Light body process (LBP) and medication

Disclaimer: I have no medical training and do not presume to tell anyone what they should or should not do when it comes to their health. The following article is intended as food for thought and makes no claim to ultimate accuracy.

For weeks I have been hearing from many that they are dealing with cold symptoms and earlier this week I was privileged to welcome such symptoms as well. Fever, sore throat, glands swollen to ping pong ball size, sinuses stuffed, congestion, cough, exhaustion, the whole works what used to be called the flu.

Due to the very effectively conducted confusion campaign of the un-light fraction, it is no longer so easy to asses such symptoms. Is it Corona or Covid, a.k.a. the spikes? Detox symptoms? 5G? A bout of hay fever or maybe just the stinkin' flu? Is it viral or bacterial? When you're in the middle of it all and feel like crap, the importance of asking the right questions often fades as well, and you're inclined to take measures that basically go against your convictions.

A dear friend of mine decided last week to take to cortisone therapy, already the third one in one year, and justified it to herself by saying: "Cortisone is a substance produced by the body, so it can't be that bad".

Like antibiotics, cortisone is one of the drugs with cell-inhibiting effects. As I stated previously, I am not a specialist in this field, but I understand that these agents inhibit protein synthesis or cell metabolism by weakening or even paralyzing the cell walls. 
Here it is important to understand that our consciousness is situated in our cells, and the light body process (LBP) is based on the fact that the cell metabolism is stimulated in order to convert more light energy as nutrients. The more light present in the cells, the "higher" or more expansive the consciousness. Quite often cold symptoms and especially fever are the result of what I call an "upgrade." That is, we are in the process of making a leap in consciousness and the body, or rather the cells are struggling to adapt to this new leve, or better yet, the new frequency. The body struggles with the decreasing density and releases everything that is equal to the vibrational level of this one, i.e., toxins, old patterns, memories, etc. Any expansion of consciousness is inevitably also a process of detoxification.

Thus, when taking these substances, there is always the danger that we are not doing ourselves any favors, even if they make symptoms go away at first. Most of the time, the physical problems that put us in this position in the first place are also part of the LBP, because wherever the body frees matter from density, it uses a process of inflammation and applies the power of fire to burn away the old. 

In Joe Dispenza's week-long workshops for the advanced community, it is the norm that by the second day, many participants begin to experience flu-like symptoms, especially fever. When I was there, it was the veterans' job to tell the newcomers not to take any remedies to bring down the fever. Joe had his own method: in the pineal gland activation mediation, which started at 4 a.m., the room was cooled down to 17 degrees. By the time we finished at 9 o'clock, no one was feeling cold,  because the body had shed everything that was in the way in those hours. We called this the "Spenza Influenza" at the time ... and everyone was grateful for a fever and proud when they meditated their way there, because we knew that an upgrade of the autonomic nervous system meant that we had expanded in consciousness and become more whole.

Now how can we tell that it is a spenza influenza and not something else? With an upgrade there is ALWAYS a moment of change that we feel when, all of a sudden, we much more energy available. These are the energies that are now released because they are no longer needed to keep the old junk in the cells (because that takes energy). This moment is unmistakable! We can't miss it, because a disproportionate amount of freed-up energy is now flooding our system that won't let us sleep.

The crux is, of course, that we only experience this moment when we have not taken measures to suppress the symptoms (or process) with medication. So we only know afterwards, and before that all we can do is to ask our body the right questions:

  • Are these symptoms for my highest good?
  • Do they belong to a process of transformation and/or to the LBP?
  • Or do they belong to a degenerative process that is harming me?

I know among my readers are accomplished therapists, who probably ask better questions than I can think of right now. The ones I offer are only meant to serve as suggestions to encourage us to move beyond what we have come to think of as "normal" and open up new spaces and allow for other possibilities. That is, after all, what the LBP calls for, because it is rather difficult to grasp when we stay within the confines of what we think to know. Very, very few people truly understand the LBP in its entirety, simply because not too many have undergone the process with their attention on it. Since this is a process that can potentially span many years, even decades of our lives, we easily lose the eagle perspective and do not even attribute symptoms or physical challenges with it. Much like with the "flu" though I hope to have encouraged readers to begin looking at those symptoms a bit differently next time they experience them.

For believe me when I say that there are many more Spenza Influenzas to come for us - and we shall celebrate them!