On Twin Flames ... or not

While the majority of the people in my home country manage to display a degree of ignorance not even seen during the plandemic and push the levels of utter stupidity to unprecedented heights (seriously, there is no more need for history books outlining nazism, as we have it right at our door step now on a daily basis), I feel the need to dive into more subtle realms and address a hot topic which I find greatly misunderstood: Twin Flames.

Many have said that Twin Flame Unions will play a key role in the ascension process. Just two years ago, even Lee Carroll channeled Kryon saying that the coming together of Twin Flames is an important way of being of service to the shift of the collective consciousness on the planet.

Why is that and how does it work?

Simple. When two parts of a whole—wo flames that form one singular soul flame—come together and merge after a long time of being apart and searching for one another, the energy generated by the synthesis they create is exponentiated and far greater than when two "normal" souls come together. The power released naturally feeds into the crystalline grid network that spans the Earth and nurtures the collective energy / consciousness, significantly elevating it to new heights.
If it's all true that is.

It only works if it's all real and the two Higher Selfs meeting are, indeed, Twin Flames.

Very often, they are not, a fact not easily digested by many yet it is worth discussing in a time where the "other side takes every possible measure" to distract lighthouses, and especially women, from their true work and purpose during this pivotal moment in Earth history. And, make no mistake, with thousands of years of practice in upholding this holographic reality we all exist in, they know what they're doing. It's how the archons thrive … by playing with human's minds and inserting thoughts, which are not real, not true and purposefully misleading. After all, they are masters in the art of manipulation and mind control, and when firmly attached they affect a man or woman's brain in ways we cannot even fathom.

And then there's an entire community of deluded New Agers consoling those who have walked into the trap and ensures they stay caught in that loop of destructive energies, which will bind their attention and energy and keep them in the cycle of pain and despair for way longer than necessary. But, hey, whatever needs to be done to keep those Lighthouses from shining their Brightness! What I mean, of course, is the concept of the "runner / chaser dynamic" in a Twin Flame relationship, which is yet another load of bullshit created by the New Age community so obviously undermined by darkness.  

The claim that there is such a thing of runner and chaser is purely a New Age concept and appears wrong on so many levels. The general notion is that one of the two souls meeting feels overwhelmed by the strong feelings and decides to walk away in order to protect themselves from the energy tsunami they are experiencing. The other one, distraught and desperate over the great loss, starts chasing, laying pressure, and is trying to manipulate the runner to return and complete the union. The argument is here that while these two surely belong together the timing wasn't right. The reunion is bound to happen, however, if the chaser can manage to focus on their own evolvement while staying emotionally aligned with the runner so not to break the connection.


What I see is an incredibly finesse way of keeping a soul capable of experiencing, living and emanating immense amounts of love away from Life and possibly fulfilling their true Divine mission by engaging them in a pattern of stagnation and deprecation. See, spiritual Truth is always simple:

When you meet someone, and this someone decides to take a hike at some point and breaks all communication with you, they were not for you. If they were, they would still be with you. And if you need to be told by someone else to focus on your own development ,then you aren't ready for a true Twin Flame reunion anyway. More likely, you fell into the trap of a fake Twin Flame dynamic because of your general tendencies to lose yourself in a union and give priority to the other over yourself.

In a true Twin Flame union, both souls know with absolute certainty that they are meant for each other. If your opposite has doubts, why in the world would you want to be with that person anyway, much less stick around and wait until they make up their mind—or not? When two souls that are meant to be together meet, they know. And, beyond that knowing, they are willing to accept the fact that there is something greater at play here, which leaves very little room for the antics of their individual egos. Again, if you cannot keep your ego in check and allow your lower mind to buy into doubtful thoughts (your own or those implanted into you by those, who benefit from keeping powerful souls apart), then you are not Twin Flame material anyway and, more so, you are not ready for a Divine union that requires compromise and sacrifice for the benefit of the whole.

When true Twin Flames meet, they bow before God, hand-in-hand.

