Hello Schuhman! From resistance to surrender

Things are really heating up.
Do you feel it too?
The past few days have really not been a walk it he park for most of us. You could succinctly say that since April 24 the Schuhman has gone totally off the charts, but of course it hasn't, because it's simply one of the wonderful gifts flowing our way right now in this so carefully planned cosmic scenario.
Unfortunately, the energetic storm surge rarely feels like a gift, and what it triggers feels more like Dante's "Inferno."

In the moments when we feel like shit is hitting the fan, it is often least helpful when someone else tells us it's all our soup that we've attracted it into our hologram ourselves. Hello New Age Cult. This supposedly spiritual matrix, which was formed, and/or consciously knitted, will soon be allowed to go. It is alrealy decoded for the most part.

If we consider how long we have been in a situation that globally generates an unprecedented level of fear and insecurity, then it is little wonder that we are going into resistance. After all - let's face it - it's not just boiling on the outside, it's been boiling on the inside for a long time. The topics, which hit us over the head thanks to the constantly rising electromagnetic waves are also no strangers for us. On the contrary, we've known them for years or even decades, until now we just could not (er)solve, release and/or transform them. 

Now they are standing in front of the door, even forgetting to knock and simply entering without being asked. The fact that they often bring along a few buddies "from the past" doesn't make it any easier. And it's even less easy when we push against the door from the inside and refuse to let them in. At some point, it's got to be good, right?

I've encountered this resistance more and more especially in the last few days. With others and of course within myself. When, I once again, I found myself on the couch in the evening, nerves fluttering and had to admit to myself that I had once again failed to maintain my boundaries and felt like I was being bled dry, I asked myself: Really now, Petra? How long already? How many more times? 

My resistance coupled with a touch of shame made me close up and shut down completely. Minutes later I could no longer feel myself, and - even worse - the enormously high vibration I had built up the day before went completely down the drain. My guides then gave me a lesson and made it clear to me that different rules apply at the moment. They said, now it is important that we protect ourselves especially when we are in a high vibration.

But that sounded really selfish to my ears, and I didn't like it at first. Early in the morning I even posted this quite unfiltered in my Telegram channels and immediately felt totally guilty, because I feared that people with whom I had been in contact the day before might feel bad about it.

In a deeper exchange with Anna, however, I began to understand ... This is not about interpersonal niceties, but about our ascension, and especially now it is of immeasurably greater importance that we keep our vibration high than to serve any ego games, which sometimes remind of kindergarten skirmishes.

The Sophia Collective made me realize how important it is to protect our vibration, which basically means to protect our field. The latter means nothing other than protecting our body, because we often forget all too quickly that this flesh suit we are in is the vehicle in which we will ascend. Without a flesh suit, there is no life in 5D. Where else would the Oversoul descend to? Into an Aldi bag, perhaps? 

To be clear, it cannot and will not descend into a low vibrating swamp (pun intended). So, if we keep our field clean and vibrating high, we are approaching the descent of the soul and thus our ascension. Sounds great, doesn't it, but how do we put this into practice?

A good place to start is to be aware of what puts us in a high vibration, how we can protect our field, and how it feels when we don't or can't do that.

All that which releases seratonin in our brain is good. Feelings of joy, love and bliss put us in the highest vibration. Breathing exercises, kundalini and pineal gland activation help. If we add conscious action and a large portion of gratitude, we are well prepared. 

Perhaps we will be able to meet what is boiling inside of us and outside with gratitude instead of resistance. After all, these enormous energies that are visiting us right now are a gift of incomprehensible value! They virtually push us into enlightenment. In the past, yogis had to meditate for thirty years in lonely mountain caves for this. Today we reach this energetic state by doing practically nothing. It is dropped in our lap free of charge. The difference, of course, is that the yogis' bodies had a long time to adjust to the new frequencies. Our bodies now have to do this at turbo speed, and it often doesn't feel very gentle.

But it is a gift and we can only protect it if we sharpen our awareness for the situations we encounter every day. At the beginning it is exhausting, but as with all training, it soon becomes a habit and we do it automatically.

Emotions like fear and our so often underestimated resistance are of little help, especially when they are combined with shame and guilt. We are then allowed to let go of all the things that trigger these emotions. Of course it requires our attention and conscious looking at these topics, whose shadow expressions we cannot take with us to 5D. Although a year ago I was still pushing for classical shadow work, I now believe that the time has come for a different approach.

Instead of dealing with the same issues over and over again, it seems to me that now is the time for us to learn to allow the storm of high frequencies to burn them up once and for all. We are already being toasted, roasted, fried anyway, so why not hand all that over to the fire to be reduced to rubble so that we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes?

It definitely gets easier when we manage to turn our resistance into surrender, greet the energies with gratitude as a gift from the Divine and just let them flow through. Then the white bar on the Schuhman chart elicits a joyful Yippih from us instead of an Ohmygosh. When we stop being distracted by the tax return, the neighbor, the family, the vaccination pressure, focus our attention on our new life in 5D and the future of the New Earth instead of talking about the past, then we take the power away from the shadows and inevitably draw our soul to us and thus into our light body.

So let us realign ourselves. Again and again. And again. Because the only way is forward, up.


Clear out the house, clean out the cellar, reduce the number of clothes, reduce the number of books. Clearing out the outside also clears the inside and makes room for the new. In 5D we don't need much anymore anyway, but we need a lot of space for our soul, which wants to expand when it comes to us. It will want purity, clarity and freedom. Let's create the foundations for its arrival and let all the old that clutters everything burn away.

Together with the garbage, let the New Age cult go, which has made us believe long enough that we have attracted everything negative because of our oh-so-low vibration, in order to keep us in the guilt/shame loop. None of this is true anymore, because many of us are still sitting in energies or situations that we have attracted because of old resonances, but cannot change because of the current situation. And this although they have changed massively and especially quickly in the last months. Also because we are changing almost daily at the moment, and this often faster than we are able to turn our heads, so much of what we still have around us is already an old braid that is already dying.

Our vibration has actually long since outgrown it, the outside just hasn't adapted yet and every now and then these old issues still bleed through if we aren't attentive and realize that they are already a thing of the past.

The key is to stay attentive and disallow any more distractions. Now it's bye bye, Matrix and bye bye, New Age, and instead ...

... welcome Home, sweet Soul of mine.