Moments of clarity or "where do I lie to myself?"

Two things are trending in the spiritual community right now: Human Design and the statement "Be yourself" ... or, more intellectually - "Be authentic".

Everywhere I look and listen I encounter these and similar statements right now. Considering that most of us spend decades wading through the labyrinth of life to discover who or what we are, the question of the meaningfulness of the first statement seems quite justified. Certainly, it would be exciting to see what happens when one asks back, What does that mean? 

The issue of authenticity, on the other hand, is a bit more tangible. At the same time, it's also often misunderstood, and I include myself in that. So what is it that lets us grasp whether someone is authentic or not? What factors or energies condition this perception?

Being authentic, many say, has to do with being honest. Someone who does not give the impression of actively or consciously creating a certain image of himself appears to us as honest and therefore also trustworthy. But there is more ... A truly authentic person can only be so honest to the outside world because he is first and foremost honest with himself. This person has done his inner work and dealt with the unlovable parts in himself. He has sniffed at his own turds and learned that in this holographic reality everyone has such a turd in the corner, and none of them is better than the other.

This realization not only brings tremendous peace to one's heart, it also makes us realize that every mask we wear also separates us from ourselves. And at the point of this realization, the decision for self-love inevitably falls, because realizing that there is no better or worse deprives self-sabotage of any purpose. 

It is very exciting that due to the constantly growing energies, masks are actually falling, in this respect the call for authenticity makes perfect sense. And those who do not voluntarily take off their masks will be unmasked by the ever brighter shining light of the New Sun anyway. So basically we don't need to do anything, just pop some popcorn and watch. Or?

That would be the view of the Old Era. In the New Era, however, we know that everything on the outside is a mirror of our inside and that it doesn't work to dismiss this from us. This means that we may start with this issue with ourselves. And when we do this, do we then scratch the surface cowardly and ask ourselves, where am I dishonest to others or do we ask ourselves: where am I not honest to myself?

That's when it gets uncomfortable and a bit cooler and windier. But if we want to go into self-love and healing, there is no other way - the only way is to be abysmally honest with ourselves. Therefore, the questions are not comfortable and can sometimes cause violent reactions in us. These do not have to be "only" emotional at all, but can be quite physical. Our body is a wonderful teaching tool for us, and the quality of time now actually helps us to assign symptoms more precisely, which may have been unclear before due to their delayed occurrence. Indeed, due to the high energies, the imbalances in the outer layers of the energy bodies (intuitive and emotional bodies) no longer take 15 years to manifest physically. It can actually happen now that the cough comes already at the moment of the phone call with the mother-in-law, instead of seven months later. Therefore, observe yourself well as you read the following questions:

Where am I lying to myself about myself and my life story? Where have I degraded myself by falsely reproducing events, incidents, experiences and storing them in myself?

Where in my current life do I lie to myself and gloss over situations, jobs, friendships, relationships, etc. so that I can better endure them?

What excuses do I invent in order not to have to draw the appropriate consequences?

How unhappy am I really and what are the excuses I come up with to avoid having to feel it?

Where have I sold out and am I paying to be something I am not?

Are the things I keep saying about myself really true, or am I just kidding myself with them?

And above all ... do I really, truly enjoy what I do, or do I just tell myself so?

I chose the statement of Uwe Albrecht from innerwise very consciously for this post, because he showed me something in one of his last webinars that we forget all too often: The decisions we didn't make, the steps we didn't dare to take, and the things we didn't do can throw us off balance just as much as the opposite. In therapeutic work with clients, we ask about the stressor, the trigger, the pattern or program behind it, and the origin of it. We ask about what happened - but rather rarely about what should have happened but didn't ... about missed opportunities, turnoffs we took that were ultimately detours and more.

Where did I leave my soul path because I lacked the courage to be honest with myself?

Of course, this presupposes that one believes that there is such a thing as the soul path, or a blueprint that wants to be fulfilled, in the first place. There are spiritual views of the more recent time, which claim that absolutely everything is born out of ourselves and that there is no such thing as a "predestined path". What is true here, everyone may decide for himself ... and at this point perhaps question why I mentioned "Human Design" in the beginning of this post.