Soul Fragments and their role in the ascension process

Once again I sit at my keyboard and marvel at the magical way in which life—and with it my work —continues to unfold. A year ago it seemed unthinkable to me to talk or even write about soul fragments, and now here I am.

At that time, I myself had just received a fragment from the ascended master Anna and had found the process extremely moving and very sacred. While Anna had asked me to include this type of "journey" in my offerings in the future, I remained in such awe of it for long that I didn't dare to even openly offer the "Sacred Birthing Journey," much less advertise it. 

But, as we know, "the guys upstairs" always find a way when something is really important. And so it gradually happened that more and more often clients ended up in the initiation chamber during a mentoring session where they were prepared for the transfer of soul fragments. Since the immensely powerful and transformative energy wave that hit Earth on December 21, 2020, this has been steadily increasing and it seems appropriate to shed some light on what actually happens there.

The integration of new soul fragments is nothing new at all. It is a natural phenomenon that has been going on for as long as souls have been incarnating on this planet. Possibly far beyond that, but I don't have any memory of that time, and I only want to write about what I remember and only to the extent that I understand it. Although from the higher point of view it is a quite normal thing, this "quite normal thing" now plays particularly important role in the ascension of each individual.

However, before I delve into the soul fragments, I would like to briefly illuminate the subject of ascension, as it seems to me to be one of the most misunderstood subjects of this time.

What does it actually mean to ascend?

The term itself can be somewhat misleading, because we—the souls and the planet—do ascend into a higher dimension (that is, into an energetic existence that vibrates in a higher frequency range than the third dimension in which we as a collective currently find ourselves), but this actually requires a "descent" in the individual. 

Everything vibrates. Every atom, every particle permanently oscillates in a certain frequency. The higher this frequency, i.e. the faster something oscillates, the more ethereal it becomes. Or the other way around, the more ethereal something is, the faster / higher its oscillation. The vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension, towards which we are moving as a collective (souls + planet) is higher than the level at which we are currently in the 3rd dimension. 

This means that in order to get to the 5th dimension, we need to raise our vibrational frequency.  

How do we do that?  We have a certain amount of influence, but we are also exposed to forces that we cannot influence and that literally force us into this process of transformation.

The area we ourselves have power over is our inner world—our thoughts and emotions, which we need to control, and our inner attitude towards external influences and circumstances. The more we manage to keep ourselves in a high vibration by the power of our thoughts, the easier we make it for ourselves and our body, which is more grossly material and has to struggle quite a bit in this process. Thoughts and emotions that create a high vibration in us are gratitude, joy, love, appreciation, etc. (see Hawkins Scale of Emotions).

Mother Earth herself is also going through a process of ever increasing frequency, which we can clearly see in the Schuhmann Resonance and the constantly increasing electromagnetic frequencies. Since the human body is 70% water, we absorb these vibrations into cells and tissues, which can lead to severe physical and mental/emotional symptoms. This presents an incredible challenge, especially for the more sensitive and sentient among us. If we meet this challenge with a positive attitude, it gets a little easier, but let's not kid ourselves ... for many of us, this is a real initiation!

So again, for something to ascend, it has to establish itself in a higher / faster vibrational frequency.

In a previous blog post, I explained what it actually is that vibrates "in us." The human being consists of different bodies ... a physical and several subtle bodies, which are still largely invisible to us at the moment. These subtle bodies are arranged around us like layers of an onion, for the sake of simplicity I call them "the energy bodies" because their differentiation is not important here. Important is one of these energy bodies, which is called Light Body in the wisdom teachings.

The light body is the subtle structure that hosts our consciousness, or our soul. In my understanding it is synonymous with the Ka-body, which the ancient Egyptians mentioned in their writings. The light body is the vessel or the vehicle of our consciousness. If we aim to increase our vibrational frequency / raise our energy so that our consciousness can be anchored in a higher dimension, first the light body must be able to contain and permanently hold these higher vibrational energies.

Here, the laws of physics apply. If the light body is used to hold a certain frequency x and must soon be able to hold a much higher frequency xxx, it must be prepared for that task. How does this happen? By feeding it again and again with higher frequencies, so it can get used to them. These higher vibrations can come "from outside," via the earth and also the environment, by being exposed to people, for example, who are already vibrating much higher than ourselves. If the light body is ready for it, it can also be stabilized "from the inside" … by adding another soul fragment. 

What does that mean exactly?

The principle explained above also applies to our soul: Increasing subtleness means increased vibrational frequency. Herein lies the reason why only a small percentage of the soul is incarnated with us, i.e. is anchored in the light body. If the entire soul with its enormously high vibration would want to enter into our light body, we would probably burn instantly as our energetic system was not (yet) fit to hold such high vibrations. In most of us, only 5–15% of the soul is incarnate. The larger part of our soul, which we call oversoul, is outside of our body (and light body).

Once the light body adjusts to carrying higher vibrations, as is the process we are all going through at the moment, it is then ready to hold more soul energy, which in turn provides the basis for an incarnation of further soul fragments. As mentioned before, this is a very natural process. Mostly it takes place at night, while we are sleeping. Without us noticing it, we receive further portions of our own Oversoul while the daytime awareness is switched off.

The integration of further soul fragments serves to stabilize the light body on a higher vibrational level, while oftentimes we experience an expansion of consciousness as a result. So basically our ascension is supported by the descent of soul fragments or soul parts into our energetic structure. The ultimate goal is to integrate the complete soul and thus become an "ascended master." For this to take place in all its perfection, however, many other aspects must factor in, one of them being the ego. But more about this at another time.

It seems to be a sign of the times that such processes now must be experienced more consciously. It also seems to be due to the quality of time that many of us also receive soul parts from their spirit guides, angels or other higher beings with the intent to assist us in various matters. Often this is connected with the life task of the person and is a particularly emotional experience for the person. In a broader sense, this process could also be called "walk-in." Why it is especially important for many lightworkers and lighthouses to consciously experience such a handover is not entirely clear to me, to be honest. Maybe so that they really believe it is happening?

Over the past half year, I have accompanied an ever increasing number of such processes in my work with clients. The sessions are always quite similar. While journeying on the inner planes, the person is guided to an initiation chamber. Very often the client feels this physically, as she suddenly has the feeling that she can no longer move while her energy body lies in a sarcophagus in a room lined with high pillars and lit with oversized candles. The ascended masters Thoth and Serapis Bey oversee the procedure. The latter initiates the purification and energetic preparation of the light body while Thoth seals the integration of the soul fragments or, in some cases, several fragments.

Even though the integration of soul fragments has now become almost daily business, each process that I am allowed to accompany is always something very special and leaves me with a deep feeling of gratitude. It is a great honor to be allowed to witness such a sacred event.