July Time Stamp I: Priestess, Be Alert.

It was quite some time ago when Serapis Bey told me that the time of transition on the planet would require a much greater awareness than ever before. I remember distinctly that when he said, "being attentive won't be enough. You will have to be alert. 24/7" I thought he was certainly exaggerating. These past few weeks have taught me otherwise.

Since March, we have known that June and July would be the months where the chaos starts. Looking around the world, as it is right now, do we need any more evidence that it's indeed true? The divide between the awakened ones and the vaccinated ones couldn't be more evident, and yes, you didn't misread. I did compare the awakened ones to the vaxxed ones, for a person who is truly awake would never, ever, not in a gazillion years, allow for the toxic shit that is used as a bio weapon on mankind to enter the sacred vehicle that is the very fundament of their earthly existence, building the foundation for the ascension process. But I digress.

I must say that I find every day existence increasingly bizarre. At the same time I'm seeing more and more revelations hitting main stream news, I am watching Germans drive alone in their cars with a mask on. At 30°C, people in a parking lot wear masks while the next person is at least 10 cars away, even though the completely fabricated and nonsensical so-called incidence rate has already fallen close to 0. And while these muggle idiots sweat under their face diapers, hundred miles further South massive amounts of rain flood basements and destroy crops just as much as the heat does in other places. The stupidity in those looking at the sky, thinking the chem trails are "just clouds" and believing this is all "normal" must be unprecedented in human history and must make every sane person wonder if the human species even deserves to be saved from going extinct.

Food shortage is big time in the making, the vaxxinated drop dead left and right and many, who have been deprived of their annual trip to some warm country, line up at the vaxx centers like sheep going to the slaughterhouse while MSM send the first reports of air lines no longer wanting to transport vaxxinated passengers for concern over embolism. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more surreal, the Montreal Canadians play Tampa Bay Lightning in Florida with 60k fans in the seats, no masks, no social distancing, while at home in Canada nobody even wonders.

So, you've read until here. Where are your thoughts? What have you truly gathered from the previous three paragraphs?

Where is your focus?


If your answer, at this point, contains words like mask wearing, chem trails, vaxxinated, surreal, embolism or even hockey … sit down. You've flunked the test, and frankly you haven't learned a thing in the past year and a half.


Because none of what I said there is relevant in any way to the introduction about Separis Bey's statement and the teaching I got from it. If you had been attentive, you would have read the paragraphs with your spotlight set on finding the connection. It is there, but it is not obvious. Rather it is stated between the lines, or better yet it is the content underlying the words or phrases. And what is it? It is the chaos, the division, the ambiguity, the separation, the ignorance that is the truly important information, because as an awake and attentive being, the combination of these things tells you that we are already in the midst of chaos.

Why am I telling you this in such a strange fashion?

To make you aware that this is how you must walk the world from now on, and it would have been an advantage had you employed a similar degree of discernment in the first two weeks of this month already. If you have done so, all the better. Congratulations. Your training is going very well.

And why? Because the dark forces are upon us, and this is how they act. They distract with external nonsense, while at the same time undermining your power and challenging your sovereignty in such subversive ways you will believe it's all your own shit. And believe me, it's not. Oh, I can already see the New Age cult Light & Love brigade come out of their hobbit huts and call me out on this. Noo, Petra, it's the energiiies. All these spikes in the Schuhmann, the enormous solar flares, the source waves that hit us last weekend … they bring all of our shadows to the surface, and we must work through them to let them go.

Yup. Feel free to continue your spiri mindfuck games, but don't be surprised if you find yourself in September, still working on your "issues" that are none. For they are nothing but mental implants inserted into your hologram to make you believe they are your own. At best, you not only believe they are your shit, you also feel terribly ashamed and guilty about them, so you continue to feed the Loosh energy harvesting like any good matrix slave.

To clarify, I'm not saying that the massive energies we are exposed to right now aren't washing up old patterns or emotions from the past. They do! What I'm saying is that the moment you engage with them on the mental / emotional plane like you used to in the past, you open the portal for the dark coats to come in and hook you into a beautiful game of ego mindfuck. When the hamster in your mind is running itself into a dizzy spell or heart attack, you should know you were fooled into believing shit that's not yours.



Matrix mindfuck is like a hamster in the wheel, running itself senseless

When your mind conjures up thoughts you never entertained before, that's your signpost to get suspicious. When you start having doubts about something that you knew in your heart to be true yesterday, know you're being fooled big time. The goal, of course, is to distract you from happily creating your future, because when you do, and you no longer pay attention to any of the nonsense taking place externally or in our head, you dismantle and disempower the dark coats. Quite simple, actually, but no one ever said the satanic ways had to be complex.

