The importance of a healthy gut in these times

In our Own Your Life Community (the team of ROOT ambassadors I am part of) medical professionals and therapists of a variety of disciplines gather in a group of their own to exchange experiences and support one another in their work with clients whenever possible. One topic moving more and more into the spotlight now is the role of the ROOT products in people, who suffer from symptoms of Long Covid or a C infection.

Many of us have testing systems in place, which we apply when working with customers or clients in order to determine what is needed to support the respective physical system. The majority of customers test positive for a combination of Clean Slate, ZeroIn and Restore (Trinity) and often Immune Defense Shield wants to be in the equation as well. The one supplement, however, that ends up in the picture almost without exception is ReLive GREENS. Many of us thought, the reason for this might be that Greens transports very important phytonutrients to the cell. However, there might be another explanation for this.

Sabine Hazan, PhD, a well respected gastroenterologist at the University of Florida, has found in her studies that the microbiome suffers massive damage following the mRNA vaccines. In fact, she concludes that the spike proteins activated via the shots kill of all biofidus bacteria in the gut. The studies can be viewed here. Hazan's study highlighted that even newborns miss up to 90% of what would be considered normal biofidus numbers to ensure a healthy gut microbiome.

For people suffering from chronic fatique syndrome related to Long Covid, the result of such a significant loss of bacteria can be detrimental leading to irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, flatulence and diarrhea. If intestinal bacteria are lost, this can very well manifest itself in constipation, against which some people use laxatives or enemas.

ReLive Greens contains a healthy dosage of high quality pro- and prebiotics, thus enhancing the gut microbiome quite effectively alongside the other green nutrients so important for cell health.

For those suffereing from chronic fatique syndrome as a result of Long Covid or others, this might not be enough, however. If you look to support the health of your microbiome, there are several ways to do this in addition to ReLive Greens from ROOT.

One option would be to add Shiitake vital mushroom. The Shiitake vital mushroom develops enormous abilities in the reconstruction of the essential microorganisms in the intestine or in the support of their important tasks. Studies document that the active ingredients of shiitake greatly increase the growth of probiotic bifidobacteria and lactobacteria and are effective against constipation.

In addition, the popular cold and anti-aging mushroom also has the excellent property of rendering harmless nitrosamines and nitrates that cause cancer and lower the oxygen content of the blood. Ham, sausage and cured meat as well as cheese - especially in grilled, fried, roasted and gratinated form - release nitrosamines which, in addition to nitrate-containing vegetables from conventional cultivation and nitrates in drinking water, sensitively increase the risk of cancer. Aggressive prostate cancer in particular is often caused by nitrate in drinking water, even if the limit values are not reached.

Acacia fiber or baobab can be used as a "build-up aid."
Indigestible carbohydrates - dietary fibers such as those found in abundance in baobab or acacia fiber - are the best food source for bifidobacteria and ensure that truly permanent re-colonization is made possible.


Then, of course, you can add additional gut bacteria to your supplement routine. The one thing you want to be aware of when chosing a kind, however, is that many lactobacteria products contain either maltodextrin or cornstarch or even both.
But what is this low-grade, super-cheap excipient doing in something as noble and valuable as lactobac preparations? But we ask ourselves the same question. Maltodextrin actually suppresses the growth of beneficial probiotics. Instead, acacia fiber achieves the same effects--without the negative impact on the gut. If companies skimp on manufacturing, they use corn or wheat maltodextrin as a filler, thickener, binder or preservative and hope the customer doesn't know that maltodextrin can

  •     can cause blood sugar spikes because it has a high glycemic index, even higher than table sugar.
  •     represents rapidly available carbohydrates that are stored as fat if not used immediately for energy.
  •     alters the composition of your gut bacteria and suppresses the growth of beneficial probiotics.
  •     promotes the survival of Salmonella, which is responsible for many chronic inflammatory diseases.
  •     is added to many highly processed foods and is partly responsible for the increase in Crohn's disease and obesity.
  •     suppresses gut defense mechanisms, leading to inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions.
  •     Impairs cellular antibacterial responses.
  •     increases the attachment of bacteria, such as autoimmune disease-causing E. coli, to intestinal epithelial cells.
  •     is very likely to be derived from genetically modified corn, although reportedly not in the EU, but cannot be ruled out in imported products from the U.S. (via e.g. Amazon).
  •     may be made from wheat, which is gluten-free, but can still cause symptoms in very sensitive people.

I hope you find this information useful. The information on acacia fibre and vital mushroom Shiitake reached me through the Austrian company LebeNatur, which I use for all my other supplements to complement my ROOT routine. I wish I could recommend them to my readers here, but they don't ship outside of Europe. If you are located in Europe and interested in the products, please get in touch and I'll help you along the way. Their website is not in ENG, but I'd be more than happy to assist you in placing an order.