Germany Update: The power of Prayer

And just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier … we are "at war."

Two years ago, I was axed from Facebook after I posted a quote from Klaus Schwab's book "The Great Reset" drawing comparison to Hitler's "Mein Kampf." The day before, I had posted a picture of Adolf Hitler, adding the question "Are you getting it yet?"

Oh, that shit storm it caused. How I could dare to compare the current situation (the plandemic, of course) to the times of horror during the Third Reich. Well, I had eyes in my head and a brain capable of thinking independent thoughts. That's how I could. Never, never in a gazillion years, however, did I think it possible that I would witness the day when Germans actively engaged in re-creating what happened back then.

My heart is heavy as I'm here to report: that day has come.

Reports about degrading, hateful behavior, racism, exclusion and bashing of Russians living in Germany run rampant over here, and my hope is that these reports turn out to be as fake as all the other shit reported by MSM and, if these things indeed happened, Soros's thugs are behind them and not real German citizens. Even the fact that this is even a thought in my head is testimony for how crazy things have gotten in this shit show!

Frankly, it doesn't look that way though. We hear of hospitals and clinics that refuse to treat Russians, looting of property and businesses, the hunting down and stopping of trucks from Russia on the autobahn which are refused free passage to their place of destination. We hear of words spoken, actions taken against our beautiful friends of the East that make your hair stand up your neck and bear the potential to spin any person, who has a little bit of wit left after two years in this crazy panopticon, into a panic attack or nervous breakdown.

Like many friends and awake people in my network, I shake my head in bewilderment and utter despair. Most of those I speak to are so stunned, they don't even know what to say anymore. Hence, I shared many moments of silence in my conversations over the past week. What's happening leaves us literally at a loss for words. In an attempt to provide answers and foster understanding and compassion, I posted the following on my German blog this morning:  

The psyche of the collective is under stress

In mid-February, everything still seemed as if the Shit Show would soon be over. When the news circulated that all mandates would fall by March 20, one could perceive a certain sigh of relief in the collective. A certain relaxation spread and, out shopping, one could finally see smiling faces again. The fact that Chancellor Scholz and his corrupt bandits are trying to pass the vaxx mandate in the Bundestag before March 20 has been and is still widely ignored. Because, now we are at war. Let's recall for a moment that the past two years have been uncomfortable for ALL Germans. The awake were not only ones suffering at the hand of restrictions based on an artificially fabricated situation, the sleepyheads did so as well—even the non-snoring sideway sleepers. The only difference, we were able to handle the pressure better, while they bowed to it because they didn't know any better and saw no other option. But we all suffered to varying degrees.

And now, in the midst of the relaxation phase, when the hope of it-is-finally-over was spreading more and more, the terrible news of a war reaches us. What does this do to a human brain that has been in a permanent state of fear for two years? We are not even talking about the effects of an involuntary gene therapy treatment. The fact that some people go crazy here and can no longer distinguish right from wrong seems almost like a normal consequence.

I would like to look at this aspect briefly from a spiritual point of view, because for me what we are observing around us makes sense. Well, to some degree it does. There is also a part of me that cannot comprehend what people are capable of, but that viewpoint has accompanied me through my entire life.  

Even if we assume that the gene therapy treatment had no effect on the brain and the psyche of these people, all the experiences of the last years have left an impact. On the way to Divine consciousness, self-realization is the first intermediate step. The ability to jump to the next level of consciousness only a person who has a strong psychic structure. Carl Jung called this a "psychic container."

The energies released in the brain when old neurological structures break and new synapses are switched created to integrate a higher consciousness have a strong effect on the autonomic nervous system of the person, and if s/he does not have a strong, solid psyche, it can "burn" that person's nerves. The consequences can very easily be seen in our mental institutions. You can read more about this in Carl Jung's works and also in Elisabeth Haich's "Initiation" or Vaughan-Lee's "The Face Before I Was Born."

A person who hasn't attained solid psychic structure will have a hard time in ascension process. So, as harsh as it may sound, the current situation can be seen as a kind of selection. People who have not been able to withstand the pressure of the last years in any way, who have given in under the ever increasing mind games of the psychopathic elite instead of awakening because a vague memory of their soul's freedom stirred in them, are not prepared for the coming time of ascension. Now I do not mean to say this as an evaluation or judgment, quite the contrary. I see the fact that these people sort themselves out of the ascension scenario as a protective measure of their soul.

We can expect a steadily increasing influence of solar and geomagnetic energies in the coming years. Our sun is obviously in its last life cycle and will decompose more and more, and the planet's poles are about to shift, which can lead to serious geological events and a shake up the Earth's energy grids. A person, who does not have the necessary prerequisites for ascension will not be able to cope with these high and perhaps chaotic vibrations. For the evolution of their soul it may therefore better to say goodbye here in order to have at least the possibility of the return to the morphogenetic field. Everything else would be harmful for their soul, because life on Earth is ALWAYS about the evolution of the soul and not about our small, human ego, which perhaps still believes to be of some importance here.

On what side one is and which path one takes, we cannot know. That is written in the blueprint of the respective soul and is none of our business. Likewise, it is in the soul plan of the person we are facing, if and when they will awaken from the matrix. After the last two years, we have (hopefully) said goodbye to the hope that someone will awaken if we just whack them over the head as hard as we possibly can.

So what can we do?

To keep ourselves centered and connected, and not allow what is happening on the outside make us shut down our hearts. We can't afford to do that in the current situation—not for ourselves, and not for the collective. More than ever, our task now is to hold the light, to stand as beacons in the darkness, and we must not allow ourselves to be distracted from that. For distraction is THE means by which the psychopaths have been trying to control spiritual consciousness on this planet for as long as we know.

For the benefit of the whole, we must keep our focus on the Light and our attitude anchored in Heart Energy. Who else is going to pave the way to the New Earth if not us? The key question that distinguishes the old consciousness from the consciousness of the New Earth is: Are you still is service to self or are you in service to the whole?

The answer to this question seems quite simple at first glance, but on closer inspection and with the inclusion of external circumstances, it can become quite complex. Everyone may and must answer the question "with what do I serve the whole more now?" in every single moment anew ...

One way to serve the whole and each individual is prayer. A prayer spoken from the heart can move mountains and inevitably penetrates the field, influencing the collective. If we pray for the well-being of the earth and all living beings on it, for the solution and the highest possible outcome for All-that-is, and bless every person we meet who seems stressed, we have done more good than we may realize. On the latter, I'm with Matt Kahn. I don't like to inwardly say, "I bless you" ... that feels too arrogant and divisive. That's why I say, "may you be blessed." This opens the possibility for the person to receive the Divine blessing if they opt to take up what is offered, and keeps me from imposing "my blessings" on them. For me, free will is always above everything, even here.

And after we pray, we turn our focus back to what is real, thus pulling our energy away from what is happening on the outside. We know that what the media wants to tell us is not true anyway and that surely 70% of the alternative news is pure speculation. We know nothing is as it seems, so it is a waste of time to even bother with it. It is much more important to focus our attention on what we want to create: the Ascension to the New Earth.

We know there is only one way left: ON and UP.

And so it is.