Timelines split: On Love and Truthfulness

Without doubt we are now in the phase where the timelines split, which was announced already in February. Only ... it is one thing to read an energetic constellation in advance and quite another to experience it live and in color.

From a front row seat everything looks different from the pics in the brochure you read at home. And just in the last two weeks, I have experienced many such situations, which at times left me speechless and deeply affected. I am sure that everyone who reads here has his or her own and possibly similar experiences.

I see ...

Mothers suffering because their adult children are distancing themselves from them and are now defaming them as "conspiracy theorists" ... Parents are suffering because their underage children are giving in to peer pressure and are taking advantage of the exemption regarding the minimum age for vaxx decisions. I hear about spouses who  suddenly passed away ... about young women who lost their babies ... about women who almost perished next to their husbands who were injected several times ... of young couples who now find out that they can't have children because the man's sperm are suddenly too slow, even though they weren't 10 years ago when they had their first child ... I see children in my neighborhood and immediate environment changing in what I perceive to be frightening ways ... there's almost no one who isn't sick right now ... and in almost every family, at least one member seems to be in the hospital right now.

I've gotten into the habit of saying very little when I hear such testimonials and limiting myself to holding a loving space for those affected. If I have learned anything in the past two years it is that I cannot wake anyone up and that in many cases it is not only not my place to say anything, but in fact it would be irresponsible.

Does it help the friend whose mother was admitted to the hospital a few days ago with high blood pressure and who is now on a ventilator and probably won't survive the week, if I tell her something about a certain drug and Dr. Bryan Ardis when I know that for two years she wouldn't or couldn't hear me?

None of this helps her.

I have many such encounters right now, and they do not pass me by without leaving a trace, despite my clarity on the subject. I feel with them, I am touched and sometimes I cry out of anger ... then I catch myself again and ... then I am touched again, but this time negatively, because I see how many so-called "awakened" in similar cases meet others with malice and ridicule.

For two years now I have been saying that there are two types of awakening here: 1. awakening from the matrix, and 2. spiritual awakening. The latter is tightly connected to an opened heart center. The light body process is not possible with a closed, inactive heart center.

Being awakened from the matrix does not automatically mean being spiritually awakened, nor does it guarantee ascension. So for some smart people, there will be a very different kind of awakening when they realize that they have the plan of what is going on, but the soul in them could not awaken because they closed their heart in the process of what is happening.

Everything is separating right now. Every thing. The splitting of the timelines means that all of our lives are changing completely. Now even the last maks fall and everything that is no longer in alignment with our deepest essence must go. This also affects the things and people in our lives that we have not yet been ready to let go of, and that can be quite hard. Both timelines colliding like two completely different worlds may be a very harsh experience and the friction that now arises (inside us and outside) can be enormously painful. It can be incredibly exhausting - mentally and emotionally, even physically - and it may feel like a big chasm that we are less and less able to bridge.

I got a good dose of that this past weekend. Saturday evening I still felt as if I could never make peace with the situation, Monday morning everything is already a little easier. Everything is a process, for all of us, because none of us has ever experienced anything like this before. All of this is new to us and there is no wealth of experience to fall back on, no self-help books, no references or key data to support us in this. Completely new territory. For all of us. And everyone deals with it differently.

And yet we are all in the same boat, because ultimately we all have the same goal: the Golden Age. In all of us burns the desire for a "better world" full of understanding, love and freedom, and so I would like to use this framework here to remind us all of two things:

We are already on the timeline to the Golden Age.
We have already made our decision and the destination is clear. Even though it may not feel like it, but you've already decided which timeline you're going to be on, because otherwise you wouldn't have read this far, or even found my blog in the first place. 99% of readers have already clearly decided to join me in the New Earth - one way or another. The remaining 1% are those who read here either to use the contents of my posts for their own "work", or to keep up with the state of affairs so they know how to continue to badmouth me or my work.

Being on the "new" timeline also means that we can already draw strength from the manifold, wonderful new happenings. While people we know are now becoming people we knew, we are have encounters with new people that are of a whole new quality. Because now we meet all those who belong to our soul family, in the closer and larger circle.

You meet someone and immediately the feeling of familiarity sets in. Already at the sound of a voice or the way someone holds their head, moves their hands or writes you a message. The long phases of testing each other, the feeling out, the looking for matching interests ... all that now falls away. The people we meet now come to stay. Everything is clear from the first moment, because an awake person is an awake person. They have already seen the truth, experienced it, and there is only one Truth, so all the old "ways of knowing" fall flat now.

Guarding yourself also falls away. You don't need to shield or guard yourself from an awakened person, because they respect boundaries, can handle intimacy and also the need to be alone, because they understand what it means to be FREE. When awakened people meet in this time, it is very easy and every meeting takes place in the heart space. There is no other way. It feels like redemption ... there is nothing left to protect, and if you still have the impulse to shield yourself from a person, then trust your instinct instead of trying to talk you out of it, because it may simply mean that this person is not yet awakened to your level - but they can still grow and expand from the heart center outward.

From now on, it's all about love and truthfulness, two aspects of being that are closely connected. Nobody plays games anymore, nobody pretends anymore. All everyone wants is to be able to and to be allowed to be completely themselves. If the other cannot be completely true yet, then they are not yet where you are. But they can learn from you, and probably carry the desire to be as truthful as you, and since everything is happening so fast right now, they can actually achieve this quite quickly.

Where we are now, so many questions and concerns fall away and give way to simplicity. Everything is clear, transparent and simple. The destination is already programmed into the GPS and with each part of the journey we put behind us, a bit more of the old falls by the wayside. So we go on and on ... until we see the golden light on the horizon, which becomes stronger and clearer ... and draws nearer ...