Thoughts on "The Schumann" and the other high energies

What actually is the Schumann resonance? Physically, they are electromagnetic waves that are supposedly caused by light flashes in the ionosphere and buzz along the surface of the earth.

Now, the human body is also electromagnetic. Wherever "something" flows through a narrow space, an electromagnetic field is created. Water rushing through a pipe at high speed... blood flowing through our veins... energy flowing through meridians, ida and pingala... all of this contributes to our body being enveloped in a biomagnetic field and having its own individual vibrational signature, or frequency. This biomagnetic field is composed of negative (-) energies (Ida/Sympathetic/Yin) and positive (+) energies (Pingala/Parasympathetic/Yang), which are in a dynamic relationship. It is important to understand that the biomagnetic field that envelops us reflects the content, or condition, of our cells. Each cell of our body is an exact reflection of the biomagnetic field that surrounds us. As within, so without - as above, so below.

In a healthy body, the positive and negative energies are largely in balance. Conversely, if the magnetism in our cells is in balance - yin and yang, negative and positive are in balance - then we feel good. If the system is out of balance and one quality takes over, this can lead to physical symptoms because the electromagnetism in our system is off balance.

And what does this have to do with Schumann and Co?

The constantly changing geomagnetic field of the earth belongs to those external, non-influenceable factors that can disturb the biomagnetic balance of the body and thus trigger discomfort and symptoms. These disturbances include solar storms, lunar phases, thunderstorms, other cosmic rays (such as during portal days), certain planetary constellations that create tension, and also ... the Schumann.

If we now consider which enormous energetic storms we have been exposed to in the last years and still are, then it is not surprising that our bodies sometimes get out of balance. In addition, burdens of a metallic nature trapped in the body react accordingly to the changed magnetic field.

The fact that we are becoming more and more sensitive due to the constantly increasing frequencies does not make it easier, and we react accordingly to the disturbing factors in our direct environment, such as WLAN, electricity, cell phone network or also 5G.

What can we do?

On the one hand, we can counteract disruptive factors by taking good care of ourselves ... in plain language this means: avoiding emotional stress and ensuring good mental balance, balancing hormonal imbalances, eating a balanced diet, reducing self-damaging behaviors, removing the environment from infectious and pathogenic microorganisms in the body. For this we already have great tools at hand through the Healy and Clean Slate! To make decisions out of self-love, which do not expose our body unnecessarily to disturbing factors, where it is avoidable, for this there is no cream and no pill yet.

By spending time in nature every day, we at least temporarily release the body from the radiation exposure to which we are exposed indoors and give it the opportunity to align with the biomagnetic field of the earth, because basically the Schumann frequency is nothing other than the heartbeat of the earth. Also in our body the heart represents the largest magnetic field, so also here. In this respect the Schumann is a helper on our way to a higher consciousness, because it teaches our body to vibrate steadily higher.

For the "ascent" to a higher level of consciousness it is also necessary that the Kundalini can flow unhindered upwards through the Nadis. For this to happen, the energies in the body must be in balance... Yin and Yang, or the feminine and masculine sides within us, must be in balance. This is also why focusing on pineal gland cleansing is largely pointless, and can even be dangerous, because contrary to the misconception of many New Agers, an open third eye does not equate to higher consciousness. And when people suddenly begin to perceive things that their consciousness is not even capable of yet, they easily fall into a kind of psychosis.

That is why the Schumann frequency is an important friend to us. The pulse of the earth, which stimulates our energy pathways coming from below and by the constant rise always brings us to the next higher level of vibration, activates the Kundalini, which basically stands like a pillar of transformation in the field of tension between earth and cosmos, and inevitably pushes us only in one direction - forward, upward.

In his book "The Gene Keys" Richard Rudd even describes how consciousness "slips" into a state of timeless unity when the vibration of one's DNA coincides with that of the Schumann frequency. Trust is the order of the day. Trust in the divine plan, in the intelligence behind it all, in one's own body, soul and life itself. Life has more practice than we do in continually evolving. Devotion and basic trust are our learning goals ... the ChristLight our reward.