From what I can see around me, it happens to everyone right now. So, don't fret.


Unless you're a Priestess. As a Priestess, you cannot afford to go down the rabbit hole others fall into. Actually, you cannot afford to even set one foot at the entrance of it. As a Priestess, you have to be alert 24/7. Being attentive won't cut it.



Memo to the Priestess: Be alert!

If you are a Priestess and you haven't gotten the memo by now, here it is: We are full-on with the dark coats right now, and they try everything to unseat you. e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. They will fuck with you like you haven't seen before, and your attention alone will not be enough to catch it in time when they do.

As I have said many times in the past, the dark ones are highly intelligent, having planned out this satanist scenario brilliantly for hundreds of years. We've been trained to counter them for just as long, but their advantage is they know what they're dealing with and we don't. They know, the most powerful Force in the Universe is the Divine Feminine, hence their goal has been for ages to destroy anything that walks in that energy. And because they know that, they are aware that it is us women, who have the guts and wisdom to fight their dark shenanigans and put an end to their evil doings once and for all.

And because they know this, they will try everything to rob you of your power. How they do it? Well, many ways, but here are a few obvious ones I'm aware of.

Of course, trying to undermine your confidence is the oldest trick in the book. But, seriously, if after one and a half years of watching the shit show, you are still dealing with lack of self-worth and think you have self-confidence issues, you might be better off moving to Venus. This is not the time to think about whether you are deserving of good things or worthy of taking up a certain role or position you never thought you could. This is not the time to question your abilities. You already had hundreds of years of time to do that. This is the time to step up and get down to business.

Getting down to business means to send the good girl to the desert and start saying, "no" where you previously would have said, "yes." It means to forget all of the past, all the times you were burned at the stake, drowned with a chain around your neck, hooked up to a rock, and desecrated, degraded, dishonored, tortured and killed for being spiritual, wise, a healer or a seer. It means to do things you never thought you would do. It means to gather your wits and all you know, and start stepping into the spotlight, whether you like it or not. It means to take a stand not just for what you believe in but for what you ARE. A Priestess of the Light.

And, most of all, it means to leave all of the pain, suffering and trauma in the past, knowing that if you hold on to it, it will weaken you and create an opening for the dark coats to grab you by the neck and take you down. In order to secure yourself into the position you are meant to hold at this time, you have to overcome. Your past and yourself.

There's no room for trial and error anymore. This is not, and was never, a game. This is the real deal, the very thing for which you entered into an in incarnation cycle thousands of years ago, only to arrive at this peak moment. No more training. We have officially entered the combat stage.

What does it mean to be in combat? It means to do what you came here to do, and be as alert as you can to interference. Our battle is not an active one, playing out in the openness of a vast battlefield. Instead we fight by bringing our Light, wisdom and Divine Feminine energy to whatever we are called to do, and our challenge is to keep it as powerful and pure as possible, which means to be aware of the agenda that aims to take us out and to either ward it off or avoid it as best as we can.

THAT's the battle. No bow, no sword, no gun. Our healing and creative powers, drenched with our Divine Feminine Light and the vision of a peaceful, love-filled future for the planet and All That Is.

Practicing discernment in all we do and safeguarding our sacred spaces and our work are key to avoiding a repeat of the past, and with past I mean all events reaching as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria, both of which play a crucial role at this time. So don't be surprised if you are faced with unpleasant memories of those times, reviving old emotional trauma for you. Again, overcome. Let go. We have no time for this now!

You must be aware that there will be attempts to take you out and prevent you from doing your work. How? The dark coats are clever and employ many different strategies. One of them is to fuck with your mind like you haven't been fucked with before.  Another one is to sabotage you with job, tech gear, your reputation, finances ... all areas where they can easily get under your skin, because your power over those areas is limited. More likely and more importantly, however, be aware that they will try to use those things or people dearest to you to set you off balance. As previously explained, they know how to get into people heads, so don't be surprised if some of your closest friends suddenly turn on you for no reason or act in ways totally unusual for them. Or family members begin to treat you in ways you never thought possible. Be aware here that the vaxxed ones are especially susceptible to being used against you. Most importantly, however, they will try to get to the very "thing" that is closest to your heart, because that is where you're most vulnerable. Your parents, your children, your spouse.

What is the most efficient way to make a Priestess really vulnerable? To attack her Divine Masculine beloved and protector - or her children.

If you can expect that to happen, and you can stay calm, content and in your power throughout it, you'll smile kindly at all the other mumpitz they're going to throw at you, including breaking your laptop or favorite coffee maker.  

Mastering this challenge will be your initiation into your High Priestess shoes!