King Arthur & The Men of the New Earth

Finally, I am getting around to writing the post that I've been carrying in my heart for more than two weeks. Sooo much is happening right now! Most days, I feel like sitting on a rocket ... everything is happening so fast these days, the dizziness it creates makes the Schumann look pale and plain in comparison.


For reference: King Arthur first made contact with me in Nov 2020, and I wrote several posts on "him" since. You can find them by looking through older entries of this blog.


Up until four weeks ago, I was aware of his presence around me whenever I connected with a certain topic and energy, mostly pertaining to my German roots, but on a rainy Friday morning, he showed up in the Initiation Chamber to keep the promise he had made, which I had originally channeled in 2020 and penned about several times as well.

His promise: To infuse a spark of his Divine Masculine consciousness into every man on this planet, who is willing to receive it. Well ... he delivered, and I watched it happen.


I was stunned when I saw him in the chamber. I shouldn't have been surprised I guess, but it's been a while since he had last made his presence known, so it did come a bit out of the blue for me. He appeared in an unassuming outfit, but his energy filled the chamber with a content, a kind of settled power like I have never felt before. My client, a handsome, veery awake young man in his thirties, was wide open and ready to receive him.


At first, I didn't understand what he was doing when he held his hands over the solar plexus of my client, then he explained that he had given an energy fragment. The chamber felt electric, and my client was barely able to handle the energies. In fact, his hands were so cramped up from the high energies, it took a while after the session for him to release the cramps. He was beat and slept for the rest of the day and half way through the following day. I don't think I have ever had a client so obviously reeling to integrate the energy work that was done on him, but then again ... none of my clients ever received such a package of pure power!


He handled it so well, and a few weeks ago he told me how much his conscious awareness has changed since. He's definitely made another leap in awareness. I assumed this would happen, because I had been shown the amount of Light circulating through the structures of his light body by the end of the session. 

The theme prominent in the chamber due to Arthur's visitation has kept steady since that session and seen several repeats in different forms of expressions, making me wonder who or what was receiving the initation in the first place.

A few days later, another beautiful young man entered the chamber, being welcomed with an even more obvious form. Once he had settled on the stone slab, he appeared to me like a knight, resting with his hands folded on his chest, clad in a golden armor. His hands held a single red rose. The chamber was mildly decorated with a few white candles, lit by an ominous golden light. White walls, no ornaments or signs as usual ... just a scarce, pure environment like a very old, simple chapel.

While Arthur himself made no appearance here, his Divine Masculine energy was - again - the theme of the session, as was in the ones to follow after this one. It is almost as if the chamber itself (or me!) has now received an initation into the Divine Masculine power of which King Arthur is the archetypical expression. Every session has since carried the energetic stamp of Templar energy, in some shape or form. While I myself am curious to see how this continues on, I believe that what has happened bears significance in the greater context of the ascension scenario currently playing out.

The Divine Masculine is called into action now.

King Arthur embodies the masculine traits of power, integrity and the willingness to fight for the Truth. It is this energy that is needed in manifested expression in the time we are in right now. Actually, these kinds of traits are always desirable, yet it seems they were never more important than right now and cause for putting them to work was never more noble with the continued existence of the human species on the line.

There is more to King Arthur's Divine Masculine expression than this though. The warrior spirit of the noble knight fighting for the Light is not enough. There is more ...

As women set out to heal the world and birth the New Earth, men must be ready to hold space and have their backs in being protective and supportive to the Divine Feminine. Here I am reminded of what my Sufi teacher said in a talk he gave in 1999. After listening to him talk for two hours on how women have the innate capacity to heal the Earth since they carry a substance within them men do not have, a somewhat irritated gentleman in the audience rose and asked my teacher the question that was probably on the mind of every man in the room: And what are we to do? What is the man's role in all of this? In one of rare, more blunt moments, the normally very polite British-born Sufi saint replied: "Protect and support the women - nothing else, because men have made enough of a mess in this world."

Given that we are at the tail end of a phase dominated by patriarchal values, this might not come easy to most men. But then again, it was no walk in the park for women to step up to the plate and heal their own wounds from thousands of years of oppression and degradation. Still they did it and are in the process of doing so. So, men can do it too ... one would think.

From my personal experience and what I have been seeing in my work, however, I'm a teeny bit on a pessimistic side when it comes to men and their readiness to step into this new role. While I see many women make a serious and sometimes otherworldly effort to overcome every single challenge presented to them with as much determination and grace as possible, always with their eyes on the task at hand and their hearts willing to sacrifice for the greater good, the majority of men I have come across thus far struggle to surrender to their soul's calling. 

The fact that over the past two years most women have grown more deeply into their Feminine powers seems almost counterproductive here, as many men cannot handle this power. Perhaps because they lag behind in moving into their own. In most men I have met in recent months, I have seen neither the courage to face the Divine Feminine eye level nor the willingness to surrender their ego to a greater cause.

In fact, most men I have come across show heels as soon as a certain Feminine power becomes apparent, and many I have watched being extremely hesitant whenever something new or Unknown was presented to them. Courage or bravery appear to be a lost character trait in the masculine expressions of the current time. Sad truth, but we need many more men, who grant women the role they are destined to play in this time and put their masculine power to work for protection and support for the benefit of the whole.

The chamber is open to receive any man willing to walk the path of Truth, and Arthur is ready to deliver.

Where are the men, who are ready to put on the armor of Light?