detox for your ascension

I admit it right away ... this is not my favorite subject, but my guides made it perfectly clear that this is a very important subject matter that requires addressing now. And with "now" they meant NOW. So here we go ...

For the past half year I have been struggling with a health issue in my body that has at times left me desperate and somewhat confused. Quite a ride, to say the least, but all in all a journey with a greater purpose as is becoming abundantly clear now. It all started with an event in my life that hit me seemingly out of the blue. I experienced it as a massive blow to my heart, my soul, my entire being, and it spiraled me into a very challenging place from which I emerged only very slowly and with a lot of hard and consistent inner work. Prior to this event, I had been soaring high, eyes firmly set on the ascenssion process and seemingly unaffected by the craze of the shit show taking place around me. Then, from one minute to the next, I crashed so hard I hit rock bottom in a way that I feared I would not survive it.

While I found myself in a tremendous amount of emotional pain, my body responded accordingly: it began to develop all kinds of aches and pains pointing toward one major theme - the immune system had taken a big hit and suddenly various kinds of inflammatory processes began to show. Where there was peace, order and balance before in my body, there was now chaos and disbalance.

Like many of us, I have always known of the direct correlation between our mental/emotional state and physical health, but to experience the effects of an emotional trauma in such a direct, undeniable manner was a whole different story. Throughout the shit show, I not once had a single fearful thought about my physical health, and all of a sudden I could feel how my body was desperately trying to ward off different challenges. The main challenge proved to be shedding, which I contend is actually a form of passive vaccination. Anyhow ... my body is only slowly recovering from the traumatic event and its difficult after effects.

In a recent exchange with my guides, I addressed the subject matter and asked for guidance. The answer I received was very straight forward. A weakened immune system and cellular structure is not helpful in the ascension phase we are entering now. In fact, it proves quite a problem. To understand this, let us revisit some basics about the LBP for a moment.

In the process of shifting from 3D to 5D our physical vehicle undergoes a process of transmutation in which the mitochondria in our cells begin to metabolize Light as a nutrient. This leads to a complete transformation of the cellular structure in our body. What follows from this is quite simple: if the cells and mitochondria are busy with other work, they have less energy available for the transformation they must pass through. After all, the mitochondria are the powerhouse of our body and responsible for the energy available to us. So, if the cells are busy with other things ... trying to ward of ill intended intruders or expelling toxins, then it's no surprise we struggle with fatigue and lack of energy. And, let's be honest, there's probably not a single lightworker or lighthouse who doesn't know about these days - and, in turn, about the nights in which we lay awake, not knowing why and what's happening with us. Well, according to my guides, what's happening is that our cells are in the process of reorganizing their metabolism and, at times, they use the night time when the metabolism is slowing down to the extent that the cells can now tend to their own matter. That means producing Light. Hence, our experience of having too much energy surging through our system, which doesn't let us sleep. 

Thus, it is evident that the cells in our body need support.

My guides tell me that the first step of this support is a detoxification at the cellular level. It's like a cellular reset, if you will, when we flush out all toxins from our cells and allow them to use up all their energy for the advancement of the LBP. Of course, this is a matter of frequency as well. In order to integrate 5th dimensional consciousness, our bodies must be able to vibrate at a much higher level, hence the cells must be able to hold much more Light than now. So, flusing out toxins to enable the cells to take our body to a new, higher vibrational frequency seems a necessary step on the path Home. Need I say this is not done with steaks, fries and a glass of red wine?

Nope. We're talking juicing. And this is where the unpleasantness kicks in for me personally, because I don't like the idea of going on a juicing detox in the coldest time of the year. As I'm sitting here typing, I look outside and I see a grey sky, fog in the air, drizzling rain, mud holes in the garden and puddles of water on my patio. It's the kind of weather that makes me want to have a warm soup or stew, plenty of tea and hot, nourishing foods. I know, however, that this is an important matter, so I decided to start the detox soon ... on March 1, which seems like a perfect fit because of the New Moon on March 3.

My guides insisted that I have all the tools needed for this journey, so I will create a protocol soon that will contain not only juicing but also healthy colon bacteria, the Healy and a fabulous product that supports the expelling of cellular waste. All this alongside healthy and rich fresh green and fruit smooties.

And, to top it off, a few days ago I was given some information that completely knocked me off my socks. What if ... to make your green smootie, you just go to your indoor garden and pluck your cucumbers, kale, peppers, herbs and much more fresh. On the spot. And, what if these contained a great deal more nutrients than anything you have bought at the organic store in the last 10 years? Essentially, what if those veggies could grow free of acid rain, chem trail residue, 5G radiation, enhanced by Tesla technology and water so pure and activated it will make you cry?

Well, I'm deligthed to report that it is possible.


More on this and the detox protocol coming soon. Stay tuned!