The Great Resistance

It's been a tough ride through the past 12 months for many starseeds and lightworkers. I would even go so far to say that it has been an initiatory experience for many of us. The initiation apparently entails a great deal of, uhm, patience. The latter is a virtue, they say, but boy ... had we known how much of it was required to actually get through this, many of us might have opted for a mission on the planet Corinthya!


Who would have thunk that it would take THIS long for the greater portion of the human race to wake up from the Matrix?

I sure didn't.

The degree to which Germans are willing to submit to completely illogical, senseless and obviously harmful rules and regulations imposed on them by a government that has ceased to even try and give the impression to care about its people is completely astounding to me, and the amount of suffering people in this country are ready to accept can only be explained by the fake history they were taught in a corrupted educational system. Why else would the very people, who count amongst the most highly educated in the world, fail to see what is so blatantly played out in front of their eyes?

Personally, I stopped trying "to wake people up" in May last year upon realizing that I'm simply too empathic for this to be my work. I just couldn't handle the energy of resistance that hit me in return. My in-built "resistance meter" is too finely tuned and was at risk to implode under the heavy onslaught of what came my way when I attempted to guide people in my life toward opening their minds to a different version of the shitshow than was portrayed by rotten-to-the-core mainstream media. However, while I outwardly assumed a "fuck it" attitude, I still continued to defend the Unawakened at every opportunity I was given, particularly when lightworker friends grew impatient with their fellow countrymen and women.

Well, it is time to admit (perhaps even to myself) that I have since changed my mind.

With everything currently going on in this country, I am watching Germans dutifully wear face diapers ... in outdoor parking lots where the next living, breathing person is 20 meters away from the ... driving alone in their car with the windows rolled down ... hiking in the woods ALONE until I come around the bend and spot them from 50 meters away ... and really all I can think in those moments is: "What the fuck is it going to take to wake you up???"

Over the course if the last four months, I have come to see that the two Great Awakenings, as I call them, might indeed be much farther apart than I had originally thought. For the record, I believe there are two types of awakenings happening right now. There is the awakening from the matrix, where a person suddenly realizes that the world as they have perceived it in until now was in fact an illusion. A veil is lifted from their awareness, and they are now able to look beyond the matrix that makes up the 3D world. Then there is the spritual awakening in which a person's innermost being is awakened to the all-encompassing presence of the Divine. Their heart is turned toward God (or whatever form of expression they choose for the Divine Essence they are part of) and their journey homeward begins.

I had always thought that both types of awakening are closely inter-connected, but I have changed my view on that. My original view was that one form of awakening must inevitably lead to the other, but what I have been witnessing throughout this shit show taught me otherwise. I have met an unexpected number of people that are far from being spiritually awoken, but they are fully in the loop of what is going on in this world. Oftentimes, those are people who belong to the vocational brigade of the society and would be labeled "rather uneducated." Now I know why I have always felt more comfortable with the "normal people" compared to those from my academic circles whose intellectual masturbation and verbal diarrhea often made me nauseus. T

And then there is the spiritually awake ones that simply don't want to see past their woo-woo conditionings. This category has turned out to be the most painful for me personally. While I have a great deal of compassion and understanding for a lightworker who struggles to stay in 5D awareness and stay detached from the shit show matrix that is playing out on this plane, I still to this day cannot truly fathom why someone of that level of consciousness cannot see the truth. And here is where the flip in my mindset sets in. I used to think that a person has no control over if and when and how they awaken, either spiritually or matrix-wise. I thought it is always the Soul that makes that decision, leaving the human ego no choice either way. But I was wrong, because there is a difference here.

What I thought to be true is in fact the truth for a spiritual awakening, but not for process of awakening out of the matrix. I am now seeing clearly that a person can resist their awakening. When the ego is afraid of change - and let's face it, the ego knows full well what is happening right now and that an awakening from the matrix rips the very foundation to shreds that has carried its victim scheme for long - well, the ego tries everything to keep this awakening as far away as possible. So, the person hides behind fear, arrogance and all kinds of aggressive projections. As was the case in one of my friends, it even went so far to make the person wanting to vote a corrupt, communist, pedo corpse into the highest office in the world and celebrate it publicly by appearing in a newspaper article and offering Philadelphia sandwiches to strangers in the street. Actually, having lived in the US for many years while earning a masters degree and teaching at the university level, this and similar scenarios apply to many people in my network. What do you do with that, as someone who has seen the Truth very clearly for many years?

What do I do with that?

Nothing. I put distance between myself and them, if they haven't done so already. Most of the time, they cannot stand my constantly increasing vibrational signature, while I cannot stand the resistance I sense in them. I can feel it physically, and it hurts me. I recognize that they have a right to their resistance, unaware of the impact it has on the events currently playing out on this 3D plane, for


the degree of resistance in all unawakened people combined determines how difficult and violent the outer events will get!


It is their resistance that asks for tougher measures to be put into effect, so they can suffer more and have a greater chance to wake up. Simple. Knowing that we will bear those measures with them, what will we do? Nothing. We wait and watch. Conscious witnessing carries tremendous power, remember.

And when they finally get it, we will NOT tell them "told you so." Nope. We will lovingly help them overcome their feelings of guilt and shame and tell them that the fact it took them so long was only due to their loving, trusting hearts!