Autism, Aspergers, ADHD...? We ROOT4You

Today's post is very dear to my heart and, accordingly, I'm a bit emotional as I'm sitting here typing. I'm asking you kindly to stay with me, as I meander back and forth on a timeline that aims to connect past, present and future in an effort to relate to you the depth and vastness of the potential it contains. So, here we go …

I remember the first zoom call with Clayton Thomas I ever attended like it was yesterday. Aside from the fact that I soaked up everything this guy mentioned in a seemingly incidental manner, I was a bit overwhelmed by the wealth of information and also the claims he made in front of so many people. I thought, "wow, he's kind a bold" when he shared the experience of a young autistic boy, who spoke his first words ever (!) after taking Clean Slate for a couple of weeks. I was skeptical. Thomas seemed a bit obnoxious and "out there" with the things he said …

Two months later, twelve people were bawling their eyes out in one of the first zooms I hosted for our customers with my dear friend Christiane. What happened? Well, those twelve people had just listened to a mother's testimonial on her son's experience with the ROOT products. It went like this:

The young man, diagnosed with autism, was in his early 20s and had been hiding in his room for years. He had almost no social contacts and his mother had not been allowed to touch him in years. He was moody, aggressive and somewhat unpredictable—and, naturally, a massive challenge to be with for his mother, who was gifted Clean Slate and ZeroIn by her brother. After several weeks on the products, he came out of his room and found his mother in the kitchen. He hugged her from behind and said, "mom, I love you." Today, ten months later, he has started an online education and his mother is considering wearing earplugs at home, because he has sooo much to share all the time and her big challenge is to find quiet moments for herself.

Since joining ROOT and expanding into the community of a fast growing German team, I witness similar testimonials being shared almost on a daily basis and have learned that Clayton Thomas was not at all bold in what he said. He was simply sharing Truth.

The testimonials from people with autism are nothing short of mind blowing. And they don't stop at autism; we're also talking Asperger Syndrome and ADHD along those lines. Here are a few of them translated from original German. 

A 16-year-old boy writes:  I must say I find the Root products really fascinating. I have much more energy and joy of life, I finally started doing sports, which is very good. You really notice when drinking (Clean Slate) that your worries disappear and your thoughts are strengthened. I have more self-awareness and cofidense, I dare more and go more openly into life and I am very excited about what is still coming to me and what abilities are still in me of which I knew nothing. I am extremely grateful that I was allowed to test the Root products. I can say that it is a 1 A autism product or for people who want to improve / change something in their lives.

The mother of a 16-year-old girl:
I have had an overwhelming experience with my 16 year old daughter with Asperger's Autism. Because Clean Slate can eliminate heavy metals from the brain, today it is as if the Asperger's has been reversed. I practically have a whole new child! After years of squatting at home alone with no friends and little communication, she now resembles a normal teenager after 3.5 bottles of Clean Slate! Her Aspergers was triggered by the adjuvants (effect enhancers: mercury, formaldehyde, etc.) of an MMR vaccination at age 1.5. The toxins and heavy metals settled in the brain and triggered autism because she was born with reduced GSTM1 gene, poor at detoxifying heavy metals. Clean Slate took over this and was able to eliminate the heavy metals layer by layer. I can only encourage any parent of an Asperger's child to give it a try. Don't let the children be labeled, they are not sick, they have just been poisoned in a very mean way. By careless vaccinating doctors.

The mother of an 11-year-old boy:

My son was different from an early age. He was introverted, had word-finding problems, high frustration. No curiosity in him, the urge to discover something or to move. Then there was also the fact that he was as good as blind in one eye. To the side 0% vision to the front 20%.
He often had abdominal pain and especially around the full moon it got worse....
I no longer recognize my child, but we are still far from the goal.
He does not want to wear his glasses anymore.
He is no longer jittery and can concentrate now.
He can communicate and tells me things like how frustrated he is right now.
He takes the Root Trinity every day, and next we'll do the Parasite Cleanse.

These are only three examples of a wide range of feedback I'm aware of. A few weeks back, one of my Root team partners reported of a 6-year-old boy, who after four weeks with Clean Slate spoke his first words … ever.

All the reports and testimonials we receive, of course, beg the question: How is this possible?

In this time and day, the Truth about many things that were passed on in a whisper decades ago is coming to light, and one of the topics riding the currents of the current global situation is that of heavy metal poisoning. There is no denying anymore that mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium and many similar toxins have detrimental effects not only on our body but also our brains. In fact, neurotoxicity has become a major concern in the past decade, suggesting that even depression and anxiety or panic attacks can be linked to neurotoxins. Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s organization Childrens Health Defense has done a vast amount of research on the subject; one of their more recent studies evidences the connection between mercury, thimerosal and the occurrence of autism. Mercury enters the body via early childhood vaccinations, especially since 1986, as Dr. Judy Mikovits recently mentioned in an interview with Jonathan Otto.

German Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is one of the leading experts on detoxification amongst German medical professionals. In one of his publications, he references the following data on the correlation between vaccines and mercury from a study conducted in California. Klinghardt also points out that anywhere in the world where children are not vaccinated, like in the Amish community, autism is widely unknown.


