said at all) in a body I "examine" with chamber x-ray vision. It shows in the color I perceive, determined by the amount of light present in the cells and in the evenness (or lack thereof) in distribution of the energy field that unfolds before my eyes.

In what felt like a striking revelation to me, all three ROOT users in the chamber displayed a very evenly "lit" Light Body. In each case, there was a different amount of light present in the cells, but in every case the distribution of these light-filled cells was breathtakingly even.

Imagine looking at three different flower of life objects floating in empty space, and each one of them carries different amounts of light. One is lit with 220 watts, the next with 280 and the third with 294 watts. That's the visual I had. I could see no area with more light present than in another area of the body. I was mildly stunned.

Given that I've only seen the bodies of three ROOT users thus far, I'm drawing a preliminary conclusion albeit with caution, because let's face it: All conclusions I draw and statements I'm going to make rest solely on my perception, and my perception depends on many different factors that I'm not always in full control of and … I'm certainly not without fault. There is no machine or measurement tool involved, so none of this is scientifically valid in any way. However, in the past, what I've seen and done in the chamber while guided by my team was proven accurate afterwards way more often than not. My hit rate is very high, and since I trust my perceptions fully and completely (it would really be a problem if I didn't) I am confident to say the following:

There is no doubt, not even a scientific one, that the cleansing effect Clean Slate has on the human cells, has a positive effect on the Light Body Process (LBP). Expelling toxins from the cell's core speeds up cell metabolism, hence, supports the integration of Light into the cellular structure. The other products work in synergy with Clean Slate in bringing energy and Light to the cell—everywhere in the body. It seems that the ROOT products positively impact the transmutation of the Light Body structure to its higher vibrational crystalline form and aiding the transformation from a carbon-based to a silica-based body structure. And, not only, do they aid the body in the transformation, they also aid the body in a GRADUAL transformation.

Though I cannot prove this in any way, I am tempted to suggest that taking the ROOT products can help us to experience less pain during the ascension process, since the LBP can produce ample pain and strain in those areas of our body that have previously been compromised. I'm also quite certain that the more advanced the LBP in a woman or man, the more helpful and effective these products will be. On top of that, they can play a crucial role in the initial awakening of higher consciousness within a person, thus kick-starting the LBP in ways nothing else can, because …

… one thing is clear without a doubt: ROOT products are incredibly powerful. 

They can immensely benefit us on our way to ascension. I have heard from several users that the combined intake of Clean Slate has propelled them into a process of awakening on what they called "a whole new level." I think every one reading here can imagine what this can mean for the time we are currently part of. The potential these products carry for the evolution of human consciousness on this planet is beyond description! Again, these statements are made based entirely on my own perceptions (for the moment, at least), and there might be a small chance that these are clouded by my expectations, since what I witnessed in the chamber confirmed what I had received from my guides last month. As with everything that is said in the area of mysticism and spirituality, you can believe it or not, and you should always—ALWAYS—trust your own instincts, for that is the only guidance we have.

But … what if I was right?

And, in closing, I'll leave you with with one question only:

What if there was a natural supplement with the capacity to help you release all that's bothered, blocked, bound, sabotaged and poisoned you in the past and take you closer to our own essence and God himself?


... more to come. Stay tuned!