July Time Stamp II: Atlantis, Matrix Mindfuck & Your Sovereignty

This post is a direct continuation of the last one from July 14. If you haven't read that one, I suggest you go back and read it before ingesting this one here for it will make much more sense to you to read them in the order they were written.

Like most of what I share on my blog, said last post came as a result of my own experience, which usually quite accurately reflects the current themes present in the ascension scenario. Hence, the previous article on how, at this time, we are increasingly being interfered with on the mental / emotional plane came at the heels of my own recent adventures in that department.

So, here it goes …

In the last two weeks, I had taken myself on quite a ride, and it was only three days ago that I snapped out of a rather painful state I was in. Granted, what I had experienced had happened to me for the first time on the conscious awareness plane of this lifetime, and it felt incredibly difficult while I was in it. However, as Divine Timing is always perfect, it came as no coincidence in the wider context of the current ascension timeline.

In this event, I found myself in a personal situation in which my body went into a state of full-on trauma response, recalling cellular memory of a deeply traumatic experience from a past life I had been aware of for more than twenty years. For two days, I was in such a state of shock that my brain couldn't process anything, much less think of ways to help myself. Toward the evening of the third day, I began to think more clearly again, suddenly remembered that I had a Healy, and thanks to the little magician, deep breathing exercises and some body process work dome remotely through a friend, I eventually was able to turn around some of the cellular memory and step onto the path of clarity again.

Said path took me to a memory of my childhood I had completely "forgotten." Aside from the past life situation…  there was that five-year-old little girl in me, who had been sitting by the window every night for many months, waiting for her beloved big sister to come home. She was utterly confused as to why the person closest to her in the whole wide world wasn't with her anymore and, of course, had no understanding of how people could die in car accidents at any age.

The day following this discovery, I had a long and inspiring chat with my dear friend Joy in Denmark. Joy has been a sister-in-spirit, mentor and invaluable ass-kicker to me for about two years now. Both veterans in Joe Dispenza's work (Joy even more so than me), we share interests in the workings of the human mind and psyche —and horses. Joy is also a seasoned energy worker who is currently on the forefront of the sovereignty movement in Denmark.

Since we hadn't spoken in about two months (the longest since I've known her), I set out to give her a brief update on all the wildly crazy and beautiful things that have happened in my life since, including my most recent tail spinning adventure that knocked me out for almost a full week. When I began to explain, she quietly allowed me to share the whole story, but I could almost see the "WTF?" sign on her forehead as I listened to myself talk. At some point, toward the end of a dizzying explanation about how my body went into a full-on trauma response by activating past life cell memory for two full days with my brain going into flight-or-fight mode for the first time in three years, I said something along the lines of how I was unable to help myself … she simply said, "no, you were not."

That's Joy for you! If you are not ready to face your shit, don't befriend her :-).

Granted, I've been doing "the work" for long enough so that she knew exactly what it took to set me straight. And it worked. With a single and simple bang my brain snapped back into place again, and I knew exactly what she meant and what had happened to me.

Yes, my body had been re-living an old traumatic experience from a "past life" and my childhood, went into shock mode over it, and took me on an emotional tail spin for three days. But had I truly been as helpless as I had felt? Mind you, here is a person, who until now has been able to change her brain state by a simple hand motion or, in more severe instances, with the help of a single meditation and some breathing exercises due to years of training in the work of Joe Dispenza.



Brutal honesty with ourselves leads to Liberation

The first and foremost step to liberation is always to be brutally honest with yourself, and once you realize how much of your mind games are conditioned anyway, it's actually not that hard anymore. And, of course, with a friend like Joy watching you like a hawk on the other end of that Telegram call, there's no budging anyway!

I recognized that there was still an addiction to suffering in me.

What I had overlooked was the fact that what kept me in the initial state of shock was a readiness for painful suffering that I thought I had long overcome. I wilfully stepped into the role of the victim, and by doing so I honored the Matrix conditioning that had taught me everything about the situation at hand. Because that's what it really is: All of our readiness and willingness to suffer is learned behavior in this system we are born into. Or what else do you think happens to a pure, blank brain the moment it enters this world by being squeezed through some strange dark tubular channel into an incredibly bright place, filled with loud, violent noises only to be held upside down and get a slap on the back or booty?



Our brains are trained from birth to create a state of suffering

The first thing this pure, innocent brain learns in this world is that being here equals suffering. Of course, this varies from case to case, but as a general rule the entire birth process is a painful, even traumatic event for a fresh soul to come into this world, especially given modern gynaecological practices which were of course deliberately altered for the very purpose to fit the Loosh harvesting nature of this planet.

Hence, the moment we pop into this world, the groundwork for the addiction to suffering is laid in our brains, and this is the main way by which we are hooked into the matrix. Our brain is literally trained into accepting suffering as a "normal" state of being, associated with life here on this planet, and everything we unconsciously manifest in our lives is impacted by this fact. Unless we understand and face this fact with undeniable certainty, we cannot effectively and lastingly unhook ourselves from matrix conditioning. Thus, in all of our inner work toward becoming a "true human being" or fully incarnating the Divine Human we truly are, this "matrix hook" is the most important aspect we must address if we want to liberate ourselves and achieve true sovereignty.

