Mind Hygiene & Timeline Creation

Have you noticed that manifestation happens almost instantly now? I feel it has been ongoing and constantly increasing since December 24 but sensed a shift to even higher frequencies two days ago, which in turn powerfully impacts the manifestation process. Given the content and the intention of our thoughts are positive. If not, well …

I'd like to share my own experience to illustrate what I mean. 

Back in January of 2018, I participated in the first-ever week-long Advanced Workshop Joe Dispenza held in Tarragona, Spain. On the evening of the second day while being alone in my hotel room, I was given a full-on Kundalini awakening that propelled me into a mystical experience that lasted for three hours. The "after effects" were quite interesting: for one, I was incontinent for several weeks, and secondly, for the remainder of about a week, my thoughts manifested almost instantly. And I was shown right away how that worked. 


The morning after the experience, I got dressed and reached for my backpack to head over to the venue for morning meditation. As I was stuffing my thick socks, blindfold and blanket into the seasoned Samsonite bag, I thought that this backpack had seen a lot having accompanied me for nearly fifteen years now. It looked shabby and worn, and I remember distinctly thinking "time to get a new one." 

Four hours later, it was gone. 

I had stuffed it under my chair while sitting through several meditations and once I wanted to head out for lunch, it was no longer there. The next morning, I retrieved it from the wonderful people at the "Lost & Found" desk in the hallway. Holding it in my hands again, my thoughts went something like this: perhaps this was a sign that it is time for a new one? 

Sure enough. In the afternoon, our group took off for the "initiation challenge." Distributed on to three busses, we went to the site, and I left my backpack on the bus, assuming that the latter would wait for us and later take us back. Well (big grin) … let's just say we did get back by bus alright, but with a different one.


So, the Samsonite buddy was gone again. A kind bus driver dropped it off at the reception late in the evening. 

At approximately 4.30 a.m. on the following day, while in the initial phase of the pineal gland meditation, I heard a voice in my head asking me, "Do you get it now?" Then I was shown how two single thoughts of seeming minor importance had created these outcomes. I was given back the backpack because I had also had a longing for it to come back, since I was also emotionally attached to it, and also because I had not had a trace of fear that it wouldn't return to me. Truly, the state I was in didn't allow for any worries to creep in. I was blissed out, full of trust in life and myself. 


Fast forward to this past week. 

I had thought about getting off Facebook for some time now and finally took steps to tell people that I was now on Telegram, with added info on where they could find me. Two days later, Facebook deleted my account. 

The above was only one instant, and things like this kept occurring for a couple of days in a row, always revealing an almost instant manifestation of something I had either wondered about or had created resistance to—because, in doing so I had given it quite a bit of energy! 

I'm sure you know this already, so I'll say it just to refresh both our memories: We are creators by nature. We can not NOT create. We create in every single split second that our mind is active and emotions online, which is pretty much ALWAYS. 

The only way to prevent ourselves from not creating is to take a nap! Given the current crazy high frequencies, which allow for almost instant manifestation, mind hygiene is paramount. Keeping our thoughts and emotions in check during the day is of pivotal importance right now. Not only can it safeguard us from experiencing personal havoc, it can also shift the timeline for the big shit show we are watching right now. Because that is really what they do—our thoughts create new timelines.


The very moment, you think a new thought, a new timeline is created in the quantum field. It creates a new possibility, an opening for something new to happen … subsequently, all day long, we are busy creating timelines of possibility. Either continuing old, familiar ones, or forming completely new ones. 

Either way is good. The universe knows no judgement. Like the most reliable computer program, it simply responds to the code we have given it.

As a consequence, the more you increase your frequency, the more powerful of a creator you become. And with that, your responsibility to think good thoughts and create positive timelines increases. For yourself—and the whole.

So, if you are a starseed or lighthouse and you feel you have come here to help build the New Earth, you might want to ensure that the content of your mind (and, hence, your emotional state) is in alignment with the values and aspects of the new era we are creating. If you believe the next couple of months will be a rough ride for all of us, that is the reality you are manifesting for yourself and those you affect. If you think you need to get a gun to be able to protect yourself while building a new home for your sovereign existence, you very likely manifest a situation in which you can put that gun to use. 

If you think negative thoughts about the people in your local government as they are implementing more and more strict regulations, you confirm that they are bad people doing just that and you carve a timeline that makes it even easier for them to continue. It's like you put an unconscious check mark behind their actions! If, in your mind, you call the unawakened around you dull sheep, who are not awake yet, you keep them right where they are and you actively prohibit their awakening.

The only way to disempower the seemingly negative timelines in which the perpetuation of the shit show takes place is to LOVE WHAT IS. To love from a place of neutral observation and the knowing in the heart that all of what is taking place around us is the result of previously activated thoughts and emotions that can be changed in an instant if enough minds on this planet drop their doubts about themselves and the future, and choose to think positive thoughts that produce joyful emotions!

It is really that simple. And it is really THAT important. Right now more so than ever, ever before. 

To say it in the words of my Higher Self: Do you get it now?

Welcome to your initiation!