The Golden Age begins ... Today!

Perhaps you remember my blogpost from two months ago in which I pointed to German astrologer and spagyric expert Gerhard Wicklein, who spoke of the extraordinary astrological constellation of today. He announced that on April 12 all conditions are given for the "chymical wedding" to take place in people's consciousness. Chymical wedding means the fusion of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine leading to the birth of a higher consciousness.

Energies of a particular constellation always have an effect before and after, and whether Wicklein is right, remains to be seen. It's a fact, however, that we are currently exposed to incredibly intense energies ... already the day before yesterday the KpIndex was on 7 (!) and for tomorrow evening US time intensive solar eruptions are promised.

I can already see how we are all tempted to say "yes, humanity could do with that", pointing the finger away from us, but in my view this is more than ever the time to go within and take care of ourselves. Next weekend we celebrate the The Christ Resurrection, and with this energetic constellation behind us, we probably have the opportunity for a profound expansion of consciousness as far as our soul's blueprint agrees and our soul allows it. Personally I'm more in keeping with with the "mind over matter" principle and try not to make myself a victim of energies that are out of my control, but why not ride the wave of possibility when such a powerful constellation already exists?

Now, what could it mean to want to use this opportunity pro-actively?

Quick reminder: the Golden Age is not something that just happens on the outside ... bang, it is Thursday morning and suddenly the world is completely different, only because  three planets hang out at a certain place in the cosmos? Probably not. Rather, the Golden Age is something that is born within us. That this higher timeline can manifest here requires the internalization of its energy in human consciousness. How do we know if we have already the consciousness of the New Age, or the Golden Age, anchored within us? There are some characteristics for this, which I will briefly discuss again below and after listing them I would like to present an suggestion for the Easter weekend.

Do I rest in myself or do I still get distracted?
Here I was tempted to write: Am I still busy with New Age babbling or conspiracy theories or am I already on my way home? For two years the completely dark and for the most part Scientology-infiltrated EsoScene has been shaking hands with many of the conspiracy theorist, who have contributed strongly to the fear porn concerning the topics of the time. They painted one horror scenario after the other and, in addition, shone with providing a lot of misinformation, which aims at distracting the lightworkers from what they are really supposed to do here: keep the energy high.

And that is only possible when I am completely anchored in myself and in connection with the Divine. Since none of us have arrived at the level where we walk steadily and permanently in our I AM presence, we take the fast track and meditate or pray. Those who after two years still spend hours rummaging through all the Telegram channels to find "good news" have not yet understood that they can create their own "good news" within themselves by putting their butt in the chair and taking the elevator to the heart.
The way to the 5th dimension is not via Telegram, will not emerge through a lawsuit won by Dr. Rainer Füllmich and is not dependent on the enforcement (or not) of mandatory vaccination. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have zero influence on your ascension. Only you have the power over it. And the path that takes you there is the path within.

Have I surrendered or am I still in resistance?
Resistance has been the prominent theme in all my sessions over the last few weeks. We are all being positioned now for the coming time of great change, and what the soul wants for us may not always be in harmony with what our ego wants at the moment. Life situations that no longer resonate with our energy will blow up in our faces if we go against the change our higher guidance wants for us. The challenge is to trust the flow. If we manage to simply say "THANK YOU" to everything that happens to us, without having to know where it will take us, we take away the power of resistance. Resistance is always ego, and ego is always fear. The ego is always afraid of change. Period. And it's up to us how much space we give these little fears and how much power we give them over our lives.

The soul inevitably wants to lead us to where the vibrations are in alignment with our own vibes. People, places, jobs, projects, ideas ... etc. The soul always strives for balance and harmony, so nothing negative can happen at all if we entrust ourselves to it. Negative is only the drama, pain or suffering that is born when we resist. It is up to us. Do we heed the call of the soul and trustingly surrender to the path it leads us on, or does something still hurt, pinch something? Often the body shows us very clearly ... Exhaustion, heart palpitations, illness, accidents. Actually, it's quite simple: when we ache, we know we are in resistance.

Am I neutral or do I still have to evaluate and judge?
Do I still think I know what others need? Do I still have to comment on everything ...? do I still fall into the role of a coach without being asked? do I still adopt a lecturing attitude towards others ... I have observed the latter more and more in the last few weeks, almost as if it were the new sport. It wouldn't have needed the Healy to do it, but since the new coaching app, the "life coaching" businesses are shooting up like blades of grass and suddenly everyone has eaten wisdom with (Healy) spoons and think they have to tell others how to live their life.

Neutrality means to let others be as they are right now, with everything that happens there. When I evaluate or even judge, I put myself above something or someone and thereby devalue the other person .... If a friend asks me on the phone how I'm doing, I tell her openly and neutrally what's ticking with me, and she then immediately puts on her coaching cap and gives me wise advice, or worse, tells me what I should do, then that's not only a transgression of boundaries but a form of spiritual arrogance. And that always comes before the fall.

Am I in service to the whole or still serving myself?
According to the "Law of One," this inner attitude is the unmistakable yardstick for the 5th dimension. When we step through the gate of the 4th density consciousness, our inner attitude towards the collective and all of life changes almost imperceptibly. Often, however, this guiding principle is misunderstood, and many argue that, yes, you should take care of yourself first before saving the world. This is also true. On the path of consciousness expansion, at a certain point we go through the world with the feeling of being part of everything. We realize that everyone and everything we look at on the outside is also inside us, or part of us, and that we are inseparably connected to everything. From this awareness a new attitude towards the whole develops, where we are no longer willing to do things or think thoughts that feed separation.

In the consciousness of the 5th density, giving is in the foreground, it is even a very natural need, because one wants to let all others share in the bliss that we now experience every day within. Almost unnoticed, taking / receiving recedes into the background and is replaced by a deep trust that the laws of life will always ensure that we have enough. The focus shifts from "what do I want" to "what good can I do?" without any hidden motives, as is often practiced in the Law of Attraction teachings, where we are encouraged to give more in order to receive more. Here, unconditionality takes precedence, and it does so naturally. It is quite simple actually.

Here is my suggestion:

Make the Feast of the Resurrection the Feast of your Ascension !

Every day from Good Friday to Easter Monday, take on one of the themes described above. Every morning, internally align yourself to walk in this attitude throughout the day. You feel into what it means to have integrated this state into yourself, living it fully, being this inner attitude for the next 24 hours (and perhaps beyond). Example: Today I go through the day without resistance. I simply say THANK YOU to everything I encounter and accept it without judgment. I let go and practice trust that everything is perfect, just as it is.

All 4 days of Easter are marked by these four qualities of 5th density consciousness. And after the resurrection, let's see where we all stand :-)

Just an idea ...