Amber Heart: The Time is NOW

As timelines are splitting, we are called to make a choice as to which one we want to be on and accordingly we are being moved into position for the time to come on this beautiful planet we are currently guests on.


Those reading here, I hope have made their choice by now and find there is no question as to what kind of future they want to manifest for themselves. While this might be clear to most, the kind of position to take might be a whole different ball game. Many of us eagerly await to be "told by their higher guidance where to go and what to do." Truly, many are in the wait ... more or less patiently waiting for a clear sign. I have written about it several times. It can be quite challenging to find the patience and trust within that we are always in the right place at the right time. When things around us become more and more chaotic, we are being asked to stay cool, calm, collected and continue to shine our Soul Light outward, so those who need us can find us.


Still, there are moments when we look up to the sky and pray for someone to push the forward button!


It is no different for me than for those reading here and on my German blog. Like many, I am waiting for a precise hint as to what my next move should be. Having been "parked" in a vacation rental for three years, I was told by my guides that it was the perfect place since it kept me safe in a country where many, who dared to speak up against the system, ended up in the psych ward or stripped of their work and entire existence. And, no, I am not kidding. I know of at least 25 people, who have had to leave the country and their livelihood behind to ensure their own and their family's safety.


In such a case, you go where it feels right and you make a move as fast as possible. When you are waiting for a clear call because you are eager to fulfil your soul's plan, it is a bit different. This morning, I remembered that on February 4, 2008, I had a dream in which the call was given by an event. As it is a typical Sufi dream, it is filled with archetypical symbolism to the brim, and it pertains to both my individual psyche and the collective as well. I find this dream is highly relevant right now. Yes, NOW ... not in a couple of years, Now. I hope you can see why.



The Order is called into action

I’m in an army-like setting, and I’m new here. Even though these buildings look like barracks, I know this setting has nothing to do with violence. Quite the opposite. The people are mostly women with a special quality about them, a kind of clarity or pureness that radiates from their faces. At one point, I’m outside and observe something strange:

A very odd-shaped airplane of red and black color is being chased by another, smaller plane. The first plane is flown by a pilot, a man, while the smaller plane does not have a pilot. As I'm watching on, I am standing by the wooden fence that frames the meadow or pasture with an Asian-looking woman next to me when, suddenly, the first plane becomes entangled in the power lines and crashes to the ground right in front of us. While light smoke is rising from the crash site, a large group of deer comes out of the forest to eye the two objects. The moment the deer appear, the woman, who is with me, shape shifts into an elk and begins to nibble at my neck and back. I tell her to stop and she does.

The incident is causing quite some chaos, and we are all sent into action as a result. The head of our order is a Merlin. He gathers all of us women in a white tent and hands each one of us a protective charm in form of a pendant. I am given an amber pendant that looks like a heart, and I find it is not as pretty and fancy as the other ones, but I’m okay with that. I try not to be envious but rather focus on the task at hand.

I’m frantic because I don’t know what to pack for the journey. I decide to take my backpack, but don’t know what to take along. I get frustrated and leave without anything. But when I’m on the way, I realize I need my contact lenses so I run back and when I get to my room, there’s a meeting. The people are part of our order, but another unit. They are planning a certain strategy. I get my contacts from my nightstand and leave. I know, it is important to "see clearly" on the journey ahead.