Of Parasites, Trinity and The Chance of Resurrection

Last week, I held a Zoom meeting for 24 wonderful people who were open to hear about "intestinal health." Many of them expressed interest in the parasite cure after Dr. Christina Rahm, and it is for this reason that I decided to share all the ins and outs here on my English blog. Hence, in this article I would like to discuss the most important aspects of the topic of parasites, and perhaps also broaden our horizons for the fact that ridding our system of parasites can have benefits reaching way beyond the purely physical.

The Zoom workshop mentioned was largely carried by my dear friend and colleague Christiane Kleinwort and her great knowledge on topic in question. Christiane is a naturopath, certified nutritionist, orthomolecular therapist and homeopath. At least, these are her titles over here in Germany, which still connect her to the old world. In my view, however, she is a "healer of the new age" who, with her extensive wealth of knowledge, can make an enormous contribution to our overall well-being … especially now, when we find ourselves in the phase of transition between two timelines. One area in which Christiane has acquired a great deal of expertise is the health of our gut or microbiome and its impact on our well-being, physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

As is always the case when the two of us work together, we were guided in a most magical way leading up to the Zoom workshop. So, when planning for the event, we had no idea what was actually in store for us or what the outcome would be. We simply followed our instincts, thinking that gut health is generally very important for a strong immune system, hence we planned to talk about that and share with participants how the ROOT products have made a positive impact on this in ourselves.

Then Dr. Christina Rahm happened. She released a recipe to apply all three products of the Trinity to flush parasites from the system. It quickly made the rounds among us brand ambassadors and reached us a few days before the full moon. Dr. Rahm says that parasites are most active during the full moon phase, so it makes sense to target them then, so Christiane jumped in head first and carried out the three-day cure over the full moon phase.

On the second day of the cure, she made a rather unexpected discovery during her trip to the bathroom and ended up searching the internet for something that was new even to her. If you type into your search engine the key words "biofilm" and "intestinal" and look at the pictures offered, you will get a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. I don't feel like sharing the shots Christiane took here on my blog :-). 

I laughed when she called and told me her story, but at the same time I was stunned. I know of the biofilm because I used to perform a colon cleanse with the herbal remedies of a family-owned health farm in New York when I was living in the U.S. That cleanse took two weeks to get through, and it took at least one week to get to the point where the intestines were willing to release the biofilm. More so, I remember the herbal mixture I took three times a day to taste rather unpleasant. Overall, even thought the cleanse was successful in terms of the amount of biofilm I released, I felt weak and uncomfortable while I was doing it, and mostly it felt … looong. 

Now, Christiane was releasing biofilm on the Day 2 of Dr. Rahm's "Parasite Cleanse?" I mean … WTF? Excuse my French, but I knew the ROOT products were extremely powerful but this … I did not expect this. It just goes to show that you have to expect just about everything when working with ROOT - and Dr. Rahm - and I mean that in the most positive sense!

If you search the web for information on the biofilm, you will find that it traps the bad, old gut contents and allows the bad bacteria, microbes and parasites to take up residence in its walls. There's plenty of information to be found online, so I will steer clear of making any claims here, just this much: it cannot be a bad thing to get rid of it!

Christiane was tired on the second day of the cleanse, but her energy came back the next day and she felt totally fine. She now says she feels, "purified" and "cleared," and I watch her in amazement thinking of how debilitating and exhausting that experience was I myself had when I did something similar many years ago.

I should mention in all fairness that Christiane might have done some preliminary work, as she has already done a lot for her intestinal health over the years, but considering how easy and uncomplicated this procedure is, it seems obvious to carry it out several times in succession in order to eventually achieve a similarly thorough result. And that's exactly what we intend to do. But before I go into more detail, I would like to briefly touch on "parasites in the system."

Parasites in the system - physical

Parasites usually get there via contaminated food or drinking water. They can also be transmitted to us from our pets, from other humans, or even from infected insects. They feed on us, literally, which usually leads to deficiencies in vital substance, and the waste they excrete can take a toll on our liver and immune system. Bloating, constipation, stomach and intestinal ulcers, diarrhea, as well as respiratory and autoimmune diseases and much more can potentially be the result when these symptoms turn into a chronic inflammatory state.

They can affect our entire system and organs ... lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, tissues, skin, spine, eyes, kidneys, brain and of course our blood. Symptoms are sometimes obvious, but often very subtle and can be relatively complex. In any case, they enormously weaken our immune system and negatively affect our well-being, and in the meantime almost all doctors advise a colon cleanse at least once or twice a year.

If we look closely, it becomes clear that we can hardly escape the influence of parasites and an active approach seems more than necessary. Unfortunately, it is also an unpleasant fact that parasite and fungal infestations are among the signs of the times, which I have written about many times in the past weeks. It is now really no secret and confirmed by many doctors and scientists that people who have opted for the mass therapy of this time suffer more and more from Candida.

