Where are the Knights?

There's a prominent theme that has recently been dominating many of my sessions and unfortunately also a part of my personal life. The theme has to do with the masculine, and even though a few women asked me to write about it I have been quite hesitant to do so.

I've said for a long time that men don't need women to tell them what to do.

I always stood up for men and defended them when other women would tell me of their pain, hardship and disappointment with men in their life. I would tell women to trust men and their innate sense of clarity and insisted that no man needs a women to help him find his purpose in life. I was sure that men have pretty good antennas as well and that they instinctively know how to put them to use. Based on my recent experiences, I'm not so sure about any of this anymore.

What I've been witnessing in recent months is women getting abandoned by the men they thought were standing by them. Be it husband, life partner or even business partner … wherever I look, I see men withdrawing their support of women regardless of the nature, length or intensity of the connection that once had brought them together. And as I gather an ever growing group of Priestesses around me to prepare for the upcoming times, I see many of these women stand on their own without the moral, emotional or even material support of their spouses.

A common theme is that a man, who was once a fearless rebel who questioned everything and everyone, has now mutated into a passive, dull guy who remains deeply hooked into the matrix and the illusory nature of this holographic theatre we are in. While the woman by his side is preparing to fulfil her life purpose, her man refuses to wake up from his mindless slumber to join her on the front line.

Even worse is when, on top of refusing to wake up, the man actively engages in the discrimination against those who question what is happening and remain steadfast in not wanting to receive the shit shots, and degrade their female partner in front of others or, even worse, pressure her into running with the mob and succumbing to the narrative driven by evil forces on and off this planet.

I've heard of men resorting to measures to lay pressure onto their women that made my hair stand up on my neck. Very often, these men have opted for the shit shots despite their fully awake women begging them not to, and the toxic cocktail affecting their bodies and minds are not helping with clear thinking. In fact, they might have lost all chance for a full awakening from their unconscious misery. But, alas, it is what they chose to experience, so neither their partners nor anybody else has the right to interfere.

The women know, of course. They surrender to the situation, deal with the nastiness of shedding their men added to their long list of challenges and do their best to protect their children (even from the shedding they are exposed to through their fathers - Thank God for the Healy!) and walk the fine line between not stirring the waters too much but still focusing on the work ahead of them. Brave souls indeed.

And then there are the ones that, personally, I find the most tragic group. These are the men, who are awake. At least awake enough to know what's happening here and what role women play in the healing of the planet and the building of the New Earth. They know, but still they choose not to lend their support. Some are even spiritual and powerful lightworkers themselves, yet they neither apply their spiritual knowledge nor their power to help the women in question. Why? Because they are afraid.

Granted, they are scared for various reasons. Some deal with the very same past life traumata us women have been working through for years in order to be able to do our work here. These men, too, had incarnations in Atlantis and Lemuria, misused and abused their powers or fell victim to betrayal in many different forms, but unlike the women, who have been working hard to release all of these old karmic energies that could possibly block us from succeeding, these men choose to ignore their past and their fears. In fact, they are rather prone to projecting them back onto the women in question, causing unnecessary pain and suffering to both parties. 

I've seen and heard of men, who sit still and watch their women and children get attacked by dark entities, instead of putting their foot down and using their masculine authority to set boundaries. They much rather leave it to the woman to handle such situations, because their unresolved past trauma make them too uncomfortable to apply their masculine powers. In the worst case scenario, the man even begins to see his woman as the enemy and blames her for the evil attacks, although his own lack of integrity has opened up the portal that allowed these energies in in the first place.

Tail between their legs, many men stand by and do very little and leave it to the women to do the work only to later project their sense of inadequacy, which undoubtedly arises as a result, back onto the women.

There are also the ones whose egos don't allow them to be in the supportive role to a woman, even if it is only for a limited amount of time. They cannot handle playing second fiddle for once. Thus, instead of activating their nourishing, protective powers to make the woman by their side feel secure and safe, so she can effectively do her work, they turn their back and take a hike because their male ego cannot stand walking half a step behind a woman for a brief moment in history.

And the woman?

