Spiritual Tea with beautiful Teja

Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by my dear friend and colleague Teja Priyadarshini, and what fun it was! Teja is the opposite of me. While I'm rather camera shy, feel quite uncomfortable shooting videos and exhibit that clearly with a lot of blinking and moving around, Teja is a pro in all respects ... not just as a QHHT practitioner and Akashic Reader but also as a media expert and host. Honestly, these are the moments when I become rather humble and bow down before my choice of incarnating on the planet during this particular time. I mean, Teja and I had a "cross continental Spiritual Tea" ... the internet and Zoom make it possible to have  a wonderful conversation with a beloved friend in India while sitting in front of a tiled wood stove, and even sharing it with the whole world. What a freaking amazing time we live in!

On a less sentimental note, having experienced the Initiation Chamber herself, Teja wanted to know more about it and while we were chatting she had the most amazing idea of offering a free session on her channel. She asked me for how many people I could hold space. I hesitated, as normally these are individual sessions, and the most people I had in the chamber was four so far. But I clearly heard Serapis Bey's voice in my head: twelve. The moment I said it out loud, I almost fainted ... oh my, I dunno about holding space for so many people!! But ... I trust my guides, so it will be fine.

Teja's network is very international, so I look forward to meeting new souls and new faces. The free session will be on February 27th hosted through Teja's channel. If you are interested in a free chamber experience, go to Teja's channel and enter into the contest by leaving a comment on the video. Teja will choose 12 lucky souls, and hopefully my guides and I will welcome you on the 27th in the chamber!