Parasites in the system - energetic

Almost more than the physical aspect, I am personally interested in the energetic aspect of the parasite issue. In order to make my point, I need to expand a bit and jump into not-so-pleasant waters. So, please strap on your swimming sleeves!

As above so below. As inside so outside. I think most of us are now aware that different kinds of "energetic intelligences" are increasingly cavorting here in these spheres that do not have the best of intentions with us. These negative energies can be anything, even projections from other people (there will be a separate blog post on this soon). The ones that are causing us the most trouble right now are the Archons. They feed on human protein on an energetic level, and they increasingly come to us via spike proteins that we either actively or passively ingest.

Last year I was able to experience for myself that archons are thievishly happy when they discover  inflammatory processes in the human body, which on the one hand was extremely painful for me personally, but at the same time initiated me into the deeper waters of this issue. Until that event I had not had any conscious contact with these unfriendly entities, but I always (well, mostly) learn through my experiences and since then I have removed more attachments from people than I can count.

It's actually not complicated at all. What kind of message do we radiate, you think, when we already have entities in our system? Archons and the likes see that and think to themselves, "there are already many others, there is surely something interesting to get … must be a hotel." If my system is already occupied by parasitic intelligences I must not be surprised if I attract more such ferrets. And don't you worry, these rotten creatures are intelligent, because really I'm not talking about some small, insignificant negative entities. I'm talking about the helpers of reptilian rulership on this planet. No less. They are experts at extortion, and they know how to adapt. They manipulate us in the finest way. Fung, worms and parasites in us have consciousness, and when we reach for the Klondike bar we may ask ourselves, "what is thinking me right now."

Energetically, foreign energies in our system are not so tingly. They are foreign frequencies, not congruent with our own. They not only disturb our body but also influence the light body process (LBP) in a negative way. Dr. Georg Stankov found out years ago that taking Nystatin had a positive effect on LBP symptoms but did not know how to explain it at the time. Neither did I, but given the knowledge I have know, this makes perfect sense, because Nystatin is an anti-fungal agent!

However, before we administer a chemical agent to fight fungus, we would rather start where the core problem lies and say goodbye to the causes with simple and effective measures. This is exactly what we are going to do now over in my German community.

Frankly, I feel very strongly that we must rid ourselves of lower vibrational aspects in our entire system as we move closer into the timeline to the Golden Age. Recalling what Marina Jacobi brought through from the Council of Nine, we are in for seven years of restoration. Even if it's not that long, two, three, four years might also not pan out to be a walk in the park. And with all of this, we are not even talking about the general need for detoxification from heavy metal poisons, which we are exposed to through countless ways!

Free & Clear with ROOT Trinity

We will perform the Parasite Cleanse at the full moon of each month. Every month we will follow the sequence recommended by Dr. Christina Rahm for three days, supporting and supplementing it with the remedies available to us. For three days we will follow the formula around the ROOT Trinity, which includes the three products Clean Slate, Zero-In and Restore, a light diet and enemas. Being who I am, I have created a frequency protocol to support the release process, which I combine with a session in the initiation chamber, where I guide participants through a clearing on all levels. Participants are supported by us in groups on Telegram and Facebook .

Starting in September we will do the cleanse on the following full moon dates.

September 10
October 09
November 08
December 08

September 10 is the last in a series of 10 portal days.  
This makes this first date especially exciting!

Condition to participate in this group experience is that you are already a ROOT customer, either registered through me or one of the other brand ambassadors on my team, and that you have taken Clean Slate for at least 4 weeks already.

If you don't use ROOT products yet, please respond to this article on my Telegram channel or contact the person who shares this with you. If you found this post and this page on the internet, please contact me via the contact form.

The big picture in mind

We have to acknowledge without envy, it is an ingenious plan. You populate the planet with beings that you expose to all sorts of negative and challenging influences. You make them sick and weaken them permanently by chronic inflammatory problems in their bodies, you keep them small and under pressure by an economic and monetary system that demands everything from them and you put them under permanent stress by a fear machinery, and all this to generate negative emotions, which in turn feed the entities that have made the Earth a loosh planet.

Ingenious, but doomed to failure, because we still has free will and as long as we remember our heart intelligence, we will know what to do and where we belong. The ROOT products are one of the tools that support us in defying the signs of the times. The power of the Trinity can liberate and clear us, paving the way to ascension and the Golden Age.

Remember in Matrix 4 - Resurrections, Neo needs the power of Trinity to find himself again and remember who and what he is. And in the end, it is Trinity - the Divine Feminine - who shuts down the system and grabs Neo - the Divine Masculine - to ascend and fly away.

I'm sure that's purely by coincidence though ;-).