Grail Code Alchemy

The GrailCode is a subatomic light code that activates the crystalline DNA in support of the birth of a higher dimensional consciousness. It initiates a change in the psychic structure by balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the human being and prepares the Light Body for the birth of the SophiaChrist Consciousness. The exact ways in which this takes place varies from person to person and depends on the Akashic records and each individual's soul structure.

The code is transmitted through my heart and throat center and is not bound by space or dimension. This process is overseen by The Sophia Collective, a group of ascended Divine Feminine Master Energies that I have been channeling since September 2019. They are my support in all matters of the GrailCode, and occasionally I channel them for individuals or groups, but mostly they are the presence in the background that guides all my work.

Neither I nor the recipient make the decision of who receives the Grail Code or when it happens for that matter. It is an agreement between both our Higher Selfs, and unless the client makes a conscious decision not wanting to receive it it just happens. You should be aware of this fact before you contact me, as the code can already be transmitted when I respond to you in writing.

The story of the Grail Code

A visit to the ancient, sacred stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury in August 2019 changed everything - me, my life and therefore my work. The night before I visited the stones for the first time in this lifetime, my Higher Self announced in a QHHT session that something very important was going to happen the following day. And indeed, in the inner circle of Stonehenge and in my contact with the stones at Avebury I had a series of mystical experiences and spent the entire day as if in a trance. The morning after, not far from Avebury, a crop circle was discovered. When I saw the first photos of it, my heart almost stopped.
I had seen the symbol of which the crop circle consisted before - it had been shown to me years ago in meditation, and its meaning was more than clear to me. Since I was still in Great Britain, I had to visit the crop circle of course, and a few days later I found myself deeply touched when I walked over very precisely bent straws on a hillside near Etchilhampton Hill together with my friend Ruth. In the middle of the crop circle I found something that left me speechless. When I left the circle I asked Ruth to take me to the nearest hospital because I had such incredible pain in my chest that I feared I had just suffered a heart attack or something of similar proportions.

Despite all the mystical and magical experiences, I could not really understand the full implications, let alone the depth and extent of what had happened at the time.

It was only when some of the clients I worked with in the following weeks complained of headaches and other strange phenomena that I became suspicious. My Higher Self had also asked me to practice channeling, so with Ruth's help I started training because I desperately wanted answers to my questions! Over a period of three months, I began to establish a firm connection with The Sophia Collective, who gradually revealed to me that I had been a Grail Code carrier for many, many life times and my system was now transmitting this light code that supported the birth of a new consciousness. Ah, we thought that this was surely the Christ Consciousness. No, was the answer. Sophia Christ Consciousness.

As time passed, there was a greater clarity. The return to Stonehenge had activated an ancient light code that I've carried for a very long time. The crop circle activated and expanded my heart center for the task of transmission that lay ahead. The pattern of the crop circle was the physical representation of the Sophia Christ Consciousness that was shown to me many years ago as "the consciousness of the New Age". This symbol consists of a horizontally lying crescent moon, which looks like a bowl and represents the Divine Feminine. Above it you can see a sphere that descends into a cradle moon shape that looks like a bowl. It stands for the Divine Masculine, which enters the Feminine to bring about the union of these two Divine energies (chymical marriage). In the depiction in the crop circle, this symbol was surrounded by twelve elements, representing the heart centre (often depicted as a twelve-leaf lotus) and at the same time representing the 12 genetic components of the 12-stranded DNA, which is the basis for the 12-grid manifestation template (see Tree of Life/Kaballah, first stage of the LBP).

UK crop circle with the SC symbol, August 2019.

Sculpture at Chester Cathedral, UK. Sophia offering Jesus the Water Of Life.


Grail Code integration

The experience of receiving a Grail Code transmission differs from person to person. Some people are given a visual of it while it takes place, some people can feel it physically. Some feel nothing. Some feel it afterwards, some not. For some clients, the integration process required some realignment in their brain structure causing a headache for a few hours. But for most, the experience is a very positive one. Some clients felt emotionally high for hours, even days afterwards. I'd like to keep this information limited and not share too much as I don't want to pre-program future clients and thus take away from their personal date with the Grail Code.

Trust me when I say the Grail Code has its own magic and surprises me and amazes me over and over again. If you need it and your soul agrees to the transmission, it will come to you - no matter how much you and I attempt to be in the way. When the transmissions began to take place in sessions and I had very little clue of what was happening, one client was introduced to his guardian angel by the Higher Self. After communicating for a while, his guardian angel handed him a beautiful ball of glowing white, blueish light, while pointing to me as I was sitting next to him. "He tells me that this ball of light is a gift from you," reported the client while watching the light move toward him and melt into his chest.  Later, the Higher Self explained that this form of transmission was chosen for me to believe what is happening, because the client had never in his life heard of something like a transmission, much less that one could potentially come through me.

Probably the wildest story so far happened with a dear friend during an exchange of WhatsApp messages on a bright and sunny afternoon. At some point, I got tired of typing and began to send her voice messages. Only to earn silence. After a while, she sent a voice message back in which she could hardly speak, asking what I had done with her because she was trembling all over and had tried to send a message but couldn't get out a word for half an hour. Oh my, I thought, feeling really bad.  So, I sent a message, explaining briefly what had unfolded in my life since the last time we talked, which was a few months ago, and I apologized profusely feeling really bad for hitting her with this out of the blue.
"No need to apologize," she wrote back, "I haven't been this high in a long time."  Later she shared that the day prior in meditation, she had seen a woman dressed in a blue sari move toward her and tell her that she had come to anchor herself into her heart, and that her name was... Sophia.