On King Arthur, SCC and the Grail Dragons

Today I'd like to connect a few dots that have happened separately over the past six months, but have miraculously, magically come together to form one big picture.

In November 2020, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a male voice shouting loudly, "Prepare for battle."

The next morning I consulted with The Sophia Collective about it, who informed me that the voice was the one of King Arthur. I was a little thrown for a loop, because I truly didn't want to go into battle anymore. I've been there too many times in the past, and it never ended well (at least as far as I can remember). No, not so with sword and shield, my guides said, it's about the task that women can now fulfil. Women, according to King Arthur, should turn to Earth Magic once again. It is in their nature to work with this power. They don't have to learn much at all, they just have to remember. 

The only concrete instructions I received were to design a course to help women remember this power which is lying dormant in them, but the t exact timing for this was still somewhat in the future. And so, for the time being, the topic was back on file ... until I came across Lisa Renee's newsletter at the end of March. Since then, things have been falling into place with wild accuracy.

That King Arthur stood for the embodiment of a certain divine masculine energy was clear to me, but not the overarching role he plays in the grand scheme of the ascension process. Now it makes sense. For the past two years, The Sophia Collective has been drumming into my consciousness that we old souls, who are going through their final incarnation in this 3D matrix are ascending to the Sophia Christ Consciousness (SCC), which is anchored in the 6th dimension. For this to happen, the chymical marriage must occur between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine (alchemy). The logo of my website here symbolically represents this process - the masculine (sphere / sun) descending into the feminine (shell / moon). This symbol was shown to me in a dream back in 2008 and tattooed onto Mother Earth by our cosmic friends in form of the crop circle that appeared in Etchilhampton in August 2019, the day after I visited the sacred stone circle of Avebury, which is about 300 metres away as the crow flies.

In her article, Lisa Renee not only beautifully connects the dots (Arthur, SCC, Avebury and more), but fills in the spaces in between with very valuable details. Reading her article deeply touched my soul and was a very welcome confirmation and also deepening of the work that has been growing for me since 2019. 

However, Lisa describes one thing that was quite new to me. She speaks of 13 dragon beings whose job it is to guard the Ley lines, but who are currently still sleeping in the earth's crust. In shamanism, working with dragons is something very special and thus not new to me, but I knew nothing about these particular dragons. The dragon is also a very old mystical symbol for the ability of the Divine Feminine to give birth to Light out of darkness. Thus it symbolises the non-existent fear and courage of the Feminine to descent into the depths of dark places to bring the Truth to Light.

A week after reading Lisa's article, I was stirred waking up in the morning to go to work. The Sophia Collective asked me to awaken the dragon that lies over Germany (this happened on the day of the Bundestag debates on the Enabling Act). No sooner said than done. I found said dragon indeed stretched out long, covering almost all of Germany, its tail in France and its head pointing towards Denmark and touching the southern islands there.

After shaking herself free from the earth, the dragon straightened up in front of me and transformed into a wonderful ethereal looking being, almost like crystal, only a bit "thinner" with a slight purple glow. She told me she was now guarding the grid and would do all in her power to keep the energy at a tolerable level for us humans.

For days, I couldn't get the image of the reclining dragon out of my head, so I asked again and suddenly realised that she was lying in exact alignment on the Reshel Grid. The Reshel Grid is the crystalline grid system initiated by Metatron and first discovered by the American William Buehler. Obviously, it represents the energetic structure of the Albion Light Body addressed by Lisa Renne. The two main lines of the Reshel (called Icurius Grid) run from Rennes Le Chateau in France to the Danish island of Bornholm, and from Ireland down to Mount Sinai in Israel. Crossing point of the two lines of the Icurius Grid is ... well, where?

In the Palatinate Forest, about 50 km as the crow flies from my home and present place of residence. The fact that today we know that these high frequency nerve paths of the planet were obviously known to the Knights Templar and that they aligned their church buildings honouring the Divine Feminine in accordance with it is surely ... well, pure coincidence. Just as it is a coincidence that Lisa chose to add the lyrics of the Salve Regina to the end of her article.

In the past week it has now become clear that the Divine Masculine power of King Arthur is presenting itself to me with a reason, calling me to work. More on this in a separate blog entry. Let this one settle in first, as I am linking said article by Lisa Renee here. But before I close, one last reference:

What I'm particularly pleased about is Lisa's mentioning on the symbolism of the Christ child. Except for my Sufi teacher, who is a great mystic and initiate of our time, I have not heard of this from anyone else. My teacher spoke of it in a lecture on the archetypes he gave in 2003. At that time he said almost verbatim, "I have a feeling that the archetype of the new era that will dawn will be a child. A golden child born from the union of the Feminine and Masculine. This child outshines everything and its quality is pure joy."