The Shift Has Taken Place

I feel very strongly that we are now in the midst of the greatest frequency shift this planet has ever seen. While everyone was focused on the Dec 21 power solstice (Jupiter/Saturn), I felt that the influx of higher frequencies already started on the night to Dec 18. In the days following and leading up to the solstice, many complained of strange physical pains. I felt under the weather for the entire weekend with aches and pains in every joint and bone of my body. On the morning of the 21, I felt good and grew more and more emotional as the day went on. My perceptions were so hightened, I thought I could feel within me the millions of people meditating all around the globe. In the evening, I hosted a frequency-supported meditation for a small group of very powerful souls, and the energies were almost unbearable for us.


I felt okay, or rather normal, in the days afterwards until something shifted for me on Christmas Eve. Since then I have felt better than I have in a veeery long time. My body is content and strong, my mind crystal clear and my awareness sharp. New insights, perspectives and a whole new take on myself and life is currently manifesting within me. I had thought I couldn't go any higher/further so soon but, boy, was I wrong or what? I have almost no one left to talk to right now, while at the same time there is nothing to talk about. At least not for me. Everything is clear as can be. The shit show on its way.


The constantly increasing measures and strangulations, tigher lockdown, etc. must happen for people to feel the pain of restriction because only when their inborn, primal desire for freedom is stirred will they have a chance to awaken. For that, unfortunately, they must suffer this much - and perhaps even more. 

From my perspective, there is nothing to discuss, nothing to figure out. It is all quite evident. The next step will be the story about a mutated version that will cause even more fear so to justify the measures while those in charge laugh their asses off at the mob and increase their assets on the stock market betting on the trust funds of those still enslaved.

But all is well and as it should be. That is truly how I feel. The battle between Light and un-Light has been decided already, and what we are seeing is the last pulls of the dark forces who know they are done. A few more months and we'll have put the worst behind us. The time ahead will not be a pony ride, but we know what to do. This shit show was our training ground for what is to come. We have learned to walk in two worlds at the same time, so with consciousness ascending and the human psyche responding to it with fear and cognitive dissonance, we will be those that hold steady the Light so those who have just opened their new eyes can learn to see.

The first week of January will likely bring much change. Beware. Prepare. And stay calm. We got this.