The female liver - I follow my bliss

How often have I heard it lately from others and also thought it myself! I have already written about it: We all long so much for lightness! 
We have enough of the heaviness of the past years. It should be light. Joy shall reign. Love should reign.

In order for lightness to take hold, heaviness must give way. Again and again I bring up shadow work, and each time it is difficult for me (there it is again, that word!) because I know that there is a certain weight in it that is quite uncomfortable for all of us right now - yes, also for me! But as Kathrin so aptly put it this morning, thank goodness there are tools that can help us leave the heaviness behind and make room for lightness. Here it is important that we set ourselves the goal of not just moving away the ballast that pushes us down, so that it is just out of our field of vision, but to actually transform it. Only then can it go once and for all.  

One of the places in our system where we have stored a lot of old ballast is the LIVER. Probably exactly for this reason the liver is just THE topic of the time.

And especially for women.
This makes sense for many different reasons.

As a collective we are at the beginning of the rebirth of the primordial feminine on this planet and this primordial feminine force is not born somewhere out there, but inside every awakened woman. This process is even forced from the outside, because since the middle of last year we are in the first phase of the transformation of the solar plexus center, one of the foundations for the emergence of the sixth root race. For this purpose, all organs belonging to this chakra are undergoing a transformation, which inevitably also applies to the liver.

For myself, the topic of liver/bile came up last year in October, when I literally overflowed with bile. This was preceded by several weeks in which I observed an aggression in me that always lay just below the surface and discharged in moments of solitude. There is hardly a woman in my family, circle of friends and in my network who does not have similar experiences.

My Sufi master said already in 1999: "It will be the women who heal the earth and save humanity. Their success will depend on how much they are willing to forgive ... everything that has been done to the divine feminine in the last thousand years."

Every woman is connected to the divine feminine collective and carries a spark of the Goddess within her. Her DNA stores not only this information, but also everything that happened to her ancestresses. All the anger, impotent rage, rage, despair ... all the negative emotions triggered by suppression and fighting accumulate in the liver on an energetic level and filter through to the physical level. The bitterness, swallowing down and suppressing must ...

The liver does not stand for nothing for the circumstances in our life and our inner attitude towards life, other people and the world. It has to do with our way of life, how we deal with ourselves and others, and also with challenges. Do we utilize our experiences (metabolism) in a fruitful way, or do we get stuck in them? How much do we adapt? Are we in self-responsibility, or are we still projecting outward? Are we still victims, or are we already free(er)?

Worries, fears, anger, frustration accumulate and work in the unconscious, where they secretly sabotage and undermine us. By cleansing the liver, we free ourselves from thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that basically poison us. It deals with issues such as stagnation, inability to act, feeling paralyzed, allowing ourselves to be manipulated, and also false pride and a fat ego (fatty liver).

It is also exciting that the liver meridian runs through the eyes and can therefore affect our clear vision. If you follow it further, you get to the hips and knees. How many women have problems with their eyes and/or hips? It is certainly not a coincidence. 

Ultimately, the life issues of the liver always have to do with joy. With joy and with lightness that comes when we can transform all the previously described and let it go.

One of the tools that can support us in this is CLEAN SPIRITS. I am testing it right now, have been taking it for about 2 weeks and am just amazed. What comes out of it is really remarkable, and brings some things to the table that I would have loved to keep buried. Not always pleasant, and yet so valuable and important, it brings up issues that have to do with truth and authenticity. Right now everything is in question...what do I really want, where do I want to be, what do I want to do. Really, really?

What I like about this is that, all in all, it's a relatively gentle process. Anyway, it's been that way for the first two weeks, and I hope it stays that way. CLARIFICATION brings clarity, that's how I feel right now...I'm already very curious to see what I can report after 4 weeks.

Clean Spirits will be available in the store soon. As always, Dr. Rahm had an unmistakable feeling for what is needed at the moment. I am very optimistic about Clean Spirits and see great potential in it for us women, that it can offer us great, potent support on our way to full power.

And that makes me totally happy. HAPPY.