Soul Descent in the current Ascension Scenario

We have a saying in German that goes like this: Mittendrin statt nur dabei, meaning in the thick of things instead of just being there, and this perfectly describes where we are right now—In the midst of the Great Shift. On June 12, the measuring instruments for the Schuhman Resonance went inactive for four days, suggesting that it's safe to assume they didn't do so because the electromagnetic currents moving through the Earth's grid were so low!

The cosmic washing cycle we've been immersed in seems to have advanced to the first stage of the spin cycle, and the enormously high frequencies streaming onto the planet accelerate the LBP in many of us.

In recent weeks, I have been witnessing many clients and friends experience physical symptoms they never had before. Some also report of symptoms, which they have had for a while already, that are now amplified manifold. From that, I derive that the planetary ascension process has been kicked into high gear and those, who decided to ascend with the collective, have entered the crucial stages of the LBP while the first wave of those making their cosmic ascension are now being in prepared to welcome the greater part of their Oversoul into their light body structure.

From what I can see, this process takes place in stages. To think that the Soul will fully and completely descend into the light body in one fell swoop is a common misconception. In my understanding and personal experience, it takes place in stages, and frankly nothing else makes sense to me because a one-time descent would not only blow up our energetic structure, it would also make our brain explode. I don't think our brain could handle the amount of energetic current that would go hand in hand with such an event.

That said, some of us are currently undergoing episodes of soul descent. When the light body has stabilized a higher frequeny level and is ready to receive a new oversoul fragment, part of the Oversoul will descend into the energetic structure and anchor itself there. For most people, this happens during the night while they are asleep. For a few, it happens while being in full awareness of it, though they don't know exactly what is taking place in that moment when they are hit by the energy. It can feel like a massive stream of energy coming in through your crown chakra, and in some of us it comes with immense heart activation.

In any case, after such an event, you are no longer the same. Literally and energetically.

Energy-wise, it might feel a bit like an explosion, with the mind reeling to get a grasp of what is going on. Right afterwards, you might feel dizzy and disoriented. The latter can last a few days even, with your perceptions being distorted and your sense of time completely off. It will take time for you to integrate the new higher state of consciousness, and on a very basic level your system needs time to adjust to the new frequencies. The phase of integration might take up to two weeks. You might feel "off" and not quite yourself for a while. The mind not working much, yet the heart wide open with lots of palpitations. Most likely you will feel really energized right after it happened but feel quite fatiqued after a while. It takes time for your system to adjust to the new, higher frequencies because, after all, your entire energy signature has changed in an instant!

Naturally, this will have consequences, as it will likely be reflected back to you by your immediate surrounding, people, circumstances and situations alike. What was a great match before, can turn into a mismatch overnight without anyone being at fault here. The change in your frequency can be quite dramatic, so there's a good chance the feedback you receive externally might mirror the intensity of your inner change. Don't be surprised if all of a sudden you feel that you don't want to connect with someone you've been close to for a long time. Likewise, you might find that people whose company enjoyed suddenly cannot stand you anymore, and you sense their discomfort as you want to connect with them. Your work, your living situation, your family relationships … any of your life circumstances can now disintegrate instantly.

And, again, there is no one at fault here. It is simply a matter of frequencies no longer being a match. It is important to honor that as part of the sacred process that is embedded in this grande ascension spectacle we participate in. Try not to resist, as things begin to fall apart around you. As in all human relationships, there's potential for projections and friction, but as the creator of your reality, you can choose whether you want to participate in any of lower frequency behavior you might get triggered with or not. Burning bridges is never helpful, so to make an effort to bring things to a close in a peaceful manner can ease the pain on both ends. Besides, some of the separation you experience might only be temporary, and those who don't match you anymore could be back in your life again once they have shifted to another frequency range as well.

All in all, I strongly feel that this part of the ascension journey bears honoring, and an attitude of gratitude helps to ease the pain and strain that comes with it. In awake and aware people, this should not be a problem. By now, we should all have risen to a level that allows us to navigate such situations gracefully with respect and love for one another.

Until the oversoul has fully descended into our crystalline light body, we will re-experience this scenario several times over, and it would not be helpful to loose our marbles every time and use up too much of our precious energy. The higher in frequency we climb, the rougher these experiences can get, thus it becomes more and more important to move through such episodes with an attitude that matches the level of consciousness we are at.

Something that can help us in the process is to decree how we wish these phases to pass. If we declare out loud that we wish to depart from anything that no longer matches us with grace, ease and in a loving, respectful manner, the Universe WILL hear us and orchestrate things accordingly. Try it and be willing to let go of all for what is awaiting you is so much more beautiful and complete, it will render all the chaos that proceeded it insignificant.

May you be blessed on your sacred journey Home!