Source waves galore & Christ Consciousness

These past five days have been quite a ride for many of us. As massive waves of Source energy are hitting us, giving us barely any moments of rest, our bodies and psyches are struggle to adjust and integrate to the incredibly high frequencies.


Have you noticed that people seem really tense right now? The atmosphere feels rather suspenseful, like a bubble waiting to burst. The Germans I'm meeting around here are beginning to show signs of Awakening. Yet, it's a slow and grinding process to say the least. The collective German consciousness is cristallized into a rigid structure and to break that rigidity takes force. The current energies seem to steadily grind away on the rusty layers of outdated, materialistic and deeply conditioned thought pattern on which the collective German psyche has been thriving for hundreds of years, but it's a process for sure.

In myself, I'm observing  some of the above, although to a much lesser degree. I'm observing old thought pattern related to themes such as unworthiness and lack mentality. When left unchecked, my mind resorts to beliefs I thought I had long dealt with, which tells me that there is a huge collective onslaught of this. Many of us are coming up against their deepest fears and unresolved shadows right now, and classic Shadow Work was never more important than right now.

Our physical vehicles are faced with quite a task when it comes to integrating the energies. For a week now, my own body has been challenged with proper alignment, leading to tension and pain in back / spinal area / and hip. I'm literally out of kilter, my vehicle reflecting the change that is about to happen in my life and the outer process I'm going through to create a more solid and stable foundation.

Here, the Healy is of great help, as are stretching exercises, Qi Gong and meditation. This is the perfect time for a gentle detox to support our bodies, whereby the emphasis rests on "gentle" as we want to avoid any measures that cause our bodies additional strain. Resting and being kind to oneself is key now. We are doing a lot more inner work than we are aware of at this point. The powerful energies not only have a dismantling effect, they also serve to kickstart the LBP in a great many people. For those already in the midst of it, regardless of where you are in the process, this wave will likely push your own LBP to the next stage.

Over the course of the past week, I was shown through beautiful synchronicities where we're headed. Frankly, it took me a few days to get it when for a couple days in a row, doves and pigeons seem to show up in the most curious situations literally everywhere. Finally, The Sophia Collective enlightened me and helped to connect the dots. The incoming Source energies carry sparks of Christ Consciousness frequencies, and we are being asked to protect that process within us. Yes, protect, you read this right. Amidst the chaotic, fear-based energies in the collective, we must make sure to be very protective of our expansion, even - and in especially so - on the 3D level. With the very potent Spring Equinox around the corner, we have entered into a timeline where two worlds literally co-exist in one plane. While our hearts and minds are 5D oriented, parts of us still walk in the 3D world hence facing the heaviness of the structures that still exist there.

We must make sure to hold this in our awareness to ensure a straight path to ascension, for make no mistake ... there are forces still present on this plane that work to prevent you from ascending. Keep your eyes and awareness focused on your dreams, the future and anything love and peace. Stay in your heart energy and remember the incredibly power of Gratitude and forgiveness. On days when you struggle with the energies, make a conscious effort to not expose yourself to situations or people, who are not in alignment with you. Don't expose yourself to the field of TruthDeniers when you are not fully in your center.

Last night, I found the following channeling by Daniel Scranton in my email inbox. I thought it is perfect comfirmation to what I sense right now. The Arcturians speak of a solar flash, which for a moment stunned me, as I have woken up in the morning to a vision of a solar flare about half a year ago. I'm posting Scranton's channeling below. enJOY!

What Must Happen to Bring About the Event/Solar Flash ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been feeling the excitement that humanity feels for all of you to get back to a sense of normalcy on your world. You have moved past frustration, anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, and a host of other emotional states to get to this place where you can actually fathom co-creating a new Earth with a new society. You are ready for something new and something different, however, not just going back to the way things were on your world.

You are ready to take yourselves to that next level of your consciousness, where you can feel the evolution of consciousness and see it reflected back to you in day-to-day life there on Earth and in the way that people treat one another. Ultimately, your evolution of consciousness rests on your ability to be kind, compassionate, and forgive one another. It doesn’t all rest on an event or a solar flash; it’s not about what’s going on in your skies with spaceships and e.t.s.

Everything that people want to happen to bring about the great changes on planet Earth can and will only happen when you all make the necessary changes within yourselves. Then that reflection can come back to you and show you what a peaceful and beautiful galaxy and universe you are a part of. You have been challenged over the past year, challenged in ways that you never expected to be challenged. What you are asking of yourselves now is to rise above the pettiness of your disagreements, your different perspectives, and the variety of points of view that exist there on Earth at this time. None of what you all believe should ever get in the way of your ability to open your heart and be love.

You are there to choose love, to choose to be Source Energy in the flesh. And when you all do that, then what you have is a true second coming of the Christ Consciousness, and that is what you need there on your world. And you need it much more than you need a singular being to descend from the heavens to tell you who was bad and who was good, who was right and who was wrong. You need to be the Christ Consciousness in action to one another, to save yourselves from fear, hate, and judgment, because those states of being, when allowed to fester inside of you, create a toxic environment, one that makes it more difficult to love thy neighbor.

Ascension is all about rising above, and it’s never been about being on the right side of something. So remember that the next time you feel yourself getting sucked into a debate about politics or the way that you all should be behaving, and remember to rise up to become your higher selves, which are just aspects of who you already are. And those aspects of who you already are will always be calling you forth from within.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”