The Garden of Eden is real

Sacred Ascension Journeys are often purely energetic and somewhat ... uhm, lofty, and what happens in the chamber can appear somewhat surreal in retrospect. Hence, I love it all the more when a session results into something quite tangible and applicable to "real life" in this plane, even though that effect might not show up for a while yet. In this case, it took a couple of months.

A beautiful woman, who owns a landscaping company, was looking for change. She knew she wanted something new, something exciting, something that more deeply reflected her level of consciousness. I don't remember many details of that session, but I do remember that I was clearly shown that she would thrive in helping others grow their own produce in new, more sustainable ways. What they were, I had no idea. Neither did she, and the topic was not in the forefront of her awareness for some time afterwards.


Until a few weeks ago, she "accidentally" found a video on Youtube. Since then, she's been going non-stop and turning nights into days, making plans for her own garden and the new business she's building. Her heart is singing angelic tunes, and it's beautiful to watch how she went from feeling totally lost to knowing with absolute certainty what she wants, and also what no longer suits her. She is beyond excited. She's a woman on fire! 


When she sent me the link to the video, I understood why.

And, frankly, now I'm on fire too. Since I moved into a vacation rental in what I thought would be a two-month stay but then was caught off guard by this crazy shit show we've been in for two years, I've been dreaming of having my own garden again. I'm a shaman and herbalist by nature. I miss working, cooking and healing with herbs, and I sure miss good, nourishing produce. I'm thoroughly inspired by my client's vision and can't wait to try it myself. When I think of the possibilities we'll have with a summer garden of this kind and the GreenyGarden for indoors during the winter months, I get truth bumps from head to toe!

Meet Paul Gautschi, who has "found" a brilliant method that allows one to grow produce in the most natural, sustainable way in any climate. Paul listens to God and cites the Bible as inspiration for his work, the beauty of which is undeniable in the following documentary.