April Time Stamp: Your Heart Will Save The World

This is a "news from the chamber" post in a different way, because today I will be addressing the slightly unpleasant topic of soul harvesting. Yes, you heard that right: The harvesting of souls.

I wish I could say that this is something I read about in a book by some unknown author several years ago, but unfortunately it is not. Rather it is something that has recently come up in my sessions with clients and the work I do for the collective on the inner planes. Frankly, this is not an easy and fun issue to write about, but still I find it's worth addressing, so let's dive straight in.

Those having paid a minimal amount of attention over the past five years, or at least to the past two, will undoubtedly recognize the place we have now arrived at in this 3D matrix we exist in: The old system has reached the point of its final hour, while we—the light bearers of the Golden Age—experience the birth pangs of the new paradigm.

The cult of psychopaths is desperately trying to hold on to what they thought was the power they had over humanity, yet was only a bubble filled with the stinky farts of a few lost souls corrupted by negative ET forces, whose time has already come to an end. In short, they thought they were going to maintain control by creating a fake war to generate desperately needed money flow again, yet one clever guy delivered them their death sentence by switching his country to a gold-backed currency, which will devalue the global domination of the US Dollar and poke the bubble of a stock market based on … well, air.

Good-bye, FIAT. Good-bye, US Dollar. Good-bye to the entire global financial system.

Stay with this for a second.

Let's imagine for a moment that 75% of the world population have absolutely no idea what is happening here. I don't know if this number is correct, but since we cannot know the Truth here, let's assume it to be right just for now. So, billions of people are not aware of the illusory nature of what they're experiencing in this 3D reality. They still believe in a virus, think the planet has been riddled by a terrible plague for the past two years, taking a needle is good for their health and the poor people in the East suffer under the terrifying attacks of their big neighbors.

What do you think the news of a complete collapse of the financial system is going to do to them?

The point here is not who or what they will blame based on the MSM reporting they are exposed to, the point here is the ENERGY they are creating while going through this experience that feels completely real to them.

Meet the reality of a Loosh system.

The Earth has been turned into a Loosh planet thousands of years ago. That means, the entire holographic system of this planet is set up with the sole purpose of harvesting the energies generated by the inhabitants. Who does such a thing? The extraterrestrial forces that manipulate and control the group of psychopaths considering themselves superior and elite on Earth. How is it done? By creating difficult and challenging life circumstances for the general population, since the energies these ET beings feed on are negative ones: fear, greed, envy, guilt, shame, depression, ill health, etc. You get the picture.

Again, what do you think the news of a complete collapse of the financial system is going to do to the majority of the general population after two fear-ridden years due to a horrifying life-threatening disease that made people wear face diapers restricting the brain from receiving oxygen and psychologically silencing them? 

Yes, and this also explains the extremely heavy energies you might currently sense in the collective.

On the background of this system, which aims to artificially create negative emotions in humans to be harvested for the purpose of feeding ET intelligences, soul harvesting is only the next, deeper layer of an unfortunate reality.

By now, the disturbing truth about human trafficking and dark rituals of sacrifice is out and has reached most of the awake community. Such rituals are a means to force the soul to separate from the physical vehicle. So is the content of the shots, whether received actively or passively.

Thus it is part of the Loosh system that not only energies are harvested but also souls, or more precisely soul fragments. I call this one of "the signs of this time," and I'm sure if you walk this world with your eyes open, you can see it as well. 

How can you see it, you ask? 

For one, you see it in the eyes of a person. The lights are on and nobody's home. Quite often, what we're seeing right now is that the eyes of a person turn very bright and even shiny, but if you look closely that shine is not a Light that comes from within, rather it is a strange shine that looks rather artificial, almost like plastic, which—accompanied by the enlargement of the entire eye ball—gives the eyes a doll-like appearance.


You can also see it in the change of a person's behavior. If you observe someone suddenly exhibiting an aloof, arrogant, somewhat passive aggressive attitude that seems detached from what is truly happening around that person, you might be witnessing the beginnings of a take-over. Another sign can be when a person is beginning to socially withdraw in ways they never did before. When they no longer ask for help, although it is obvious that they need it (even to them), and they have been pro-active about this before. You ask, "why didn't you call?" and they respond with, "I dunno … not sure … I wanted but something always happened …" then you know, something's fishy here. 


While I have personally witnessed these traits in quite a few people lately, I also want to caution you not to jump to conclusions too soon here. The issue is way too sensitive and serious to be taken lightly, and each human being is too precious to be scared off by prematurely passing judgement on what they might be going through. 

In this context, my guides made me aware of something that might be a bit hard to swallow. The harvesting of soul fragments can also take place when we go out of body at night. When you wake up in the morning, and you don't feel well in your body, your perceptions are off or you have a super strange feeling in your solar plexus … then you might not have come fully back. To many of us, this is not big news, but right now it is more important than ever before to instantly call those other parts of us home—and it might be worthwhile trying to avoid this from happening in the first place.

How do we do that?

First off, when it happens, you center yourself and find the place within you where you feel your I AM presence. From there, you decree "from the point of my I AM presence …" and you command all soul fragments and all parts of you to return to you fully and completely, cleansed and cleared and aligned with your soul's frequency, and to gently re-integrate into your soul and etheric structure.

You are the master of your body and your life, and your word is command in the ears of the Divine. Put your foot down. Likewise, you can declare your soul structure protected and untouchable by forces of unlight when you go to bed at night. You can even install this permanently by decreeing, yet it is wise to check in with it once and a while. And if you are not sure how to do it, consult someone who knows.

Aside from all the above, however, the greatest and most effective protection is a very simple one: your heart energy.

Make sure your heart is open and active. At all times. Avoid watching news or connecting with MSM or even alternative news before heading to bed; instead, listen to, read or watch things that touch your heart, that make you mellow or even cry. Pray and connect with the Divine. Breathe into your heart space rather than into your belly, and make sure you think good, positive thoughts before turning off the lights at night. Remember the key components of "good ADAB" … good ethics, gratitude and prayer. Put yourself into a good place, a good, positive mindset and never forget to give thanks to what you have and for the privilege to be here right now. Yes, sometimes that's work, but it's work that's far more important and relevant right now than anything else.

If you are a starseed, a light worker, a lighthouse, a light bearer, a wanderer, as Carla Rueckert once called us … then you have not come here to fight the dark, but instead to midwife the Light of the Golden Age. You cannot and should not be afraid of any of what I wrote above. Do not concern yourself with the darkness of the moment. Focus on the Light, your Light. That is the greatest contribution you can make in this moment. The brighter you shine, the more powerful you are, and the faster we will enter the New Earth. Remember a single candle can light an entire room. Now imagine what millions of candles can do to this planet if they just focus on shining …

We are almost there. Don't stop now. Instead, shift into a higher gear.

Gather all you got and make your heart explode in Love and Joy for Life. It will make their last days here miserable and burn their sorry arses if they try to even touch you. They won't when you shine bright enough and love Spirit and Life so deeply, they will starve and weep in despair.

No more feeding here.

You are done.

And so it is.