Let's love our Nano Particles

Granted, when I wrote the two recent blog posts on how the Divine Feminine is currently under attack, I shared my observations from a place of direct, personal experience, but frankly I didn't expect to be as timely and spot-on as the confirmation I have since received proved me to be. Yet, over the past two weeks I have heard of and witnessed so many instances, verifying what I had said with shocking and eery precision, that I feel it's time to address some of it here.


The dark ones know exactly how to weaken the very Force that's going to heal the planet and advance the ascension timeline toward building the New Earth—The Divine Feminine. They will do anything to distract, unseat, harm and prevent priestesses from advancing our work. If you cannot relate to be addressed as a priestess, it's time you acquaint yourself with that. As a woman, currently incarnate on this planet and reading this right now, you can rest assured that you have a past either in Atlantis or Lemuria or both, and that you've served in the role of a priestess or higher up in the ranks in many lifetimes in between. You have come here for a reason. The sooner you accept responsibility for that, the better, because resisting your purpose will only create friction and obstacles in the outer that turn out to be unnecessary distractions. There's no more time for playing small and dealing with insecurities or lack of self-worth, which are matrix conditionings anyway! It's time to get to work, sisters!

But I digressed …

If you have any doubts about the scenario I'm describing, look no further than to the current vaxx/shedding agenda. It clearly demonstrates where we are at. On top of targeting our physical health and strength, how do they try to weaken us most? By attacking that which is most dear to us: our masculine beloveds and children. Trying to deliver a blow by getting into our children's heads, so much so that they are even willing to take the jabs is just one way. Taking our masculines out another.

And the above is what I currently see happening around me, near and far. Leaving my personal story out of this for now, I am watching women being prevented from doing their work in various ways, ranging from very tangible interference while trying to channel to being taken on mindfuck rides that lead to separation and the re-activation of past stories of victimhood and failure. I'm also seeing one specific scenario that involves the slightly unpleasant topic of vaxxes and shedding.

In both instances, nano particles play a big role. These nano particles that have penetrated our systems either through the jabs or through shedding can be activated and controlled to carry information of any kind. It is said that the 5G towers are used to trigger and steer them. While I have not seen visible proof of that, I have been hearing super high pitched sound waves for weeks now. I normally hear them in the evening, shortly before dawn. They come in waves, last for about 15 seconds and take place in intervals of two minutes. The whole thing lasts for about 2 hours. My muscle and tensor tests say, these waves electromagnetically activate the nano particles. You see, feel, discern for yourself please.

What I perceive with certainty, however, is what is going on with people. Their behavior changes and they begin to say and do things out of character for them. A few times, I have felt and seen elemental energies (not of the light-filled kind) jump at me from a vaxxed man or woman, and I know of two cases where a person appeared almost like "possessed" during wake and sleep time without remembering any of what happened to them. In both instances, the target was a strong male who walks side by side with a powerful priestess. Coincidence? Not.

We knew this would happen, and as Priestesses of the Light we are not afraid of the shenanigans of the dark coats. So, relax and take a deep breath. We got this, sister.

We would be fools to believe we would fight darkness the same way we have (unsuccessfully) fought it in the past. This time, there is something playing in our favor that wasn't on our side before: High frequencies. The rising energies of and on the planet are our greatest friend, if we know how to utilize them. And the way we do it is we put them to work in our favor. The higher the frequencies, the easier it is to enter and stay in a place of Love, for Love is the greatest Force in the Universe that conquers all darkness.

Hence, we do two things: We reprogram the nano particles and make them remember that even as tools of the dark coats, they have an inherent striving toward Oneness and Love. Everything in God's universe strives to unite with the Divine—it's a law even nano particles must obey. We use that by commanding the nano particles to turn into electromagnetic carriers of Love frequency. Thus, loooove your nano particles into Life!

If you own a Healy that allows you to enter your own protocols, create a protocol for yourself with Solfeggio frequencies and even higher ones. Use the Tesla-numbered Solfeggios 369, 639 and 963 Hz and add 1111, 2222 and 3333 Hz to support yourself and the space you are in to stay in a high vibration!

Incarnate your higher willpower now. You can do it. You wouldn't be here at this time if you couldn't!

Another thing you can do is to create/write your own protective decree. The power of the spoken word is something that's been purposefully overlooked and ignored for long, but it's high time we activate it for the highest purpose again. Whatever you say out loud with the intention for God / Allah / Spirit / Source / the Creator … whatever it is for you … to hear it carries tremendous power that will be heard and responded to. As a sovereign being leaving footprints on this planet, your will is God's command. Your decree is the most powerful way to speak your intention into reality.

As I'm writing this, I am working on a Healy protocol for "Protection & Prevention" that includes a spoke decree … and also a protective decree "spoken" by the Sophia Collective.

More to come soon … stay tuned.