Hello Sunshine!

The sun has been shining here for two days and that seems to be the case almost everywhere in Germany right now. I hope it is the case for you as well, wherever you are right now? What does it do to you? How do you feel? Different from the months of dark, rainy days?

Yes, sunlight has an enormous impact on our psyche. And much more ...

I often talk about the Light Body Process and the mitochondria metabolizing Light. The basis for this is that the cells in our body are actually light-controlled. On the one hand, they generate light waves, and on the other hand, they store light, which can be seen as a measure for cellular energy. If the photon storages are full, we and our autonomic nervous system are doing well. This also means that we can boost cell metabolism with Light from outside, sunlight. "Light from outside" means ... sunlight that we absorb through our skin and eyes.

If we spin this thread a little further, this inevitably puts some of what the psychopath gang in this 3D matrix has come up with in the last decades in a different light. Yes, pun intended :-)

The amount of light in the cells goes hand in hand with consciousness, and that's why this info is so important for all those who are now starting to put their focus on their ascension. After all, I have been saying for two years that a stated goal of all the measures here is to prevent the ascension of souls. How do you keep people from coming into contact with natural sunlight? You lock them up at home via home offices and lockdowns, make it difficult for them to go south on vacation, spray the skies so the sun doesn't shine through, and artificially influence the weather so it rains, snows and hails. It not only makes people weary and depressed, it also keeps them from filling their cells with light energy, which is so important in this phase of ascension.

Like everything the psychopaths do, of course, good preliminary work was done long before. Thus was born the myth of harmful sunlight and the trend of sunscreen creams. Trillions of people have believed for decades that sunlight is harmful to their skin, preferring instead to smear a layer of sticky chemicals on their skin, hence preventing their cells from absorbing light energy. Even babies are creamed with this poison at a tender age, and more and more people grow further apart from the source that actually keeps them alive and nourishes their consciousness. The consequences of this are just very clearly visible everywhere in the world right now.

The ever rising KpIndex and the reports of headaches increased the last days, which is not surprising for me. Oftentimes, we don't even know with what measures our body was prevented from absorbing light energy - also, unknowingly, by ourselves. For me, however, it is striking that most of the complaints about problems with solar energies come from people who are about ten to 20 years younger than me. My generation seems to cope better with solar storms, although there are certainly exceptions to this and I am, after all, only seeing a small fraction of the whole picture.

Still, I am wondering if there is a connection here between these difficulties and the trend of sun protection and sunlight avoidance?

Personally, I enjoy when the energies are high. The KpIndex approaching 6 and the Schumann above 25 makes me a happy camper.  Whether this is due to the stage of the LBP or to the fact that I have never used sunscreen in my life, I don't know. I certainly grew up differently than the generation after me. Growing up on a farm, I was always outside in the summer from a young age on. Helping in the fields and in the garden, working with the horses ... According to my mother, I always looked like a little Native American girl in the summertime. Sunscreen was not known then. Nor was sunburn, and to this day that's a totally foreign concept to my body.

In the fourteen years of my volleyball career, I spent every free minute on the beach court from May until the start of the indoor season in September, where I didn't use sunscreen even when it was 88 degrees in the shade. At that time, there were also no good sprays, only creams, and these not only made you look like a breaded schnitzel after rolling in the sand to defend a strike, but the stuff stuck to your arms and hands in such a way that it impacted ball contact. Either way, it wouldn't have occurred to me to smear myself with the chemicals. My partner at the time, on the other hand, "had to do it" because he "couldn't stand the sun at all" ... growing up in the city, then at a boarding school, he had spent his childhood and youth in Eastern Germany in gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools, being trimmed for performance at an early age. One of my tasks was the close examination of the "moles" on his back, some of which were surgically removed every few years because they gave rise to suspicion of skin cancer.

Is there a connection here? I don't know, and I don't want to make a claim. I can only claim what I really know and that is that sunlight is good for our body and its cells and that it is important for our ascension.

So, we better prepare our bodies to get used to it and enjoy every minute in the sunshine, regardless of the temperature. Very effective is also the method of sungazing, where the light photons are absorbed through the eyes, from where they reach the pineal gland. However, it is advisable to be cautious for the current power of the sun can be too much right away. My feeling is that right now, even with our eyes closed, we can effectively absorb sunlight.

Just for the sake of clarity ... exposing yourself to sunlight doesn't have to mean lying half naked in the blazing sun at 95 degrees and frying. It can also mean going for a walk in a thin, long-sleeved linen dress at 72 degrees, or sitting on the balcony wrapped in a blanket at 54 degrees - when the sun is out and without sunglasses.

So let's kick the winter blues and go out to enjoy the sun for the benefit of the Great Shift.

Besides ... the only way to go remains ON AND UP anyway!