And why do people on this spectrum of health challenges experience such amazing improvement in a rather short period of time? It is quite simple actually: because Clean Slate takes the trash out … on all levels. Even in the brain. Because it crosses the blood-brain barrier!

Consisting of a patented formulation of nano particle sized ingredients, Clean Slate detoxifies at the cellular level anywhere in the body. Clean Slate becomes a magical duet when combined with ZeroIn, another patented formula containing several anti-inflammatory substances that not only clears brain fog but also brings focus, clarity and positive thoughts and allows for better sleep.


I've seen first-hand how children begin to look different after only one week of intake. Their eyes begin to shine again. Their posture changes. From an onlooker perspective, I have always found that autistic children or even children with ADHD appear "stuck in their minds" and feel rather disconnected from their environment—and Life itself. With Clean Slate and ZeroIn, we watch these children seemingly reconnect with and participate in life again. We see what appears like Miracles happen on a weekly basis in our German ROOT team, as I'm certain do other teams all over the world.

As I'm writing this, I cannot help but think back to my nine years in the U.S. where I had a most pronounced exposure to children suffering from the conditions mentioned previously. At one point during my graduate studies, I was asked to complete an internship in the public school system, and some clever board assigned me to the teaching of first and second graders. Arriving at the elementary school near campus, a young instructor took me to the class I was supposed to teach for six weeks. Upon entering the room, I found two hands full of seven-year-old kids sitting in their chairs, staring at me with blank eyes, silent and almost motionless. Meanwhile, in the back of the room, a small girl with pigtails was bouncing around on her chair, screaming off the top of her lungs. The young instructor noticed my shock and said, pointing at the girl: "yeah, she forgot her medication today. Her mom will pick her up soon." 

Strangely, I wasn't shocked by the little girl. In fact, I would expect a child that age to be lively and a bit obnoxious. What I didn't expect, however, was the strange, dead look in the eyes of the other children. Unfortunately, I knew that look from my freshmen back on campus. Every semester, I sent a few of my young students to the university's own Counseling Center, because they were apparently overwhelmed by the experience of first-year attendance. Some of them returned from the "therapy" with a prescription of Zoloft or Prosac and now were sitting in my classroom much like the kids I was just looking at.

I turned around and walked straight to the school's head office, told them I couldn't stay and left. Handling those blank, disconnected looks in the eyes of children was too much for my hyper sensitive nature. After all, I was already involved in working with children with disabilities once a week through my volunteer work, and that was not a walk in the park for me either. For six years, I volunteered for Project Astride, a NARHA certified non-profit program that offered therapeutic horseback riding for people with developmental, physical or sensory challenges. It was a very rewarding way of giving back to the community, but it was not easy either.

Today, I look back and wonder how everything is coming full circle now. Oh, had I known back then what I know now … ! But, I guess, that's part of life, and it certainly is part of the learning curve of the Great Awakening to accept that Divine Timing is not always what we wish it to be.

At least NOW we have the chance to help those people with the amazing products Dr. Christina Rahm formulated. We, ROOT ambassadors, know what Clean Slate and its siblings can do, and we are highly aware of the powerful tools we have at hand here, as they are far more than "natural supplements." To say it in Clayton Thomas's uncanny ways: My German team is starting a movement. Our top leaders are giving 10% of their monthly income to support people and families, who experience challenges due to autism and Aspergers, so they can afford the products. Many of the medical doctors on our team conduct case studies generating legitimate scientific support. And ROOT is doing its part as well, as you can see in the short video below. Right now, we are aiming to get non-profit organizations in the health and wellness sector on board. As we expect the economical health of literally everyone to suffer losses and massive challenges starting next year and organizations and businesses to struggle tremendously, the ROOT concept can be a life saver on more levels than one!

The potential is seemingly endless, and the sky is the limit to what we can achieve as we support and guide children and adults suffering from the Autistic Spectrum, Aspbergers Syndrome, ADHD, mental and emotional challenges to improved health and wellbeing and a happier life. When I think about how a small volunteer-run non-profit could generate financial stability by signing up with ROOT and helping its clients to significantly improve their lives, I get truth bumps all over. Truth bumps, by the way, are the Dolores Cannon version of goose bumps :-).

I'm calling out to you. Yes, YOU… reading this post.

If you can think about an organization, a non-profit, a business, a club, a school, a clinic, a center … whatever shape or form, which has access to a community whose members would benefit from detoxifying their bodies and is expecting to struggle or is already struggling financially as we enter into what shapes up to be a rocky 2023, please get in touch with me or the ROOT ambassador, who sent you this article.

And let's be honest here. Not only people suffering from autism, Aspergers, etc. need to detox. Living in an area with water supply that's contaminated? Seeing a lot of spraying in the skies? Glyphosate-"enhanced" farming in your town or Round-up on your neighbor's lawn where your kids play? Not to mention 5G posts around you and people, who opted for the shots experiencing "strange symptoms?" Heavy metals and homotoxines are freaking everywhere, and the sooner we arm ourselves with the proper tools to handle them, the better we'll fare in the long run.

After all … Divine Timing is always perfect and right, and doesn't it feel like the TIME IS NOW?