Lion's Gate: The Lioness in the Priestess and the rise of the Divine Masculine

The Lion's Gate is just around the corner, and its energetic constellation seems even more powerful and magical than in previous years. In my perception, leading up to tomorrow, several themes emerged at once, and yet ... on closer inspection, it may actually be only one. However, one that shows itself in several facets on the outside.

I feel almost comical repeating the same thing over and over again, but we cannot avoid it: this is the time when women may, indeed must, awaken their inner priestess in order to step into their innate Divine Feminine Power. By now, it should have seeped into all of us that the time has come to get to work, meaning to adjust our inner compass to the "true North" and to turn our spotlight on what is essential. The essential may be different for each of us, but in any case it is what we have come here for.

The "true North" in the compass stands for our very own inner connection to the Divine, our authenticity, our own truth, which we now have to live authentically and courageously. If not now when? It is about giving birth to the New Earth, and we can only do that if each of us walks in the highest vibration possible to her. Do you know what the highest vibration possible to you is? It is always the vibration that your light body generates when you are in the highest bliss possible. When you feel at your very best, when you feel like your heart is exploding with love and sheer joy and the happiness you feel almost suffocates you, because it's soooo beautiful. That's your highest possible vibration right now, and with every time you come to that limit ... when you feel like you can't take it anymore ... with every time you touch that limit, you stretch it a little further and push your own vibration up a little further, helping your light body to form faster.

That's where it's going. This is the feeling you must follow, and to do everything for it that you can hold it. Come what may. Completely independent of external circumstances and events. That's the task ... and since all that is currently pelting us on the outside is aimed at preventing us from doing exactly that, it is necessary to incarnate our willpower and power to counteract it (see my last blog post on this).

We are now asked to incarnate our highest willpower. Not the will of the ego, no, the will of the Higher Self. The will and power that connects with the lioness energy within us. Yes, that's the one. You know that force. Especially if you are a mother, you know exactly what I am talking about. It's the power that makes the lioness abandon her cub on the wide-open prairie because she knows it's the only way to teach her offspring what it means to sense danger and be alert.

It's the power you activate when you're maxed out, at a loss, and suddenly sense inside you that someone you love needs your help. It is the power that makes you roar when you perceive injustice, mistreatment and abuse. It is that power that has made us struggle against the dark for millennia. Most of us have memories of it ... some very clear, some more diffuse. But we all know that we have been fighting this battle here for a long time, and the conviction that has led us here ... the awareness of fighting for the Light, for the good, for Love and for Life itself, this is the force we must now activate. With our higher will.

Whatever you need to do to find that place within you where you can activate that power, DO THAT! Watch Lord of the Rings, read Joan of Arc's story ... whatever. Do whatever you need to do to get into that inner mindset and notice what that feels like so you can call it up whenever you need it.

It's different for each of us because we've all had different experiences. For me personally, it's my protective instinct towards other women. When I see, as I did last week, beloved sisters being attacked, the lioness in me kicks in that you wouldn't suspect on the outside.

Find the lioness in you!  

Get acquainted with her (again) and bring her back to life, because you will need her in the time to come. We will need her. A purring kitten in a pink silk coat with flowers in her hair will not do!

The fiery energy of the 8-8 portal, however, carries yet another meaning or energy, which has to do with the Divine Masculine consciousness.

That is, in those men who incarnated with an appropriate task at this time, the Christ Consciousness manifests itself primarily in the form of the power of the Divine Warrior. The warrior who fights for the good, the luminous, who stands for justice and virtue, and will lay down his life to protect what he loves most: the priestess at his side, and God Himself.

This power is needed now. Men are now called upon to take their role as protectors and warriors, to stand by the priestesses and watch their backs while they do their work. The energetic interplay of these two energies not only generates an incredibly powerful transformative potential, but holds the foundation for the alchemical process that gives birth to the new SophiaChrist Consciousness resulting from the union of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

But for the moment, though, only one thing is important - that man strives to awaken his inner warrior. How he does that, he may find within himself. It is not up to us women to show him, because everything for this is already laid out in him.