Trusting In The Unknown

I love it when the Schumann produces what I call "light swords" ... those spikes when the numbers rise above 40 or so. Yesterday, it hit 60 for a moment, and while I was energetically happy there were some things that occupied my mind and kept me awake for half the night. So, let's do some Truth Talk for a moment ...

As we witness the crumbling of the world as we knew it, we are collectively thrown into a place that proves incredibly uncomfortable for many of us - The Unknown. I know that some of the beautiful souls following me here are friends from what I call my "beloved Dispenza community," and they will know exactly what I mean when I say this:

It is one thing to dive into the deep abyss of the great Unknown in your meditation, but it's a totally different ball game to accept and surrender to the Unknown when the reality of this 3D matrix whacks you over the head!

Yet ... this is it. This is THE MOMENT where we are being asked to TRUST IN THE UNKNOWN more deeply, more profoundly, more fully and completely than ever before. We are at a point where we have to walk the talk, where we have to put into practice what we've studied for years. We have reached a point where we must lead the way with what we know, and what we know is HOW TO SURRENDER TO THE UNKNOWN.

But, Petra, what the fuck does that mean??

Well, it means to stay the course, even though we have NO idea where the ship is sailing. We know we are on the path to the New Earth, but we have NO clue how we're going to get there. What does the roads we are going to travel look like? Rugged terrain? Water ways? Going by air? Do we need hiking boots, swim vests or a parachute? Or all of that? Will it be a long, ardous journey that will require us to live with further restrictions or will it unfold with a big bang, quick and explosive, and possibly even over before we turn our heads?

We cannot know at this point. After two years in this crazy show, we are weary of uncertainties. How often have we said "okay, now, the tide must turn" only to be left with our mouths hanging open in sheer disbelief and a sense of bewilderment at our beloved fellow humans' unbroken faith in the mainstream narrative. While to us, the show we witnessed around us became increasingly insane and so obviously senseless, it turned more and more into a source of enormous distress for those still faithfully buying into it. Hence, the gap widened, which we knew was something purposefully construed by those we deem corrupt psychopaths, leaving us somewhat desperate and at times even hopeless. How are we going to fix this? How are we going to unite humanity again? How in the world is the Golden Age going to happen?

We don't know.

And, frankly, if any of the channel mediums and spiritual teachers out there claim to know it, then that should be your surefire hint by the Universe to turn and run. NO ONE knows. Timelines shift by the second, now even quicker than ever before. The onslaught of external energies impacting the collective culminates with the attacks of the dark ones on our weather and sleep time, so most of us are busy with staying afloat and keeping their head above the water. Really, that is all we can do, because all there is to do is to be.

What else could we possibly do? We know that none of the stuff happening "out there" is real. Nada. It's all a fake construct created for a particular purpose. We know that purpose will not come to be. But we don't know what the path is to go from here to there, which leaves us no choice but to acquaint ourselves with that stage in between, which is ... the Unknown.

So, we hold up our vision of the New Earth, as we want it to be in our hearts and minds. We ensure our motives for our vision are pure and not purely self-serving. And we dive into that place where darkness rules. The Unknown is a place of utter darkness ... the void, where there is nothing else ... complete emptiness, no content, no nothing. Just all-encompassing blackness. And there, we stay, and we hold out.

Perhaps if we remembered that the blackness of the great Unknown is the place from which all Life is born, then we find it easier to dive deep. That darkness is the greatest creative power in this universe. It is the source of all manifestation. It is the place where all of our dreams can transform from the mental plane into a tangible material experiences.

Can you sit in that darkness? Have you ever allowed for it to completely engulf you? Can you loose yourself in the vast space of the Unknown? If you can, then I ask of you to remember that and practice it in daily life. Whenever you read news, talk to someone who is not of your mindset, when you fill your car at the gas station, when you look at empty shelves in the super market ... surrender. Don't fight it, don't allow for the emotions of your old identity to control you in those moments; instead, remember who you want to be in the New Era and trust that the Unknown has heard your wish, has received your vision and knows exactly how to take you there--how to take all of us there.

Every time you manage to gain control over your mind and surrender to the Unknown of the current moment, fully trusting that all is as it should be because you co-created it with the Divine, every time you can let go of all your preconceived thoughts about what is currently happening and lean into what is ... you opened up a space for a miracle to take place.

For further inspiration, I give you Joe ... who, as always, explains it better than I could ever do.