Did Buddha have a landing page?

I've been on Instagram for 8 weeks, have 8 people following me and have posted only once. All I do there is watch videos of animals, nature and cooking and baking, yet the algorithm constantly deals me ads of female coaches for business or spirituality, e.g. Christina Sternbauer in front of her family jet and a completely derailed lady, who somehow made 7 million by coaching millionaires. Yesterday I saw an ad of a guy sitting on a sofa talking into the camera: "blablah ... and through this window I see the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains" he said, while pointing in the direction of somewhere or nowhere, hoping that everyone watching him believed him and didn't think he might in fact be sitting at a furniture store in the living room department while the salesman was on lunch break.

This reminded me of an experience I had about 6 years ago. At that time I was in the absolute beginnings of my "spiritual work" and had seen on Facebook the ad of a "young Australian" who offered a free workshop to show others how to use the FB algorithm cleverly to get a greater reach. I thought, well, it can't hurt, and maybe I'll even learn something for the FB pages of the studs I manage.

The lady sounded nice and genuine, and I was quite taken. Until she reached the point in her presentation where she showed us the "view from her living room window": vineyards as far as the eye could see, a colorful horizon where the sun was just setting. Breathtakingly beautiful.

Stupid thing was, though, that I had purchased exactly this photo the day before from Shutterstock for a flyer I was making for  the little bistro of a friend!

Landing pages, funnels, free ebooks for the price of your email address, daily posts and the promise to make you a successful high price coach, not giving a shit if you are good at what you do, can't tell a fly from a bee or possibly have already taught a snail in Taiwan to pole vault. Social media contributes daily to the ever-increasing amount of illusion in the human collective consciousness, and we wonder why, when we meditate, our crown chakra doesn't suddenly open up and enlightenment hits us. Every time we struggle to realize Truth, we have to fight our way through the thick fog of illusion that lurks around in the 8th sphere and is swarmed every millisecond by all the non-essential nonsense so many of us think, say or believe in.

Question: If Buddha and Jesus were here, would Buddha have a landing page and would Yeshua be doing podcasts? If the next Messiah is indeed coming to save us, as so many believe, will we find him on Insta and TikTok?