Because … truly, how can you claim to be sovereign when you can't even control your own thoughts, hence your own emotions? As long as we don't have complete control over the content of our mind and keep buying into mind games that take us on an emotional rollercoaster … as long as we cannot distinguish between what's truly ours and what's matrix mindfuck … as long as we cannot fully unhook from that matrix and start thinking our own, original thoughts … we are not sovereign at all, because IT ALL starts with our thoughts that create and shape our reality.

And how do we know when we've fallen victim to matrix mindfuck?
It's actually fairly easy when you think about it, for …

all there is in this Universe is Love —and resistance to it!

So, anything that's not Love is matrix. Resistance is a conditioned response, as is confusion, hesitation, doubts, thinking we must work to make a living, we need a driver's license to drive a car, vegans are healthier or that coffee is bad for you. All of this is only true when you believe it to be true. Through decades of mental / emotional conditioning, our brains and bodies get so used to these lower emotions, including judgements, that we buy into all kinds of nonsense the moment we are triggered accordingly.

While mind and body are two separate entities, they share one quality: they are both like a computer program that stores everything it's been given, thus becoming merely a record of the past. Any time we experience a situation in the outer, mind and body ignite their search engines to find references in the past in an effort to associate the current experience with. Is the search successful, they then link the current experience to the reaction and conclusion drawn from it in the past, and bang we are  in repeat mode. The cycle can only be broken once we take full responsibility and begin to see the responses mind and body offer to us as one suggested option in the Field of endless possibility. In gaining control over my thoughts, I realize I have a choice whether to believe the thoughts offered or the physical reactions my body is triggered to call up and can say, "thank you, but no, thank you" … in doing so, I'll shift not only my state of being but also the reality I experience.

Hence, here is the link to my previous post where I tried to make us all aware of how much we are being mind fucked right now. To make sure we're on the same page, I would like to clarify the notion of "they" as I have used it in that particular post. When I say, "they" get into your mind and fuck with you, trying to gain control over your thoughts, etc. then I use "they" as a loose and rather vague pronoun to refer to the dark cabal, the matrix, the system, the dark force / ET agenda behind it, all the same. To me, that's all the same energy, and it doesn't matter if your thoughts are a result of direct interference of a dark entity looking over your left shoulder or a conditioning resulting from decades of matrix exposure … it doesn't change the fact that your job is to recognize them as being not your own and NOT to believe them!



The crystalline grid currently matches the frequency of the Age of Atlantis

Now, keep all of what I said until here in mind when I ask you the following question: When you wake up in the middle of the night with your mind offering you negative thoughts about yourself or someone or something you felt in perfect alignment with before heading to bed … when those thoughts suggest you being unworthy, small, powerless, not in the right place, being wronged or being victimized, etc. … when your mind takes you on a goose chase down the rabbit hole where you end up feeling like shit about yourself, your life and anything you can possibly think of … what do you think happened?

While in a small number of instances, there truly might be some personal trauma or shadows involved, chances are that it's NOT your unconscious giving you clues but rather it's the matrix conditioning working its dark magic while you were tuned in with the collective mental body.

And, from what I can see happening right now, when your thoughts take you on a spin associated in any way with guilt, shame or disasters taking place as a result of wrongdoing and / or some sort of perceived failure, it means you are recalling the events of Atlantis. They might be your personal ones or a collective memory; either way, it doesn't really matter. The range of frequencies in the crystalline grid are currently matching the ones of the time of the Atlantean civilization, which means we can easily tune in with and recall the lives and events of that time period. Therein lies tremendous healing potential for us, individually and collectively, with the entire scenario being an amazing chance to reverse the effects of the age of Atlantis through timeline shifts and convergence. In releasing all the low-frequency emotional baggage we carry from those timelines, we can take an important step toward our personal sovereignty and the liberation of this planet.

Let's recap.

Our addiction to suffering is a result of matrix conditioning, fueling all lower emotional states such as guilt, shame, doubts, resistance and all kinds of fears.

The key is to take ownership of our thoughts and full responsibility of our emotional states by controlling our mind. We cannot be truly sovereign if we cannot even think our own, original thoughts.

The great challenge of this current time is to be alert enough to catch what is ours and what is matrix mindfuck, thus no longer feeding into the Loosh harvesting of this planet.

Hence, the first thing we must so is to release the addiction to suffering.


And how do we release our addiction to suffering?

The first step to any change / transformation is to become aware of it. Has the above truly sunk into your understanding? Do you get it? Are you in full resonance with it? If so … the next step is to make a firm decision. A decision that is carried by an energetic amplitude greater than the energy that holds the conditioned pattern in you in place. In other words, the energy with which you make the decision has to be higher or greater than the energy that keeps the conditioned program in you running. Generally, we have to incarnate our Higher Will for such a purpose. That means we must connect with our Higher Self and draw down some of that energy in a way that is heard and seen not only by our own Soul but the entire Universe.

One way to do this is to decree. The power of the spoken word has been underestimated for way too long, yet, remember: In the beginning was the word.

… to be continued …