What clients say

The QHHT session with Petra has brought many things to light, in the best possible sense. I was given clarity about patterns and feelings that have partly accompanied me my whole life. Through this clarity, some issues healed all by themselves in the time after the session; with others, knowing where they came from helped me to deal with them more effectively.
Most amazingly, the pain from chronic endometriosis, which has plagued me for almost 10 years, has dropped from 5-7 to 1-3 on a scale. In addition, a lot of the tension and basic fear that I have carried for some time and which expressed themselves in neck and shoulder pain were released. I'm now the weeks after the session and feel more relaxed in my body and even the knee pain and migraines that have plaqued me occasionally have not come back since.
The contact with my Higher Self and my soul family has als done wonders for me and strengthened my sense of connectedness.
I never thought that a single hypnosis session could change and dissolve so much and I am very, very grateful to Petra for everything!

– Sarah



My session with Petra was profound!  Her gentle yet powerful introspective guidance, allowed me to relax and visually explore my higher self.  The communication that evolved brought amazing results and healing.  My purpose in life was confirmed in this session, and there is no going back.   I tuned into the love I share with my family and this led to a strong message that I was sent here to share love and light in this world.  Also, I became aware of potential health concerns that until now, sat dormant in the back of my mind.  With this new information, I’m more able to listen and pay closer attention to my body when it speaks to me.  Perhaps the most poignant, and least expected part of our session, was where we began communication with my soul family.  This soul truth offered a magnitude of unconditional love and light, and it was the most beautiful love I have ever felt. 

– Sharon



Doing some shamanic work myself I had an idea what QHHT is about. But I never expected it to be so powerful and directing as it turned out to be. It was life changing for me to get confirmation that the path I was on was actually the right one. Being validated in this way made me more focused and confident. We are not alone and we can seek guidance.

– Heike



Petra is a great QHHT practitioner! She is very sensitive to the needs of the client and made me feel comfortable before, during and after the session. I have had hypnosis sessions before and have also had a QHHT session with a level 2 practitioner. The session with Petra was by far the best experience. Her voice is soothing to listen to, she has the insight to know when to give space and when to talk and ask questions. She brought me to a place that no other therapist or practitioner has been able to do--all the way to the Source of all that is! I highly recommend Petra for a QHHT session. I know I am looking forward to another one with her at some time in the future.

– Jeanette



I had the most divinely orchestrated QHHT session with Petra. I instantly felt a strong connection to her and felt very safe to open up and be vulnerable to open up and explore the depths of my past. I am so incredibly grateful for Petra for this session, as it’s allowed me to deepen and strengthen my connection to my Higher Self. I received profound insight into my life, and one of my past lives, and it’s helped me to connect the dots and make sense of my current reality. Since having the session, I now feel that life is moving very quickly in a positive way. Things are building with momentum and flowing towards my highest good. I feel more tapped into my intuition than ever before and am receiving many synchronicities. I feel very much at peace and trusting that I am being divinely guided (which is something I struggled with before). I cannot recommend having a session with Petra enough! This truly was life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.

– Maddie


Dear Petra, with all my heart I would like to thank you for this wonderful and overwhelming session where I experienced so much love and healing! Already during the first phone conversation with you I knew that it would be something special. You were so loving and compassionate, even during the whole session I felt very comfortable, safe and understood.
To the meeting itself I can only say, wow! All my expectations were exceeded. So many questions answered! So much wonderful and strengthening energy. Especially at a point that was very painful, an unexpected help came for me that makes me so happy and grateful even now! I now know that there is always help when you need it and allow for it.
The return to a previous life was also unbelievable and unique! The more I think about it, the more plausible things become in my life and like a jigsaw puzzle many things now fit together!
The first days after the session I literally floated on cloud 7. Even my husband asked me what was wrong with me because my whole language was different and more loving! Even now I just feel better because I know that everything is well the way it is and that everything will be better and how I can contribute to it. And above all I know that I am well guided by my Higher Self and can always be sure of the help of the angels!
Dear Petra, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are really incredible and I can only recommend you to everyone with a clear conscience.
– Maria



I can recommend Petra's work from the bottom of my heart. She has guided me through the Sacred Journey with incredibly valuable inputs and dream interpretations. I was not aware of how much fantastic information our soul provides while we are resting. Petra has illuminated the many different layers of dreams. This has given me an incredible clarity about the communication between me and my higher self. A seemingly confused dream has a phenomenal expressiveness when it is interpreted with devotion and talent. Petra is an absolute master in this. Every dream makes perfect sense and the insight is anchored deep in the heart and soul.
During a meditation channeled by Petra in the 12 Holy Nights Journey I had an amazing experience. I followed her call and into a deep state of relaxation I received a light code activation, which is only just unfolding and fully developing. Because of the extraordinary deep experience, I asked Petra for a subsequent channeling, in which we received extensive information about our cooperation and the content of the Light Code Activation. Since then, no stone has been left unturned. I recognize and perceive new possibilities. Doors are opening that I had no idea existed. My environment responds differently. So much potential has been awakened and activated. I feel that I am slowly letting myself be guided into the right direction, or rather into the best direction for me. I feel safer, stronger, more powerful and have gained enormous trust in myself. My vibration has increased many times over.
If you are looking for energy work and personality development at the highest level and purity, I can warmly recommend Petra in every situation in life. She is wonderfully powerful, very sensitive and keeps the space and energy for the person she works with in pure love and with great attentiveness.
- Birgit