Getting REAL about "Shedding"

It might be helpful to read my blog article from June 29 before cointinuing here, so you gain an understanding of how Shedding entered my life and how my work began to evolve around it.

Since then, quite a bit has changed on that landscape. Worldwide, people who have been researching the phenomenon from different points of view, have learned a lot since, have revised and/or expanded their view on it and those busying themselves with finding solutions have grown a lot. Belonging to the latter category, I can whole heartedly say that when I wrote in June that Shedding would be the initiation for all empathically inclined, super sensitive women I had noooo idea how right I would be--not excluding myself! So, allow me give you a report of what happened since then:


Effects of Shedding have changed and intensified


When it all started for me in May, the most prominent symptoms reported by those, who had picked up Shedding, were dizzinesss or lightheadness, pressure headaches, strange bruising all over the body, uterus pains and cramps, irregular bleedings in women and lower back pain, mostly in men. There were some reports of skin rashes after direct contact with vaxxed ones, which appeared difficult to heal. My first initiative was to create a user protocol for the Healy, a small frequency device that has since proven a life saver for people around the world. The Healy can record frequencies of just about anything as long as that frequency is below 30,000 Hertz, which provides an amazing possibility to record and transmit natural supplements, medication, remedies of any kind, energies of plants, etc. Thus, my work was cut out for me the moment I released the first Shedding protocol for all Healy users free of charge.

Then the nano particles hit the scene, or better yet they were there all along but now they suddenly entered into our field of vision. What to do when suddenly you can stick the entire content of your silverware drawer to your chest? Being magnetic is nooo fun in a time where 5G masts spring faster from the ground than weeds. Again, the little magician knows what to do: since the nano buds circulate mostly around the chest area and the head, we use the Healy to transmit heart energy to those areas to reprogram those little intruders, while at the same time stimulate all detox pathways in the body and support the body's efforts to release via skin, colon and the lymphatic system. The Healy can do a lot but here we need the help of ionic foot baths, salt baths and saunas or even blood letting for the brave.

Next, as if the above wasn't enough of a challenge people started to exhibit flu like symptoms that cannot be contained by any familiar measures, and we learned about Graphene oxide contained in the shit shots. We know the body can release that crap on its own ... over time ... with support. By now, people, who don't own a Healy, easily take 15 different supplements every day, which is not only cumbersome but also expensive.


As these additional challenges broke onto the scene, the effects of Shedding began to intensify while the range of symptoms expanded. It could easily be said that both are due to the fact that people have been exposed to vaxxed ones for quite some time now, yet at the same time it was suggested by many sources that the vaxxed ones would shed only for a certain time and after 6 weeks the Shedding would stop. Some smart doctors even said it would be enough to keep a distance from newly vaxxed people for about 14 days, after that they would be safe to be around.


I found none of this to be true. At the same time, I don't have any logical explanation for the more intense effects and the increasing amount of suffering non-vaxxed people are exposed to. My intuition tells me that the material injected into people by August was different than what people got in let's say May. Why? Because they wanted to make people feel safe in the initial stages of the show, so the injections were not as a strong. There might also have been a greater number of placebo shots in the beginning, as to make people feel cradled in safety and believe there is nothing wrong with getting a shot and even advertising it to others for that reason. As the summer went on, placebos decreased and toxin levels in the vials rose. Of course, I have no proof for that - it's just my way of trying to make sense of what I have seen happen.

There is no doubt that symptoms of Shedding changed as the summer came to a close and the air was beginning to smell like fall. At least on chem trail free days that is. People began to complain of stronger headaches to the point of feeling nauseous and disoriented. All accompanied by lack of concentration and focus and the inability to form coherent thoughts or even sentences. Joint pains and muscle pains joined in, people feeling totally beat up after solid hours of sleep. Diarrhea, stomach aches and cramps, depression and severe low mood states went around. I saw people, whose lymphs began to swell to crazy proportions. I heard of women, who were bleeding for five weeks straight. Then it hit me.


Literally. I received what felt like an energetic blow to my face. Two days later, the right side of my face was swollen like crazy and after some natural treatment, whatever it was that had hit me had settled in the form of an abscess on the root of a tooth. Hence, I learned first-hand that spike proteins can trigger old viral and bacterial infections. In many people, this led to shingles, ear infections and often to infections in the gum line. Since we know that vaxxed ones deal with the loosening of dental implants and severe dental issues of all kinds, this should come as no surprise.


"Shedding" is in fact Passive Vaccination


The Healy can still help. The protocols had to be adjusted and expanded, but that little magical guy is still my go-to support every day. I have began to transmit protocols for small groups (remotely) that bring a lot of relief to those suffering. Every month, I offer a 3-day frequency-supported journey where I run different protocols for people that include Shedding relief, detoxification, strengthening and immune support. Those three high vibe days have been well received and worked super successfully for those who had serious issues. As the number of participants allows, I also take them through a quick energetic cleanse in the initiation chamber then. And then, of course, I run single sessions in the chamber for those troubled. Here, I am unhappy to report that I now see many clients with serious health problems compared to "just a few shedding symptoms." One of the most common is the flaring up of cancer in the body after it seemed to have been successfully treated in the past. And, no, I'm not talking about a vaxxed person here ... I'm talking about un-vaxxed people suffering the effects of shedding or to be more precise TRANSMISSION. Because, really, this is not shedding that we're dealing with here. It is a form of transmission, and if we want to get it really right it is PASSIVE VAXXINATION.


Spike proteins, nano particles, graphene oxide leave one body through the skin and respiratory tract and enter another that same way. And there they can do the same things as in the other body and cause the same problems. In a study published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease last December, researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University confirmed what many have suspected, namely that the spike proteins cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological problems of all kinds. One of the Temple scientists, Dr. Ramirez, is quoted saying, “Our findings support the implication that SARS-CoV-2, or its shed spike proteins circulating in the blood stream, could cause destabilization of the blood-brain barrier in key brain regions,” hence, verifying that spike proteins received via transmission can potentially cause the same harm to the body of an unvaxxed person than what they do in the body of a vaxxed person.

Lately, I have been increasingly busy researching the reason why some people are more susceptible to Shedding than others, but more on that in another article. For now, I would like to close with a few more insights. One of them is a rather unpleasant one: dark entities tend to ride the coat tails of the spike proteins, so quite often before I take a person into the chamber for a clearing I have to remove some archonic entities or other negative parasitic intelligences from them. Most of them look surprisingly similar: like a black octopus with four to six tentacles with suckers. In many people I also remove implants that appear to have been installed recently. They look like short magnetic stripes that appear to attract the transmissions. I am not sure yet at this point what they are about.

So, as of now, what I can offer in support is the Healy (also for sale as I commission in with the company), my protocols, group transmissions and individual clearing work. As the majority of the vaxxed ones are already queuing up to get their booster shots, I'm sure we'll soon face even more intensified versions of what I described above ... and that is not even taken into account the vaxxed ones, who will wake up from their deep slumber in a state of shock and in dire need of support. Either way, we will rise to the challenge and do our best to serve the planet and All-That-Is in all its various forms of Divine expression.