She feels left alone. And mostly she is heartbroken. No woman needs a man who leaves her side when things get really rough. More dramatically even, the Priestess is absolutely gutted when the light warrior she thought she knew by her side withdraws and leaves her out in the battlefield—alone, during the most pivotal moment on this planet, which might easily be the most important moment in all of her and also his incarnations.

Unfortunately, the women I gather around me know this situation all too well. Powerful Priestesses they are, they take deep breaths and gather up again to focus on the task at hand, knowing that there is something much bigger, much more important and decisive to pay attention to than to worry about their men's insecurities. Women are no strangers to these scenarios. They have experienced similar dynamics in the past, and they know that what's at stake is far greater and more pertinent than the 3D drama the dark cabal and their men expose them to. So, they buckle up, take a deep breath and prepare for the grand finale in this monster ascension spectacle they have been trained for thousands of years to attend.

For the light warrior to leave the side of the Priestess he has once chosen as his woman, to leave her in the battlefield all by herself in the most dangerous situation she will ever have to face, despite having given a promise of some kind on some level, conscious or unconsciously… that is between him and God.

Little more than a year ago, I was told by King Arthur that his spirit is ready to descend into any male who is willing to receive him. He is prepared to give teeny sparks of his Divine Masculine energy to any man who wants to incarnate his full masculine power and embody the energy of the lion king in order to bring strength, protection and nourishing to whoever is in need of it—not just women.

Sadly, during this planned global crisis I call the shit show, I have personally met only a few men who apparently were open to receive the Arthurian consciousness and now embody the strength of the lion king. I know, however, the lions are out there, and I guess the real strong ones have distanced themselves from the world of the feminine for equally good reasons likely rooted in their past. Yet, I cannot help but think of something a great Sufi master has said decades ago when he spoke of the role women would play in the Great Shift and the upcoming times on this planet. He said it was women's task to heal the Earth and bring about the Shift to the New Age. A man in the audience then asked seemingly perturbed what role the masculine would play. The answer he received: Shut up and protect the women, so they can do their work. The master explained that men had made such a mess on this planet that it was now time for women to step forward to clean up the chaos, and men would do well to do their best to support women and stay out of the way otherwise.

That was in 1999.

Granted, the Sufi master spoke of healing the Earth … something men cannot do, because they lack the innate capacity to connect to the planet in the special way women can. He didn't say men shouldn't take the lead in other areas of life and go hiding instead! And, of course, we do see men stepping up in this time. Yet, away from the public realm, what I see and experience in my life and work is mostly the scenario I addressed in the beginning of this post.

It pains me to see, because I know how incredibly powerful a union between the masculine and feminine can be and what it can do for this world and the current situation.

There is nothing more powerful than the energy that is generated from the merging of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. What is born then is a primal Force with a capacity for change so grande our small minds cannot possibly fathom, and when this force is given into the crystalline grid it can wake up masses of souls in human bodies and The Great Shift would commence in no time. THAT is how powerful the synergy of the Masculine and Feminine is, and the greater or more conscious the two parts of this Divine Union are, the greater the Force they create together.

Naturally, a union that generates energies of such magnitude requires both parties to put their small egos aside and surrender their individual wills for the sake of the whole. I was told by the Sophia Collective many moons ago that this would be the scenario necessary to initiate the Great Wakening which in turn rings in the Golden Age. So far, I have witnessed only one-sided unions and failed attempts, but I know in my heart there are incredibly powerful souls "out there" waiting to be united for this very purpose.

Whether they are called Twin Flames or something else, they have come here to enter into the deepest and strongest union they will ever experience, and they are asked to put their individual small wills aside. As long as they are not ready for this, they are not ready for a Divine Union, much less for a Divine Mission. Our small egos have no place in this scenario that is so much greater and grander than anything we have ever seen on this planet, and whoever thinks they are ready for ascension while still clinging onto their individual desires they are in for a sobering. If one is not keeping their ego in check now, how will one be ready to integrate 5th dimensional consciousness of Oneness?

I will reflect more deeply on the Twin Flame theme and its New Age contortions soon, but for now I'll leave us with the hope that all of Arthur's Knights might soon find their High Priestesses and offer the Force of their Divine Union to propel the ascension process for ALL of Life on this planet.