5D: The ego cannot come

It is really quite simple. As we journey toward ascension to the 5th dimension, the ego cannot come along. At least not in the form it is active right now.

Fifth dimensional frequency is not conducive to the deceiving games of trickery the ego plays on us in this plane. The way the ego has manipulated our perceptions / reality and exercised control over our minds in the past will find no nourishment in the high frequency harmonics of 5th dimensional existence, primarily based on Love, peace and oneness consciousness.

In short, the ego cannot exist in 5D in its current form.

For those whose Awakening and ascension will come in form of a rapid experience comprised into a very short time span, this will cause an unprecedented and very uncomfortable identity crisis. For the rest of us, who are awake and aware this means we have work to do.
While we cannot know for sure how our individual ascension is going to unfold, we can at least make an effort to apply all we know in the hopes to positively impact our own process, so we can support those around us once they are hit by a ton of bricks.

How can we do this?

On the mental / emotional levels, I know of two ways: mind hygiene (see here) and shadow work.
Almost a year ago, I wrote a blogpost titled "Shadow Work Is On Right Now." I don't think the importance of it was understood at the time, perhaps not even by myself. Shadow work is THE most important work we'll ever do on the way to 5D. The more we are able to disarm the ego, the more we liberate ourselves and assure a successful ascension.

Just in case someone is in need of a reality check: If you thought ascension means that some massive wave of higher frequency light gently hits you and instantly transports you to paradise where you live happily and peacefully ever after, you might want to stock up on tissue and chicken noodle soup. Because that's not how it's going to go. Yeah, we might not be able to foresee our individual processes, but that much is certain: it won't be a stroll by the beach. On the contrary … the more deeply awake you are, the … (fill in the blanks yourself; I don't always want to be the harbinger of tough news). 

Have you noticed lately that your ego is more of a drama queen than ever before?

That's because it knows what's going on—it can already feel the breath of death on its neck. Of course, this looks different in each one of us, as we all have different themes to wrestle with. As a rule, all of our core issue now fly straight into our face. Whatever your particular fix … self-doubts, worthlessness, shame, guilt, abuse, martyrdom, you name it. The ego will find a way to throw it at you, in subtle and not so subtle ways. And once you have dug your way through those familiar murky waters, it will move to the next deeper layer and dig up the shit beneath it.

Not a pleasant process for sure, but who ever said mastery was a pony ride? Keep in mind that in the not so distant past, truth seekers retreated to mountain caves and, for decades, meditated their brains into Nirvana to reach the level we are handed as a gift this moment in time! Not to dismiss the gift dropped in our lap, we better make sure we are fit to accept the challenge and at least do our part to assure success.
Keep in mind, each individual ascension benefits the whole. 

Back to shadow work. As the ego begins to reach deeper and dig up our shadows from the darkest recesses of our unconscious, we moan and cringe … and at times attempt to ignore it and / or weasel our way around it, so we don't have to accept the painful truth about ourselves. Let's be honest, shadow work is yuck. It is fucking messy business. It is much easier to believe all the crap happening to us is other people's fault, so we blame it on others and construct entire drama scenarios to justify that notion.  

Doing shadow work means to sit still and honestly look at what is, to feel the pain within us without having to project it onto someone else. To accept what is happening within us and release the desire to run away from it. To own up to it and take responsibility for all of the most likely unjust or unfair actions we have justified with it. To practice shadow work means to get to know ourselves for what we have become as a result of the matrix conditioning … and to move toward our complete liberation, one step or one shadow release at a time.

Within shadow work lies the key to mastering the ego, which in turn is the stepping stone to 5D.

For many who have been doing this work for some time already, it would be a fallacy to think that we have less work to do than most others. Better believe that the ego, fighting for its very existence, finds ways to dig shit out of the outermost corners of our unconscious. From what I see in myself and witness in others, the themes coming up right now are usually quite old and have been deeply buried for long.

As for myself, one of the emotions flaring up lately is anger associated with the church. I left church at 18 and kept a distance to any form of organized religion ever since. Ever since the pastor who "taught" us religion in sixth grade, gave me a stern look while claiming that Jesus died on the cross for my sins I had a strong feeling that there was something profoundly wrong with the teachings of the church. Having clear memories of lifetimes of abuse, prosecution and terrible deaths suffered at the hands of the official inquisition and the ones less talked about doesn't help to make peace. It also doesn't help to know that the Jesuit-ruled dark cabal Vatican is at the core of the most despicable, deceitful and atrocious crimes every committed against humanity and this planet.

So, after many decades in which the church did not faze me in any way, lately most everything reminding me of it triggers this anger in me. And it is so much more than "just anger." It is a furious energy, a deep-seated rage I fear I could easily lose control over if someone makes some smart ass remarks about it. It feels so profound, so deeply engrained into my cells that it takes my breath away every time it wells up. And that is a few times a day, because … did I mention I live next to both a catholic and lutheran church? Oh, and did I ever tell you that my landlord, who lives above me in this 1970s house where noise travels easily, is the conductor of the church choir and loves to listen to church music daily. Thanks to this current shit show, weekly choir practice in the living room upstairs is off for now.

In all honestly, it was the 9 o'clock church bells this morning that inspired me to write this article. For a split second there, I had a thought about a missile hitting the bell tower and blasting it to a million pieces, then I sat down and started to write. Having to put words to emotions and experience helps one to find clarity, hence I will now use this clarity to put my ass in a chair and face my shadows. I hope you'll do the same. If you need help, let me know or find someone in our circle who will not let you off the hook until you have shed the light of your awareness on it.


May your journey be blessed. See you in 5D.