A Special Resurrection Experience

It's been ten days since I wrote last, and ... wow ... it's amazing what can happen in ten days!!

Have you ever experienced an "upgrade?" I mean a true upgrade, one where your autonomic nervous system is responding to increased energy fluctuation in your bodies and, before long, you being to see the world with different eyes because your consciousness has shifted. I'm aware that some of my beautiful Dispenza peers are reading here, so they know what I'm talking about because they have had such an experience more than once. In that community we call it "the Dispenza influenza" because the symptoms very much resemble the flu.

Much the same happened to me this past week, and I'm just about at the tail end of the process. What happened?

Well, CLEAN SLATE happened.

It all started two weeks back when I began to have very unpleasant pain in my right hip. Every pain, every physical issue that has manifested in our body has a story. In this case, it all goes back to when I took a hard fall after slipping on blank Minnesotan ice in the winter of 2005. Albeit nothing about winters in Minnesota is normal, this would have been a "normal" fall had it not been for me getting swept off my feet completely and crashing down on my side from about four feet with a super heavy bagpack on my back. The pain and bruises subsided after weeks, yet the fact that I could no longer sit cross legged without hip pain remained. Back in Germany, a very experienced Dorn Method practitioner treated me for a full year and did me a lot of good, but over time, the hip locked up again, and it all began to boil to the surface now once I slightly increased my dosage of CLEAN SLATE.

Hence, a few days before the Easter weekend of which I knew, due to my media work, I would have to spend a lot of time sitting, I was wondering what to do. I figured, I had two options: I could dial back on the Clean Slate or I could ... well, go all in. Those, who know me a bit by now can probably already guess my choice :-).


I used kinesiological testing to find out what my body said about it, and I got a clear yes. I also used the testing to elicit the amount I should take. Thursday evening, I took the first higher dose. The next morning, I could barely get out of bed and had a hard time walking. I drank looooads of water, added Restore and Barriers to my daily intake and kept going. The hip pain was still there, but not as sharp as before when I took my last max dose on Sunday morning. I felt fine altogether and could feel nothing wrong with it all, while making sure I drank enough water, took the other supplements and got enough fresh air and rest.

Knowing of the energetic influx we were under on that weekend and the overall mystical/spiritual significance, the decision to do this for 3 days on this particular weekend had, of course, been a very conscious choice. Perhaps I was expecting to resurrect myself on Easter Monday (grin). Um, let's just say, my timing still has room for improvement!

On Monday morning, I woke with a massive fever. My lymph knodes felt like tennis balls on my neck, I had a sore throat and pain everywhere in my body. My sinuses were in overdrive, so much so I could barely breathe, and I was coughing practically non-stop.

Tip: If you find yourself in such a siutation, don't send out voice messages if you don't want the Covid scheme projected back onto you!!

I don't know how many people suggested to me to get tested or see a doctor. But I know my body, and thanks to my Sufi teacher and Joe Dispenza I know what an upgrade feels like, so I was certain what was going on. I went back to my regular dose of Clean Slate, continued with the rest like before, moved client sessions to the next week and gave my body plenty of rest. By Thursday morning, I could feel something shifting.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you're not sure whether you are given an upgrade or you are "really sick" (if there is such a thing even), you can tell the difference by one aspect: whether you can think clearly or not. When we are "sick" our mind is somewhat foggy. We not only feel miserable, we also cannot think straight. All through this time, my mind was crystal clear. And Thursday afternoon, the downloads started to come in. New insights for my work, clarity on issues I haven't been able to resolve in months, and changing perceptions of people and circumstances in my life. I was wide awake all through last night and went to bed at 6 am this morning after spending hours basking in visions for the future and noting down creative ideas and inspiration for future projects.

When I got up this morning after two hours of sleep, the fever was gone, my sinuses are much better, and I haven't coughed once so far today. I feel wide awake, sharp and clear ... and full of spark and JOY.

Without having intended this, I have given myself a consciousness upgrade it seems. Oh, and my right hip is almost completely pain free.

As I'm writing this, I'm reminded of a recent training call with Dr. Dori and Clayton Thomas on "connecting the dots with Clean Slate." This particular training was filled with incredibly valuable information, scientific data and the reporting of amazing results. Once again, we were reminded that the human body renews itself in 120 days, which in turn means that we can literally re-create ourselves in only 4 months time. How the ROOT products can be utilized to support this goal far exceeds the scope of this article and is subject for another lengthy post, but given my work and interest I was most taken by what Clayton said almost as a sidenote: the immense importance of what Clean Slate can do with a person's consciousness.

AMEN, brother!

Since the moment, I held a bottle of this magical potion in my hands the first time, I knew instinctively what it could do. I could see it, feel it, sense it, but to experience it first-hand the way I am doing right now ... in this very moment I'm typing these words, is a whole different ball game. And, I should mention this for the sake of fairness, it is not just the Clean Slate. Can you fathom what happens when your cells have released most of the toxins and are then filled up and nourished with the most powerful, natural nutrients carrying LIGHT to the core of your cells? Yup, that's the concept behind it all, and it comes as no surprise that Clean Slate is literally wiping our slate clean to prepare us for the next step, next level!

The power and importance that CLEAN SLATE and the ROOT products hold for our ascension work and the time to come is immense and cannot be valued enough. Their significance in the Great Awakening and the BIG SHIFT is beyond word. I have seen the effects these products have on the Light Bodies of those, who have taken them for a while, and I'm incredibly grateful for the gift we are given here. The next years on this planet will be magnificent and full of sparkle and adventure, and I know in my heart that theROOTbrands will play a key role in all the joy of it.

Before I close, I would like to relate some final thoughts, as I can already see the one question pop up in your mind: How much Clean Slate did she take?

Well, I'm not going to tell you. And here is why:

We are all unique. Every body is different. Genetic imprint, different history, circumstances, environments, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects and ... different stages in the LBP ... all these factors (and possibly many more) play into the ideal dosage for you. Some people generate amazing results with only two drops of CS per day; others take 40 or more to have the same results.

Generally speaking, cellular detoxification is a passive process of which you should feel nothing. Nada. If you have been on Clean Slate for 2 months and you cannot feel a thing, good. That's perfect and as it should be. To experience symptoms means, the body is struggling with the detox ... it needs more water and possibly additional support. Caution must be taken also because overdosing can be counterproductive and even dangerous. I highly recommend watching the previously mentioned training call for further insight into the matter.

If you are intrigued by my experience, feel free to contact me for a personal consultation, and I help you find out what the best way is for you personally to use Clean Slate to take you to the next level.

You can reach me at petra@paghora.com.