What's coming? 7 Years of Restoration

More than a year ago, I stopped following any predictions made by astrologers and channel mediums, because most of them felt increasingly corrupted and taken over, except for a few. Also, at some point I understood that nobody - absolutely NOBODY - knows how the so-called "Great Awakening" and the resulting "Great Shift" will take place. All the information that can be found about it is merely opinions or interpretations of what is happening or has happened. And those who think they know, and usually shout the loudest, often know the least. Ancient spiritual wisdom: those, who see don't talk ...

One of the few sources I continue to trust is Marina Jacobi, whom I have been following for a number of years and from whom I have learned much in the way of quantum mechanics. Marina is for me a model of highest ethics and discipline. For example, she works exclusively on a donation basis and really only wants from clients and customers what they want and are able to give completely freely from their hearts.

At the end of June, Marina shared in a live call the following message from the "Council of 9" - the Council of Nine, to which she has direct access, or rather to which she also belongs, if I understand correctly. The Council of 9 consists of hybrid souls who have been teaching Marina from a higher dimension for years. Below I offer the content of Marina's text from her live youtube video, which I also link at the end of this article. Please note that the text here is a back translation from German, so it might not be the exact wording from Marina's video.

The next chapter: JOY
- 7 years of restoration and change

Conona is done. Fly free! The new society will soon be revealed. 7 years of restoration. The new people will be found. They are knowers and they are true humans (genetically). You will all connect with each other through synergy. The interaction of great spirits and financial wealth will create a new realm of social gathering. The New Earth will be born from the ashes when you ALL have created the path to the Golden Age within you.

ARIA is an interstellar planetary stargate.

So as you begin to build this new land, this joy, this new momentum will grow into a tremendous oasis. Enjoy your collaboration, because it is time. Enjoy your journey.

All sectors are restoring the parallel timelines and joining together to create an organic overall result. A positive (+) result. Checkmate. Didn't we say 6 months give or take? Yes. We are watching the collapse of all the oligarchs. They are desperately trying to control your planet and bring it down. It is not working. Now we know the result. The + are in control. But the - are no longer allowed to continue. Not one of them can move forward.

What a joy. So prepare for joy. Have fun. And, oh, we forgot, there will be a great upgrade of human consciousness once this frequency is accepted and the individual will be able to accept the prana vibration of God consciousness itself. Think of the energy of the quantum field. This will literally enhance your original codes.
Then this new restoration process will take 7 years.
Isn't it funny that the 2030 timeline shifts to the + result? Checkmate.

Now everyone will see it. But don't worry, enjoy the show. The whole charade of blame, shouting, excuses and histrionic screaming will unravel, but people will stop listening to their lies and notice the manipulations. You will turn your attention to better things in your life and literally ignore or laugh off the performances. Oh, finally. And did you know that they are now desperately trying to destroy your livelihood? That will not be allowed. Your monetary system will move to a digital and gold-backed currency.

A chain technology (chain = crypto) that incorporates many technical aspects of exchange to redistribute wealth. In this way, banks will change their modalities and the head of control will move to cooperation. Not the other way around. So there will not be a total collapse, but smooth transitions. Municipal exchanges, the collaborative practice of government appointees united as representatives of local governments of cities and counties. Not a face, but a connection in collaboration with all.

That way it's more decentralized and private and much easier to coordinate what needs to be done. And it won't be big government, but small, individual, local communities working together. What a joy. So that's already a law in your collapsing timeline (1+1=3=1). All the parallel realities of collapse are merging into one + outcome. So relax and let the (-) play out its final hand (play). It's over. It's just their last blast of lies and screaming, but no one will want to hear their opinion. They will be gone with the wind. Just an echo that will fade into oblivion.

And little by little their reality will fade and disappear from your sight, for all of you who persevere and have patience and faith. Stay strong in the final stage, because you have not left the battlefield once, but you have held your head high and prevailed with your heart, and you have kept the faith - in God you have trusted. But know that all the time you had faith in yourselves. For God that is yourselves.  

For those of you who have been following me for a while, some of this should sound familiar. In any case, my guides have shown me in no uncertain terms over the past few days that this message is a kind of starting signal for me. To be honest, I was already aware of most of it myself, but the 7 years of restoration shocked me a bit. I expected 2 to 3 years, but that may have been wishful thinking :-). The starting signal for me is clearly the announcement of the higher consciousness, which can now soon be integrated by those who are ready for it. What this means exactly I will illuminate separately in the coming weeks, but in any case it does not mean to sit back and wait.

For now, I just want to celebrate us. We have earned it.

For more than two and a half years, we have withstood this grotesque storm, not letting it get us down and not giving in to the negative side at any price. We have braved the most insane challenges that should never have happened under normal human conditions. But we have mastered them. We have suffered, sometimes almost falling off the roller coaster of emotions and many a time hitting the wall with incomprehension and huge question marks on our foreheads. We have walked a fine line between loneliness, depression and deep emotional pain and yet, we have mastered them and they have made us stronger and better.

It was an initiation and a huge test, and we passed it. It was hard, sometimes it seemed merciless, but we did not give up and the goal in front of us was always clear. We always - always - knew what we were here for and giving up was never an option. Even if we didn't know in detail about our task, we were always aware of what was at stake and that we had to shine and not give up. 

YOU did not give up. You passed this initiation. And the most beautiful thing is:

God sees this and has also witnessed everything to this point.

Pat yourself on the back. Hug yourself, you great soul!