And they instinctively bundle their power and energy for a project that brings love, light and healing to the world. There simply is no other way, for their combined creative force is too powerful and potent to be kept from the world. The pair cannot help it. They have to create and they have to give, for it lies in the nature of the Divine love that connects them to share with the others what they experience.

Anyone, who has ever attained 5th dimensional consciousness even for a brief moment, knows that in this state any materialistic orientation falls away naturally. It simply is no longer a valid concept. In this state of being, the LAO catchphrases ring like utter nonsense in one's ears, for that plane is dominated by awareness of Oneness, which needs nothing, wants nothing and is peacefully content with all-that-is in every split second of existence. 

Hence, true Twin Souls create amazing things that benefit not only a few but the whole.

What is mostly not talked about is the fact that they can only do so by surrendering their individual, small egos to the will of God, because that is who Twin Flames report to: God, Spirit, All-One, Allah, the Creator, whatever you call it.

A person, who runs from this union, is simply not fit for a connection of such grandeur. Or, if looked at it from another perspective, God would not choose an anyone, who still lives mostly lives in their ego, for such a sacred union. Two people meeting for the purpose of a Twin Flame union and not coming together after all essentially would mean God is wrong. Uhm, right. Free will, you say? Anyone who is a legitimate half of a real Twin Flame relationship soon realizes that there is no free will in a union of such power. Free will goes right out the window here, and an individual's readiness to surrender their ego to the soul space both Flames share can be seen as a yardstick as to whether there is a true Twin Flame union at hand or not.

Want a rough guideline?
If you need to consult a tarot reader to help you figure out whether the s/he is your Twin Flame… turn around and run. Because the very fact that you ask that question in the first place means the other is NOT your Twin Flame. If s/he is, you know without a trace of a doubt and there is no need for any external confirmation, for you know it deep in your heart with absolute certainty.

If you have entered into a connection where the other walks away from you, let them run. Turn around, walk the opposite way and don't waste your time, energy and money to figure out what happened or whether they come back to you. You are too good, too precious, too important in this time and day to be distracted by the antics of someone, who was most likely under the spell of the dark coats. And, even if you feel strongly that the other is your Twin, gather all your strength to release them for if they are so easily manipulated they are not fit to be in a union with you anyway.

I know, this sounds hard and cruel. And it is. Perhaps it helps to take the possibility into account that the entire scenario was a set-up by the other side to distract you from doing what you came here to do. It can be incredibly painful to go through this process, but I promise you the rewards are bountiful when you have the courage to face the Truth. How do I know? I've been there. I lived it.

Like many others, on my own journey, I crossed through a phase of searching for answers and what I found broke my heart: huge numbers of heart-broken souls, gathering in Youtube channels and online forums to listen to so-called experts on the Twin Flame union, who would keep them in the state of despair and perpetuating pain. And the desperate and hurt take the bait like hungry dogs desperate for a small treat that keeps their hopes for more alive.

You are so much more than a dog begging for a treat. Especially if you are a woman, don't give your power away to man who has chosen to leave your side for good by crying after him and waiting until he changes his mind. And, even more importantly, do not allow any fake spiritual experts to talk you into anything that keeps you stuck in the pain you are feeling. Turn and run. Your happy existence on this planet is way too important to be wasted on such nonsense, and believe me when I say that the Divine masculine, who is truly meant for you, will know it when he sees you. He will not hesitate, not doubt, not need time and space from you and he will not walk.

True Twin Flame union is Divinely orchestrated and, especially in the current time on Earth, is of such great importance that there is no room for antics. Hence, whenever any discord shows up, it is a sure sign that this is not it.

Again, don't waste your time and energy with it. You are too precious and too important right now. While Twin Flame unions play a pivotal role in the ascension process, they cannot be forced. Yet, when they happen, they are beautiful beyond words and birth amazing things. Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Claire Prophet are a prime example in this category. Another such union can be witnessed with the two old souls in the video to follow this article. Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm. The fact that I found this video right when I was in the middle of finishing up this post is synchronicity enough for me to lay claim on the validity of the thoughts presented here.